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Woxa Review 2024 – CFD Trading Platform that Suits You

Woxa Review

Woxa review is a unique social investment network platform in the online trading world. Founded in 2019, it’s not your typical trading site. With over 100,000 users, Woxa wants to change how people invest and help you understand trading better. They aim to make trading easy for anyone, wherever you are, and lessen the need for big banks.

In this Woxa review, we will explore the key features and unique advantages that Woxa offers. From its user-friendly interface and advanced trading tools to commission-free stock trading and the innovative copy-trading feature, Woxa caters to traders of all levels, whether you’re just starting out or an expert. We recommend woxa for a beginner trader because of the copytrade feature make trading easier then trade with MT4 and MT5.

Woxa Review: Company Overview

Woxa is a global financial platform in the world of social investment networks, and it’s here to change the game. Established in 2019 with a mission to create the most powerful finance app worldwide, Woxa has rapidly grown into a vibrant community of over 100,000 registered users. These users share their investment strategies and drive millions of transactions, making Woxa a key player in the world of investing.

Woxa is all about innovation. They’re constantly working to improve their services, whether it’s adding new tradeable assets or introducing fresh social features to their platform. They aim to make investing easy and accessible to everyone, anywhere, and reduce our reliance on big banks.

In just a few short years, they’ve become a leading social investment network with over 100,000 accounts, offering top-notch trading tools and continually enhancing their products for the best user experience.

Woxa’s commitment to security and reliability is evident in its regulatory compliance. They’re regulated by the Financial Services Commission of the Republic of Mauritius, holding an Investment Dealer License ( License number GB22200605). They also have a presence in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, registered under number 26740 BC 2022. So, you can trust Woxa to provide a safe and trustworthy platform for your financial endeavors.

Woxa Review: Quick Summary

🏢 HeadquartersMauritius
📆 Established2019
🗺️ RegulationFSC Mauritius, Regulatory License Number GB22200605
🖥 PlatformsProprietary platform, Web-based
📉 InstrumentsForex, Commodities, Indices, Shares and Cryptos
💳 Minimum Deposit$25
💰 Deposit MethodsQR code Bank Transfer, Visa/Mastercard, Cryptocurrency
📱 Mobile TradingYes
🌍 Web TradingYes
💵Minimum Trade Size0.01 Lots
🎢 Maximum LeverageUp to 1:500
🤖 RobotsYes
🎯 ScalpingYes
☎ Customer Support24/7

Woxa Review Overview


Market Coverage by Woxa

Woxa provides a wide range of trading assets to suit traders of all levels. Let’s explore what they offer:

Stocks & ETFs

With Woxa, you can easily trade Contracts for Difference (CFDs) and access over 20,000 stocks from around the world, all in one platform. What sets Woxa apart?

  • Low minimum position of just $5.
  • Leverage options up to x20.
  • Enjoy dividends on your investments.
  • No trading fees to worry about.
  • Swift execution of trades.


Woxa has embraced the world of cryptocurrencies, making it easy for traders to dive in with as little as $5. They offer over 30 popular cryptocurrencies that are widely accepted by traders worldwide. You won’t have to pay any extra fees when trading cryptocurrencies. You can enjoy low trading costs and competitive spreads.


For those interested in the foreign exchange market, Woxa provides access to over 7 major currencies and 29 currency pairs with leverage options of up to 800. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, Woxa’s platform is designed for simplicity and fast trade execution.


Woxa offers eight different commodities for trading, and the best part is there are no trading fees involved. Whether you’re into trading gold or other commodities, Woxa’s platform is known for its ease of use, catering to both new and experienced traders.


Trade indices with ease on Woxa’s platform, and there are no trading fees to worry about. You have access to 10 different indices.

Market Coverage by Woxa

Woxa Platform

Woxa offers a user-friendly platform designed to make trading a piece of cake. Let’s see the amazing features of the Woxa platform.

  1. Available on Web, iOS, and Android

You can access Woxa’s trading platform from your web browser, or you can use their app on both iOS and Android devices. This means you can trade from wherever you are, even on the go.

  1. Easy Investment Discovery

The market page on Woxa’s platform simplifies the process of finding investment opportunities. You may feel it as a one-stop shop for discovering diverse assets to trade.

  1. All-in-One Trading Page

Trading is efficient on Woxa’s platform, with all your trading tools conveniently located on one page. Here’s what you can do:

  • Choose whether you want to Buy or Sell.
  • Set your preferred price or execute at the current market price.
  • Specify the amount or units you want to trade.
  • Select your desired leverage.
  • Set Stop Loss and Take Profit to manage your risk.
  1. Convenient Portfolio Management

Woxa takes the hassle out of portfolio management. They offer three distinct portfolios to help you easily keep track of your investments and positions. It’s a convenient way to get an overview of your investments.

  1. Visual Performance Stats

Assess your trading performance using smart visual statistics. These visuals make it simple to understand how well your trades are doing, helping you make informed decisions.

Woxa’s platform is designed to be straightforward, accessible, and powerful. Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been trading for a while, you’ll find the tools and features you need to surf the world of trading with confidence.


Woxa Platform

Portfolio & Statics Features

Woxa empowers you with a range of features to manage your investments and track your performance effectively. Whether you’re planning for long-term or short-term opportunities, Woxa has portfolio and statics features for you. Here you will get-

Investment Portfolios

Woxa gives you the flexibility to create portfolios according to your unique investment goals. You can focus on the market segments you understand and believe in. This empowers you to invest in the future you envision with confidence.

Overview Portfolio

Say goodbye to the hassle of sifting through numerous investment listings. Woxa simplifies your experience with an overview portfolio. It offers a quick snapshot of all your investments, eliminating the need to navigate through a maze of listings.

Manual Trade View

For those who prefer hands-on control of their trades, Woxa offers a manual trade view. This feature allows speculators to easily manage individual positions, providing a more hands-on approach to your trading strategy.

Stats View

Need an overview of your investments at a glance? Or perhaps you want to share your portfolio’s status with friends. The stats view presents your portfolio’s performance in a clean, visual format. No more wading through complex data – it’s simplified and easy to understand.

Woxa’s Portfolio & Stats Features are here to make your investing journey more manageable, giving you the tools you need to stay on top of your investments and share your progress with ease. It’s all about a smarter, more efficient approach to personal investing.


Account Opening

Woxa Broker Review: Social Feeds

Woxa’s Social Feeds is a valuable space for sharing your investment ideas and staying connected with traders from around the world.

Woxa’s Social Feeds create a hub for traders of all experience levels to come together. You can communicate with traders from across the globe, allowing you to learn from others, share your insights, and build a network of like-minded traders.

Further, with Woxa, you’ll never miss a beat when it comes to investment news. The platform connects you to leading news websites, ensuring that you’re always in the loop. This means you can stay updated on the latest developments and make correct decisions about your investments, no matter where you are.

Woxa Broker Review: Social Trade

Woxa offers a fantastic copy trade service, also called “Social Trade.” With Copytrade, you can follow and execute the trades of experienced investors without paying any fees. This system is ideal for those who want to learn from veteran investors and benefit from their experience.

Woxa’s “Social Trade” allows you to choose experienced investors to follow. You can copy their trades and learn from their strategies, all at no cost. This means you can become a more skilled investor and potentially earn more.

Further, if you make an impressive contribution and attract your own followers, you can be rewarded for your trading performance.

Woxa’s Social Trade brings together traders from around the world. You can review and analyze the investment history of different traders before deciding whom to copy. It’s a community where you can find real performances and investment strategies that suit your needs.

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Woxa Review: Free Trading Education

 Woxa provides a valuable learning opportunity through its free training academy. This academy covers a wide range of topics, including forex, crypto, stocks, commodities, ETFs, and investing. It's ideal for beginners who want to start learning about trading from the very beginning.

You’ll find numerous resources, including video tutorials, to make learning easy and accessible. Whether you’re new to the world of investments or looking to deepen your knowledge, Woxa’s training academy offers over 1,235 knowledge pieces to help you understand the investment world better.

Woxa Master Trader

At Woxa, you have the opportunity to become a professional Master Trader. This means you can share your trading strategies with the Woxa community. The benefits of becoming a Woxa Master Trader are truly rewarding:

  • You can earn a commission ranging from 15% to 25% from spreads and overnight fees.
  • Your trading strategy will be promoted on Woxa, potentially attracting more followers.
  • As a Master Trader, you gain valuable insights into the market and all assets offered by Woxa.
  • You’ll enjoy 24/7 priority customer service for any assistance you may need.
  • There are no transaction fees to worry about.
  • Woxa will provide you with a verified symbol, showcasing your status as a Master Trader.
  • You’ll also receive a certificate confirming your achievement as a Woxa Master Trader.

Becoming a Woxa Master Trader not only helps you refine your trading skills but also allows you to benefit from your expertise while earning commissions and enjoying top-notch support. It’s a win-win opportunity for those looking to share their trading knowledge with the world.

Woxa Broker Review: Available Countries to Trade

Woxa is expanding its reach to more countries. Currently, you can enjoy Woxa’s services in Vietnam, Malaysia, and the Philippines. For our valued Indonesian customers, it’s important to note that previous registrations from Indonesia can continue trading and making transactions as usual. However, please keep in mind that you won’t be able to request changes to your information. As of now, new registrations from Indonesia are not being accepted. Woxa is working to ensure that users from various countries have access to their services, so stay tuned for updates on availability in more regions.


Trading Limit at Woxa

Trading Limit at Woxa

Woxa’s trading platform offers both minimum and maximum trade limits for various asset types. When it comes to commodities, currencies, crypto, ETFs, stocks, and indices trading, the minimum trading rate is set at $5, with some exceptions, like a minimum exposure of $1,000 for currencies and indices trading. This means you can start trading with as little as $5 and have the flexibility to trade with amounts up to $3,000, ensuring that traders of all levels can engage in a diverse range of trading activities while maintaining control over their investments.

Woxa Broker Review: Customer Support

At Woxa, you can count on reliable customer support that’s ready to assist you every day, from 3:00 am to 7:00 pm (UTC+0). You don’t have to worry about language barriers because Woxa’s support team communicates in three languages: English, Malay, and Vietnamese. You can reach out to them through LiveChat or email, making it easy to get the help you need with your trading inquiries or concerns.

Woxa Broker Review Customer Support

Final Words

Our Woxa review finds that, with its user-friendly social platform and a wide range of assets to explore, including stocks, crypto, forex, commodities, ETFs, and indices, Woxa provides service to traders of all levels. Woxa’s Social Trade feature allows you to learn and share strategies with a global community, while its free training resources provide valuable knowledge for both beginners and experienced traders. The platform’s comprehensive approach, combined with multilingual customer support and flexible trade limits, creates a seamless trading experience.


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