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Which’s Account Should you Choose?’s-account-should-you-choose, a regulated Forex broker, offers a variety of account types to cater to different trading needs. These account types include a Mini, Standard+ FX account, ECN and PRO Account. Each account is tailored to appeal to a specific type of trader, providing options for various trading preferences and experience levels.
However, which FXGT account is best among these four account types? Let’s find it out. Account Types

FXGT offers four different types of account for its traders. Let’s take a brief look at those account types.

Mini Account

The Mini Account is created for traders who are just beginning in the forex markets or those who prefer to trade with smaller volumes. This account type offers a user-friendly entry point into trading with accessible features tailored for beginners.
With a minimum spread of 1.0 pips and no commissions, the Mini Account provides cost-effective trading conditions for those looking to manage their trading costs efficiently. Traders using this account can benefit from a contract size of 100,000 units, enabling them to engage in various asset classes with ease.
Additionally, bonuses are available for Mini Account holders, adding an extra incentive for traders to kickstart their trading experience on Overall, the Mini Account combines simplicity, affordability, and bonus opportunities to support traders in their initial steps in the forex markets.

Standard+ Account

The Standard Account is a versatile option to traders seeking a balance between cost-effectiveness and trading features. With a minimum spread of 1.0 pips and no commissions, this account type provides a straightforward trading environment suitable for various trading strategies.
Traders using the Standard Account can access a contract size of 100,000 units across a wide range of asset classes, including FX Majors, FX Minors, Exotics, CFD Indices, Metals, Energies and Stocks. Additionally, the account offers the MetaTrader 5 trading platform for seamless trading experiences and supports Islamic accounts for traders who require them. The Standard Account strikes a balance between affordability and functionality, making it a suitable choice for traders looking for a comprehensive trading experience.

ECN Account
The ECN Account is ideal for traders who prioritize direct market access and competitive pricing. With a unique feature of minimum spreads starting from 0.0 pips, the ECN Account offers traders the advantage of trading at the best available prices in the market.
Unlike other account types, the ECN Account charges commissions, with fees varying based on the asset class traded.
Additionally, the account supports trading on a wide range of assets, including FX Pairs, Equity, Indices, Metals, Energies and Stocks. With the first deposit of $5, the ECN Account is great for traders seeking tight spreads, direct market execution, and a transparent fee structure to enhance their trading strategies and outcomes in the financial markets.

Pro Account

Pro Account is mainly targeted for the experienced traders and professionals looking for advanced trading features and optimal trading conditions. With a minimum spread of 0.5 pips and zero commissions, the Pro Account offers competitive pricing and cost-effective trading.
Traders using this account can benefit from a substantial contract size of 100,000 units, providing ample opportunities to trade across various asset classes with precision. The Pro Account also offers a user-friendly trading platform, MetaTrader 4 and 5, ensuring a seamless trading experience for expert traders.
Additionally, the account supports high leverage up to 1:1000 and helps traders to increase their positions and potential returns.

A Trading Account for Every Trader

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Which’s Account is Best?

So far you have got an idea of each account types. Now the question which one is the best?
Well, it is a bit tricky as we have found two best options. According to our research and trading experience with FXGT, Pro and ECN accounts are best among the four. Let’s see why we picked these two accounts.

Unique Features of Pro Account

Pro Account stands out with several unique features that supports expert professionals in the trading world. Here are the key features of the Pro Account at

  • Commission-Free Trading: The Pro Account offers commission-free trading on a wide range of asset classes, including FX pairs, Equity Indices, Metals, Energies, and Stocks.
  • Contract Size: The account features a substantial contract size of 100,000 units, providing ample trading opportunities across various assets.
  • Spreads: With minimum spreads starting from 0.5 pips, traders can benefit from competitive pricing and optimal trading conditions.
  • Leverage: Traders can access leverage up to 1:1000, allowing for enhanced control over their trading positions.
  • Platform Compatibility: The Pro Account is compatible with the reputable MetaTrader 4 and 5 platforms, ensuring a seamless trading experience across different devices.
  • Asset Variety: Traders using the Pro Account can diversify their portfolios with a broad selection of asset classes, catering to different trading strategies and preferences.
  • Swap-free days allowance: FX Majors & Minors, Equity Indices, Metals and Energies has 6 days swap free allowance.
  • Margin Call: 50%

Unique Features of ECN Account

Some of the key features of the ECN account include:

  • Spreads as Low as Zero: Traders utilizing the ECN account can experience spreads as minimal as zero, offering outstanding trading conditions.
  • Negative Balance Protection: The ECN account comes with negative balance protection, guaranteeing that traders' losses are restricted to the balance in their account.
  • 40% Stop-Out Option: The account allows for a 40% stop-out bar. Hence it provide additional risk management tools for traders.
  • Compatibility with MT4 and MT5: ECN account is compatible with the widely-used MetaTrader 4 and 5 platforms and mobile apps.
  • Commission: Up to $6 commission is applicable for all FX asset classes while up to $5 round turn commission is applicable for precious metals.
  • Islamic Account Option: FXGT offers an Islamic account option on the live trading account for Muslim traders.
  • Margin Call: 70%

Pro or ECN, Which One Should You Choose?

Both accounts are a great choice for experienced traders. However, if you have some specific requirements, here is our recommendations.

FXGT Pro Account: Recommended for traders seeking commission-free trading across various asset classes and prefer a wider range of instruments without worrying about commissions.

FXGT ECN Account: Recommended for experienced traders who prioritize low spreads, direct market access, and risk management tools like negative balance protection. Ideal for those looking for real market conditions and competitive pricing.
Additionally, you can also open both accounts with a single email address. You can create up to six live accounts in the Client Portal. Further, you can also pick any of the available currencies for your accounts.

A Trading Account for Every Trader

open an account- fxgt

Common Features of Pro and ECN Accounts

While both accounts have slight differences, there are some common features too. For instance contract size 100,000 is same for both accounts. Other core similarities are, up to 1:1000 leverage, first deposit $5, maximum trade size 200 lots and minimum trade size 0.01.

Final Words

Traders should consider their trading experience, preferences, and specific requirements when choosing between the FXGT Pro and ECN accounts to ensure they align with their trading goals and strategies. We suggest you to trade with large investment with these accounts as you have the opportunity to get high return.However, if you are new to the forex market opt for a mini or standard+ account.
Meta: Confused about choosing the FXGT account types? Here is our analysis on different account types offered by FXGT and recommendations to choose one.

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