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UniBot Price Prediction – When will UniBot hit $200?

UniBot Price Prediction
author Written by
Rex John Walsh
author Fact checked by
Sangram Mohanta

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Unibot, a lightning-fast Telegram Uniswap sniper, has emerged as a prominent player in the cryptocurrency market, providing users with rapid swaps and sniping capabilities for a competitive 1% transaction charge. 

Unibot is distinguished from its rivals by its exceptional speed, which is supported by cutting-edge algorithms and a robust infrastructure. It includes private nodes for sniping, a private transaction option for purchasing and selling tokens, wallet monitoring, and a token tracking system.

The holders of UNIBOT tokens enjoy a variety of advantages, such as reduced platform fees and access to reserved premium nodes for faster transactions. The platform provides its users with a number of tools, including a quick Buy and Sell platform and a Mirror Sniper for copying wallet transactions with ROI analysis.

On May 17, 2023, Unibot was launched on the Ethereum mainnet with an initial supply of 1 million UNIBOT tokens, all of which were supported by 100 percent liquidity during the launch. The token's daily waste rate is 0.1%, which contributes to its scarcity and potential value growth.

The UNIBOT founders contribute an abundance of experience to the project. Ayden, one of the founders, has a background at Apple, while his colleague has contributed to a Bay Area, California-based end-to-end machine learning startup.

If you are planning to put funds in the crypto market, UNIBOT would be a great option. In the following section, we will see possible bullish reversal zones of UNIBOT from the UNIBOT/USDT technical analysis:

UNIBOT/USDT Bulls Should Reject The Price At The Bottom

UNIBOTUSDT Bulls Should Reject The Price At The Bottom

In the daily price of UNIBOT, the overall structure is corrective as the price formed a sharp upward pressure since the launch and rebounded to the bottom. 

In the current price action, the all-time high is set at 239.83 level, from where the current price is trading 67% down. Now, the real question is where a bullish rebound could happen. 

Although the current price is under a strong selling pressure, there are signs of forming a bottom. First, the 161.8% Fibonacci Extension level from 111.07 low to 164.29 high is at 78.09, which is just at the current price. In that case, the primary intention of this pair is to find a strong bullish recovery from this potential Fibo level before aiming for a stable trend.

Moreover, the bullish possibility is supported by the latest high-volume level formation. The current high volume level since 16 August high is 82.31 level, which is just above the current price. It is a sign of growing investor activity in this area, which needs proper validation before considering a trend change.

The dynamic 20-day Exponential Moving Average is above the current price, which suggests an active bearish pressure in the market. The 14-day RSI is still above the 30.00 line, indicating a selling activity.

Based on the UNIBOT/USDT price projection, Investors might consider the current momentum bearish based on the current price behavior. However, bullish exhaustion and a daily candle above the 97.40 swing high would be a conservative buying approach in this pair, targeting the 165.00 level.

The alternative trading approach is to find a bearish D1 candle below the 73.00 level, which might extend the current downside pressure. In that case, investors should closely monitor the price from 72.00 to 40.00 zone to find a reliable long opportunity.

UNIBOT/USDT Ichimoku Cloud Analysis

UNIBOTUSDT Ichimoku Cloud Analysis

In the H4 chart, the overall market direction is strongly bearish as the current price trades below the critical Ichimoku Cloud resistance. In that case, the primary intention is to follow the trend by looking at short opportunities only. 

In the primary chart, the dynamic Tenkan Sen and Kijun are above the current price, working as a resistance, while the future cloud’s thickness is positive for bears. The Traders Dynamic Index indicator shows an active selling pressure in the market, which can lower the price in the coming days.

Based on this structure, a bullish recovery and a daily close above the 97.00 level are needed to consider it a trend change. However, a bearish continuation could lower the price towards the 40.00 area in the coming days.

UNIBOT/USDT Supply Demand Analysis

UNIBOTUSDT Supply Demand Analysis

In the H4 chart, the major supply area is visible in the above image, where the most recent price shows an active selling pressure from the 97.40 to 87.30 zone. Moreover, an ascending trendline from the bottom zone indicates the presence of liquidity in the market, which needs to be filled. 

Based on this price behavior, the primary intention is to seek short opportunities as long as it trades below the 97.40 level. On the other hand, a bullish recovery and a new higher high formation above the 98.00 level could indicate a change of character, which may result in a trend change.


Based on the current price behavior, UNIBOT/USDT is running bearish with strong downside possibilities, which may lower the price to the 40.00 level. However, investors should closely monitor the daily price action, from where bullish exhaustion could indicate a decent recovery.

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