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Trading212 Review

trading212 review

Trading212 is a trademark of two companies named Avus Capital Uk Ltd. and Avus Capital Ltd. Ownership of another company is not something unique to Trading212, it is something that occurs in almost all brokers websites. The vast majority are assets of other companies. Some regulatory and supervisory authorities registered them.

Trading212's parent companies are authorized and supervised by FCA, which is one of the most known and reliable regulatory authorities in the world. It is not impossible for the regulator to be cheated by cheating. The FCA regulators are among the best in the world. Besides, being a broker from Bulgaria, she has a regulation in the Bulgarian Commission.

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As you undoubtedly know, trade involves costs. No intermediary allows you to invest for free because, in addition to the need to cover operating costs, their intention is also to make a profit. Since the transaction costs money. If you want to save, you should find an online broker that allows you to trade as cheaply as possible.

Fortunately, today very few brokers charge commissions for investing, and Trading212 is not one of them. Previously, if you wanted to buy shares, you would charge a commission. When you receive a dividend payment, you will be charged again. And when you sell your shares, you will pay another commission. For products such as CFDs, this practice has changed, and now you can trade with commodities like oil or currency in the Forex market without paying this kind of commission. However, Trading212 has a slight downside to trade CFDs for equities, which still have to be paid a small commission. You must also pay the fees that the broker receives in the form of spreads.

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