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SabioTrade Review 2024 – Leading Prop-Trading Excellence with Simplicity

SabioTrade Review


SabioTrade Review


SabioTrade Review: Access Up To $200,000 Funding As A Prop Trader

SabioTrade is a proprietary trading firm offering talented traders the opportunity to access funds, trade, and retain up to 90% of the profits they generate after they go through a quick 1-step assessment process.

This review offers a closer look at SabioTrade's features and benefits.

What’s Proprietary Trading?

Proprietary trading is a financial model in which corporations invite skilled traders to trade with their financial resources. Think of it as a symbiotic relationship where traders enter into an agreement with the firm, which then provides them with substantial trading funds in exchange for a portion of the generated gains. This arrangement empowers traders to operate as independent trading professionals, enjoying the benefits of a significant trading capital without incurring debt or risking their personal funds.

In a nutshell, proprietary trading equips talented yet financially limited traders with the financial resources they need to generate professional-level profits. As you're aware, a higher investment often translates to a higher potential return on that investment. SabioTrade offers 70/30, 80/20, and 90/10 profit-sharing models, granting traders access to the allocated capital without the need to borrow it from brokers (as is the case with leverage) or other sources.

SabioTrade Overview

SabioTrade Overview


Headquartered in Ireland, SabioTrade is fast becoming a reputable player in the field of proprietary trading. It offers a user-friendly and comprehensive trading environment, featuring an advanced traderoom with over 250 assets, more than 100 built-in indicators and instruments, and exclusive educational materials.

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SabioTrade Review 2024 Quick Summary

🏢 HeadquartersIreland
📆 Established2023
🖥 PlatformsProprietary platform powered by Quadcode Markets
📉 InstrumentsForex, Commodities, Stocks, Indices, ETFs
💳 Minimum Assessment Fee$50
📱 Mobile TradingWeb trading available from mobile devices
🌍 Web TradingAvailable
💵Minimum Trade Size$1
🤖 RobotsAvailable
🎯 ScalpingAllowed
☎ Customer Support24/7, multilingual

SabioTrade Features

  • Affordable pricing. SabioTrade boasts some of the most competitively priced packages in the industry starting at just $50.
  • Easy assessment process. Sabio's assessment consists of just one step (in contrast to the two-step assessments commonly found among competitors). Assessments come with no fixed time constraints, allowing clients to take the time they need to pass the assessment or achieve a 10% profit, all without the requirement to trade for a specific number of days.
  • Unique prop trading ecosystem. Sabio provides a Dashboard+Traderoom combo for easy tracking and trading on their platform without needing third-party software.
  • Instant payouts. SabioTrade has no minimum number of trading days requirement before clients can request payouts. Feel free to request payouts in any amount as soon as you generate a profit.
  • Achievable profit targets. SabioTrade sets a realistic profit target of 10%.
  • Industry-leading leverage. SabioTrade offers the highest leverage in the prop trading market, with 30:1 on Forex and 100:1 on Indices. This enables traders to access up to $2 million for their investments.
  • Free education and Discord trading community
  • 7-day trial account for those who are not yet ready to venture into real prop trading.
  • Extensive technical indicators. Traders can take advantage of a wide array of over 100 technical indicators and a variety of useful widgets.
SabioTraderoom and SabioDashboard

Sabioverse consists of a smart control panel (SabioDashboard) with an in-built, custom-made trading platform. To access the platform, you should log in to the dashboard first and then enter the traderoom using your SabioTraderoom credentials from the left-side panel.

Sabio Traderoom and Sabio Dashboard


The SabioTraderoom excels in several key aspects:

  • Tailored platform. SabioTraderoom integrates extensive trading capabilities and is easy to navigate. It's customizable — you can change the theme, language, open up to 9 charts at a time, and make it overall tailored to your needs.
  • 250 tradable assets in the categories of Forex, stocks, commodities, indices, and ETFs.
  • Versatile compatibility. The platform is available for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and web browsers.
  • Intuitive chart-based trading. Traders can execute all actions directly from the charts.
  • 100+ indicators for professional technical analysis.
  • Fundamental analysis tools: newsfeed and calendars.

SabioTrade Review: Trading Rules

SabioTrade imposes the following rules for its traders:

  • Daily loss limit of 3%
  • Maximum trailing drawdown of 6%
  • Profit target of 10%

Traders must initiate at least one trade every 30 days and close all positions by 3:45 PM EST on Fridays. Failure to reach the 10% profit target doesn't result in rejection; traders can make unlimited retries without violating trading rules.

SabioTrade Withdrawal Review

SabioTrade offers instant withdrawals with no minimum requirements, ensuring traders can access their profits promptly. Traders can request payouts from their funded accounts at any time, and these funds are transferred directly to their bank accounts. It's worth noting that requesting a withdrawal causes the maximum trailing drawdown to revert to the initial account balance.

SabioTrade Fees

SabioTrade claims 10-30% of the profits traders churns and charges spread fees depending on the asset.

SabioTrade Account Types

SabioTrade Account Types

SabioTrade Account Types


SabioTrade's four account types, namely Standard, Premium, Gold, and Platinum, vary in terms of the level of funds available and profit payouts. Check the table below for more info:

SabioTrade Educational Materials

SabioTrade places significant emphasis on trader education, offering courses taught by professional traders and exclusive video content straight from the dash. These resources are readily accessible on the platform's dashboard, providing an excellent opportunity for traders to enhance their skills.

SabioTrade Customer Support

SabioTrade offers customer support around the clock via email and chat. However, it does not provide phone support, which may be a drawback for some traders.

sabio trade

SabioTrade Pros and Cons


  • Quick 1-step assessment process
  • Up to 90% profit sharing
  • Dashboard-integrated trading platform
  • Multiple tariff plans, including a low $50 evaluation fee
  • Funded accounts with access to up to $200,000
  • Free educational materials and training
  • Easy and fast withdrawals
  • Instant payouts
  • Trading opportunities in Forex, stocks, and commodities
  • A 7-day free trial


  • Limited leverage for certain assets
  • No cryptocurrency trading options

Final Words

SabioTrade is a flexible and user-friendly proprietary trading firm suitable for traders of all levels. Its one-step assessment process adheres to industry standards, and the platform provides free educational materials, streamlined withdrawal processes, and a diverse range of assets in a dashboard-integrated traderoom. SabioTrade offers traders a transparent and rewarding trading experience.


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