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Forex Broker Inc Scam Review has found that there are three types of accounts on offer. The statements have been named Gold, Platinum and Platinum Fixed Spread based on their specifications. Interestingly, but no wonder none of the reports has an advantage over others.

As a result, the type of account that customers choose will depend mainly on how they will be cheated. The specialist's level of experience plays a vital role in selecting a broker and account. All three accounts have the same minimum deposit of $ 10, but that does not mean you should deposit money with them.

Forex-Broker-Inc live account

Gold account

The Gold account is slightly limited compared to the other two. While both Platinum accounts do not impose any restrictions on the maximum amount that can be deposited, the Gold Account prevents the user from accumulating an amount higher than USD 10,000.

Platinum account

There are two causes why someone might need to open a Platinum account on Forex Broker Inc. First of all, this account offers the best spread at 0.3 pips. It also has a inexpensive commission of 1 pip. The batch restriction is 20 standard batches. But still, this broker will merely take your money and will not give you back.

Platinum fixed spread

There is no need for a commission on the Platinum Fixed Spread account, which is its main advantage. The range for this account is much higher. Like the Platinum account, the Platinum Fixed Spread account sets a limit of 20 regular flights for its users.

Forex-Broker-Inc demo account

This Forex Broker is resorting to customer cheating strategies through low lead times, low spreads and a large number of promotions to stand out from the crowd of new players in the industry.

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