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Inside Prop Trading Scam. How to Avoid?

prop trading scams
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Rex John Walsh
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Sangram Mohanta

Last Updated on June 3, 2024 by TOP FOREX BROKERS REVIEW

Let’s talk about prop funds. The first thing people notice after getting into forex trading seriously. There are risks, potential downsides, and even prop fund scams to watch out for. So before you commit, it's time to step back and ask yourself: are prop funds really the best move for your trading goals right now? Let's walk through what prop funds actually offer.

Understanding Prop Funds and How They Work

Prop funds provide capital for traders in return for a share of profits. They evaluate traders through a two-stage process:

Prop Trading Scams: Challenge Account

Traders prove their skills using a simulated account with strict rules like maximum drawdown and profit targets. Traders often pay an upfront fee for the challenge.

Funded Account

If successful in the challenge, traders gain access to a real account with the prop firm’s capital. The trader and prop firm split the profits as policy.

While prop funds provide more capital, best forex brokers offer more flexibility and control, allowing you to keep all profits minus fees. Consider your goals and risk tolerance in choosing between them. Prop funds are good for experienced traders, but novices must be careful before getting into it.

Why Consider Trading with a Prop Fund?
Access to Larger Capital

Prop firms provide funding, obviously. This allows you to trade with more money than you have in your own account. This means bigger potential wins (and losses), so make sure you understand the risks.

Reduced Risk

During the challenge phase, you're trading with simulated money, so you don't put your own capital at stake. If you fail the challenge, you're only out the upfront fee. Once funded, risks still exist but are shared with the prop firm.

Potential for High Profits

Even after the prop firm takes their share of profits, earnings can be substantial if you're a skilled trader. The more you make for them, the more you make for yourself. Just be sure to understand their fee structure fully before signing on.

What to Consider Before Choosing a Prop Fund for Your Trading Goals

Prop funds can seem appealing, offering a chance to trade with more capital. However, it’s important to check, as some fake fraud firms exist. Best prop trading firms 2024.


Prop firms typically charge an upfront fee for their “challenge” stage, where you prove your skills on a simulated account. Even if you’re successful, ongoing profit-sharing fees apply. These costs impact your profits very much, gotta make sure you understand all fees before signing up.

Strict rules

Many prop firms enforce rigid risk management rules, like maximum drawdowns or profit targets. Their rules may not match your trading style, hampering your potential. Look for firms offering flexibility or multiple account types so you can find the right fit.

Potential for prop trading scams

Unfortunately, some prop firms use manipulative prop fund scam to profit from traders’ losses, rather than shared success. They may promise unrealistic rewards, charge hidden fees, or make it hard to withdraw funds. Don’t even go near deals that sound too good to be true, cuz they usually are. Instead choose high quality fund providers who have a proven track of success. Compare prop firms to top forex brokers, who typically offer more flexibility and control, letting you keep a larger share of profits. Prop funds can still be worthwhile for experienced traders seeking more capital, but do thorough research to find a reputable firm and make sure their model suits your goals. The extra capital won’t help if their rules and fees undermine your trading strategy.

Case Study: Prop Fund Scam

The CFTC charged My Forex Funds, a prop trading scam in 2023. They claimed the company used deceptive tactics to profit from traders’ losses instead of sharing in their success.

Fees and Restrictions

Allegedly, My Forex Funds imposed unreasonable fees and strict trading rules that made it nearly impossible for most traders to turn a profit. They required traders to pay significant upfront challenge fees to access funding. Then, they imposed rigid risk parameters and maximum loss limits that didn’t align with many trading strategies.

Lessons Learned

This sobering case highlights the need for caution when choosing a prop firm. Do extensive research, read reviews, and make sure all terms are transparent before signing on. Look for prop firms with a proven track record of shared success over many years. Be wary of firms that make big promises, charge large upfront fees, or impose trading rules that seem designed to trip you up rather than support your success.

Prop Funds vs. Top Forex Brokers

Prop funds provide traders with more capital to boost potential gains, but top forex brokers offer greater flexibility and control.

Access to Capital Prop funds provide access to larger pools of capital (e.g. $10K to $1M) than most traders have in their accounts. This allows you to increase position sizes and potentially generate higher profits. However, with a bigger account comes bigger risks if trades go against you.

Trading Rules

Prop firms often have strict rules around risks like drawdowns, position sizing, and leverage to protect their capital. These constraints may not suit your personal trading style. Top forex brokers give you more control to manage risks as you see fit.


While prop firms take a share of your profits, reputable forex brokers charge transparent commissions and spreads. Prop fund fees are often unclear, and some firms charge high upfront challenge fees with no guarantee of funding.

Scam Risk

The lure of easy money and less risk can attract scammers in the prop fund space. Do extensive research, read reviews, and understand all terms before choosing a firm. Established forex brokers are regulated, so your money and data are safer.

Before Choosing a Prop Fund

Before committing to a prop fund, do your homework. Check reviews from other traders, look for warnings about unfair practices, and make sure you understand all fees and terms. Some key things to consider:

Track Record and Reputation

Look for established prop firms with a proven history of success and clear terms of service. Stay away from unrealistic promises or lack of transparency. See what other traders say about their experiences.

Fees and Profit Sharing

Factor in all costs, including any upfront challenge fees and the ongoing percentage of profits the firm will take. Make sure the split seems fair and sustainable. Excessive fees are a red flag.

Trading Rules

Prop fund providers usually have strict rules. Like daily losses or profit target limits. Make sure any rules match your personal trading style and risk tolerance. Inflexible rules can make it difficult to succeed.

Withdrawal Policy

Make sure you know the process of the withdrawal policy to withdraw your profits. Some prop firms make withdrawals challenging with excessive fees, long waiting periods or other manipulative practices. Look for a clear, reasonable policy.

Final Thoughts

Thus, you have the information about Best prop trading firms 2024. Before you start, conduct a thorough reflection of yourself. Do you have the skills and the ability to stay under the rules and to trade profitably? Are you willing to sacrifice a chunk of your profits?

If you're confident you can ace the evaluation and consistently make winning trades, then partnering with a reputable prop firm could turbocharge your gains.

But if you value flexibility and keeping all your profits, you might want to consider fine-tuning your skills with a top forex broker first. The choice ends up being yours. You have to choose whatever fits you the best. Intuition is a big thing when it comes to forex trading.

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