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Osmosis (OSMO) Price Prediction – When will OSMO hit $10?

osmosis osmo price prediction
author Written by
Rex John Walsh
author Fact checked by
Sangram Mohanta

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Osmosis (OSMO) is a decentralized exchange built on the Cosmos ecosystem, which connects various sovereign and interoperable blockchains through the Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol. It also supports assets from Ethereum and Polkadot. 

Osmosis is transitioning to a more efficient liquidity model for improved trading and liquidity provision. As an app chain DEX, Osmosis has more control over the blockchain and has implemented features such as Superfluid Staking, which enhances Proof-of-Stake security and rewards OSMO holders for participating, and a transaction mempool with threshold encryption to reduce harmful MEV.

There are 492,590,761 OSMO in circulation, which is 49% of the total supply. The total market cap of this instrument is found at $478,635,096, while the Osmosis price today is trading at 25.96% up from the 0.7753 swing low. 

The US inflation is easing and the broader crypto market is seen to show a bullish momentum while there is no expectation for Osmosis (OSMO).

Should you buy Osmosis (OSMO) now?

Let’s see the Osmosis (OSMO) Price Prediction from the Osmosis Forecast:

OSMO/USDT Is Stable Above The Key Demand Zone

OSMOUSDT Is Stable Above The Key Demand Zone


In the OSMO daily chart, a strong buying momentum is seen where the current price is trading within a strong bullish trend. However, the broader outlook market structure is very volatile for this instrument, where several spikes and false breaks are seen that can create a barrier in any trend trading opportunities.

In this market context, investors should set a realistic return from the market by looking at the closest swing levels from where the reversal happened. On the upside, a strong buy-side liquidity grab was seen at the 2.6353 level, which will be the upside limit. On the downside, a strong bullish rebound is visible from the 0.6771 level from where a strong rebound is visible. As the current price is trading below the 50% level from the 2.6353 high to the 0.6771 low, any buying possibility could provide a strong risk vs reward.

If we set the Fixed Range High Volume indicator, the highest volume level is spotted at the 0.7366 level, which is within the 0.8151 to 0.6771 demand zone. Therefore, if the bearish correction comes towards this demand zone, bulls could rejoin the market, aiming for the 2.6353 resistance level.

The confluence support is visible from the dynamic 20-day Exponential MA, while the near-term support level is at 0.8943 level. The upside possibility is also visible from the indicator window as the RSI is above the 50% neutral level.

Based on the daily Osmosis Price Prediction, the first buying attempt could come from the 0.8943 level or the dynamic 20 DMA.

Below this level, the 0.8151 to 0.6771 demand zone would be the lowest limit for the buying possibility. Below the 0.6700 level with a daily candle close would lower the price toward the 0.5000 psychological level.

OSMO/USDT Ichimoku Cloud Analysis

OSMOUSDT Ichimoku Cloud Analysis


In the H4 chart, the bullish trend is clearly visible but the strength of the trend is not strong. In the cloud area, the thickness is not solid to consider a stable trend in the price while the future cloud showed a downside pressure. The Senkou Span A moved below the Senkou Span B, while the current cloud zone is above the price.

In this indicator window, the MACD EMA’s are moving down with a corrective pressure, where a bullish recovery with a crossover could hint at a bullish trend continuation opportunity in this instrument.

Based on the H4 OSMO Price Prediction, A bullish crossover in MACD EMA’s with an H4 candle above the dynamic Kijun Sen could validate the buying possibility of targeting the 1.1560 resistance level.

On the downside, a stable bearish H4 candle below the 0.8943 level could lower the price towards the 0.800 area from where another buying pressure may come.

OSMO/USDT Intraday Price Action Analysis

OSMOUSDT Intraday Price Action Analysis


In the intraday price action, the buying pressure is solid as the visible range high volume level is below the current price at 0.7267 level. In that case, it is better to look for long trading opportunities as long as it trades above the 0.7400 level.

The dynamic 20 EMA and VWAP levels showed a mixed result as these are closer to the current price. The Traders’ Dynamic Index shows a bullish signal as the current TDI level is moving up from the 50% level.

Based on the H4 OSMO coin price prediction, an immediate buying signal may come if an H candle closes above the 0.9945 level. The primary target of this setup will be toward the 1.1560 resistance level.

The alternative Osmosis crypto price prediction approach is to find the price below the 0.7267 level, which will increase the possibility of reaching the price towards the 0.6600 area.


Based on the current OSMO token price prediction, OSMO/USDT is more likely to increase in the coming days. The best trading approach is to look for a valid bearish correction and bullish rejection in the intraday price chart. 

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