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MetaTrader 4 Brokers Top Features and Benefits

metatrader 4 brokers,mt4 forex brokersMetaTrader 4 brokers have been a revolutionary invention for retail traders. Although retail forex trading started in the late 90s, it was not easier back then. Traders need to trade manually, and they have a huge risk due to that. But the trading life became easier when MT4 forex brokers started evolving after 2005. Our expert team created a comprehensive list of top mt4 broker to help trader to choose best mt4 trading platform to trade with.

MetaTrader 4 forex trading platforms were invented in 2005. Since then, it has become a top choice for all the brokers as well as the traders. Nevertheless, MT4 can get benefits for both parties. Hence, we will discuss everything related to MT4 in this article.

We have a research team who bring out everything related to MetaTrader 4, and the following are the in-depth findings.

MT4: A Revolutionary Platform for the MetaTrader 4 Brokers

MetaTrader 4 is widely known and recognized as the MT4 trading platform. It is basically a platform to trade forex and other instruments online. However, the MT4 platform is considerably used by retail forex traders. Although they have started the journey in 2005, over the years, it has improved a lot and becomes the first choice by the traders and also the brokers.

Almost 90% of brokers all over the world have found comfort in MT4 trading. It is because MetaTrader 4 can integrate the brokers to offer to trade on CFDs, futures, forex, commodities, and more.

Who should use MT4 Forex Brokers?

The good thing about MetaTrader 4 is that it does not impose any restrictions. Anyone from any background, regardless of the experience, can use MetaTrader 4. Hence, beginners, as well as expert traders, can use the MetaTrader 4 forex brokers without any hesitation. Let us explain to you with some details.

Beginners friendly

It has been seen that novice traders face problems in trading as they don't pursue any experience. Hence, they tend to make wrong trading decisions without proper analysis. But with the involvement of MT4, traders can do most of the tasks automatically. Besides, they have an understandable user interface with some excellent features such as copy trading, which allows a trader to copy the winning strategy from others. As a result, beginners can easily conduct their trading and understand the strategies without any prior experience via the MT4 platform.

How Advanced Traders get Benefits

It comes with numerous advanced features such as technical analysis with the innovative charting tool and different graphical tools. Besides, different built-in indicators also offer unique trading opportunities for expert-level traders.

Further, the MetaTrader 4 forex brokers can customize them for their traders using the MQL4 programming language, which was used to create the MT4 platform. This can help the brokers to offer additional features for their traders. So, it is evident that with the MetaTrader platforms, you can get connected to the best forex broker in the world.

However, to get all the benefits, you must need to sign up with MetaTrader 4 forex brokers.

MT4 Forex Brokers


Visit Broker Rank Broker Reviews Location Minimum Deposit Amount Deposit Bonus Payment System Rating Create an Account

FP Markets

Sydney, Australia. $100 No Bonus 10.00 Real Account Demo Account


New Providence, Bahamas. $100 No Bonus 9.99 Real Account Demo Account

IC Markets

Sydney, Australia. $200 No Bonus 9.98 Real Account Demo Account


Limassol, Cyprus $5 Up to $5000 9.97 Real Account Demo Account


Limassol, Cyprus $100 100% 9.96 Real Account Demo Account


Melbourne, Australia $200 No Bonus 9.95 Real Account Demo Account


Sydney, Australia. $10 No Bonus 9.95 Real Account Demo Account


US $1 up to $1000 9.93 Real Account Demo Account

FBS Markets

Belize, C.A. $1 100% 9.93 Real Account Demo Account

Admiral Markets

London, UK. $200 No Bonus 9.94 Real Account Demo Account
Rank Broker Reviews Location Minimum Deposit Amount Deposit Bonus Rating

Importance of MetaTrader 4 Brokers

First of all, to use all the features, even a single feature of the MT4 trading platform, you must need an MT4 broker. With the help of the MT4 and the broker, you can get the opportunity to analyze the market and get help with the order placement. But you will need to remember that the MT4 platform is not a broker. Instead, software brokers use it to provide a top-notch trading opportunity to their valuable traders. Therefore, you need to connect with a broker to open an account with MetaTrader 4.

Features of an MT4 Broker

MT4 trading platform has millions of subscribers across the world, and you may wonder about that. The platform uses the brokers to get millions of users. And brokers, as well as the traders, obviously get benefits from the platform. However, they did not have all the outstanding features from the beginning of their journey. The improvement came step by step and one by one. Being said that, let's see what will get out of MetaTrader 4 brokers.

MT4 Forex Brokers Trading System

The MT4 platform allows its users to research thoroughly and implement the findings through different strategies. The trading strategies you can implement via brokers are: pending orders, trading history, prompt execution, trading right from the charts, create trading charts, make stop orders, and finally trailing the stop orders. However, the MT4 broker can get you the opportunity for flexible trading through the two markets order types, two different stop orders and trailing them, three execution modes, and four different pending orders modes.

Analytical ability by the Platform

The best forex broker for MT4 offers some significant analytical abilities which you can complete via the platform. And this is the strongest feature of this platform, perhaps the game-changer. To make the analytics more effective, it offers an exceptional interactive chart with nine different periods, which ultimately gives you access to analyze different trading quotes. Nevertheless, it notifies the price changes to the traders.

On top of that, the MT4 platform offers 30 technical indicators, which are built-in. Besides, it also offers 23 analytical objects that boost simplifying the job.

Furthermore, you can customize the indicators according to your own way to add the best analytical feature to your broker account. Hence, you can instruct the indicators to notify you about the price movements and let the MT4 trading platform take the necessary steps accordingly.

The technical ability will include 23 analytical objects with 30 technical indicators, multiple interactive charts, which can get you nine different time frames.

Copy Trading by the Brokers 

It is mainly offered for novice traders who just stepped into the trading world. Besides, expert traders can get benefits from this too. The MT4 copy trading will let you copy other trader's strategies and apply in your account automatically, perhaps place the order. In addition to that, you can also sign up for multiple signals and instruct your MT4 platform to copy a specific signal.

The good thing is that you can get thousands of free forex signals alongside making your own trading signals. Besides, they also provide many premium signals too, which are good enough to increase your profitability and reduce the risk level. Some of the top copy trading features are-

  • Get numerous trading strategies
  • Variation in different trading conditions
  • Thousands of experienced signal providers

Access to the MetaTrader 4 Market

The MetaTrader 4 markets offer different paid technical indicators, which can be used through the MT4 platform. Thanks to the MetaTrader built-in markets, which offers numerous expert advisors as well as technical indicators. You can grab the necessary indicator from the MetaTrader market for free and sometimes paid. Nevertheless, the buying process is highly secure and transparent.

The market includes 1700+ trading robots with a wide range of commercial products and more than 2100 technical indicators. Moreover, you can get the free products too, which actually works.

Algorithmic Trading

The MetaTrader 4 brokers algorithmic trading actually offers you multiple expert advisors, through which you can automatically impose your desired commands or outcomes. On top of that, the EA robots can help you out with simultaneous market analysis.

Besides, MT4 forex broker offers optimization, developments of your algorithm and generates a testing environment before applying a trading strategy. Furthermore, you can apply coding to customize or create a new algorithm. You can also sell your created code and earn money from that too. To see the real outcome from algorithmic trading, you can have the following features

  • MQL4 coding language
  • Strategy testing tool
  • MetaEditor
  • Robot's library

Web Trading as well as Desktop Trading

When MetaTrader 4 came to action in 2005, they used to offer desktop software for brokers and traders. Whoever wants to use the MT4 platform they need to download it. However, with the advancement of technology, MetaTrader has built a web platform that is available to use from any device from anywhere.

Mobile Trading

As the smartphone has become a part of our daily life, now you can access MetaTrader 4 brokers via your smartphone with the fingertips. Moreover, you can initiate a trade through the MT4 apps from your Android and iOS devices. Besides, you will get to access all the features available on the web or desktop trading.

The MetaTrader 4 trading apps for iOS and Android offer more than 2000 broker servers alongside over 30 technical indicators. It also gives you access to the 24 analytical tools that will ultimately ease the trading experience. On top of that, the symbol quotes with two execution modes and four order types can enhance the trading experience.

Alerts and News

The MT4 forex brokers offer the latest news and alerts with the help of the MT4 trading platform. This eventually helps the trader to take any kind of trading decision as well as apply the strategies. The alerts and news features include-

  • Timely mannered notification
  • News on current financial market
  • Get a notification on trading market movements
Benefits of MetaTrader 4 brokers

With the help of the MT4 platform, the MT4 broker can get you immense benefits that can accelerate your trading opportunities.

  • The broker lets you use the MT4 trading platform for free. But some brokers might take fees for that. So, it is advisable to check the broker's conditions before you subscribe to it.
  • You don't need to be a technical expert person to use the MetaTrader 4 brokers; anyone can use it easily.
  • Most of the brokers nowadays use MetaTrader 4 platform. Hence, you can stick to your MT4 account even if you change the broker.
  • The MT4 brokers platform is designed smartly. Therefore, using MT4 is like a piece of cake.
  • With a single broker account, you can access the platform on any device.
  • Get access to the numerous CFDs and forex.
  • Scalpers can access it within a click.
  • The multi charting feature makes the trading life easier.
  • MetaTrader 4 forex brokers offer hedging features for all.
  • Brokers offer services in multi-language as they have customers from all over the world.
  • The platform and brokers use the highly secured server for trading and transaction operation. Hence, your money stays safe while you make any transaction. ,


No forex brokers can offer you 100% satisfaction in forex market , but they may offer maximum gratification. But the MetaTrader 4 brokers may offer you almost 100% satisfaction with their features and ease of trading. And that is why MT4 forex brokers are widely used all over the world.

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