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Maximize Your Trades with’s Unlimited Loyalty Bonus and VPS Sponsorship's-unlimited-loyalty-bonus-and-vps-sponsorship

Usually, forex brokers offer cool incentives like bonuses and cashback deals to help out the traders. Whether it's deposit bonuses or sponsorship programs, these promotions make trading more interesting. And also offers such incentives to its traders. offers unlimited loyalty bonuses and VPS sponsorship in different countries. This article will take a look at those FXGT promotions. Promotions offers promotions for all types of traders. As a trader, you get access to various promotions that make your trading experience better and help you maximize your potential. Just check out the eligibility requirements in their promo Terms and Conditions, and get ready for a trading experience that suits your strategy. Currently you will get an Unlimited Loyalty Bonus and VPS Sponsorship Program with trading accounts.

Unlimited Loyalty Bonus introduces an unlimited bonus option for all traders. The broker offers a 25% bonus on every deposit. And you will get it an unlimited number of times. Hence, this feature is designed to enhance your trading experience and keep the rewards flowing.

However, you have to follow the eligibility criteria to get the bonus as many times as you want.

Trading Promotions

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What is the 25% Unlimited Loyalty Bonus?

The 25% Unlimited Loyalty Bonus is your ticket to receiving a 25% bonus for every deposit you make into your Mini and/or Standard+ accounts at The best part? There's no need to worry about exhausting the bonus limit – once you reach the $10,000 cap, FXGT will reset it back to zero, allowing you to trade with unlimited credits.

How Does FXGT Unlimited Loyalty Bonus Work?

Let's say you deposit $1000 into your Mini and/or Standard+ account, and you will get 25% of 1000 extra in your account. So, you will get an extra $1250 balance in your account, and eventually, you can trade with this total amount.

So, if you deposit $2000, you will get a $1500 balance in your account. You can do your calculation for the amount you are depositing.

Unlimited Loyalty Bonus Reset

Wondering how to reset your bonus after reaching the limit? It's simple, you have to follow some criteria. To successfully reset your bonus limit, follow these steps:

  • Be an active trader (make sure you trade at least once within the past 30 days).
  • Achieve a combined trading volume of 40 GTLots (It operates by converting the total trading activity of an account into US dollars and establishing a standardized measure where 1 GTLot is equivalent to a trading volume of 100,000 USD).
  • Cross the loyalty bonus limit, which is $10,000.

For your information, the innovative GTLot, created by, measures your trading volume across all CFD instruments and asset classes. Once you meet these criteria, your bonus will automatically reset within 48 hours.

You can continue resetting the bonus as long as you meet these criteria, providing a continuous stream of rewards.

Compatibility with Other Bonuses and Promotions

Worried about missing out on other bonuses or promotions with Fret not! The 25% Unlimited Loyalty Bonus does not exclude you from enjoying additional bonuses or participating in other exciting promotions. You can get everything simultaneously.

Bonus Credits on Transfers

Whether you are transferring funds from your eWallet or making direct deposits into your Mini and/or Standard+ trading accounts, you will receive the bonus credits. Enjoy the perks of the 25% Unlimited Loyalty Bonus with every transfer.

Transfers Between Accounts: Managing Bonus Deductions

So, at this point, you may get worried about losing your bonus when transferring between accounts or to your eWallet. However, you should not worry, as ensures fair deductions. When transferring funds from your trading account to your eWallet or between trading accounts, the reduction in bonus credits will be in proportion to the transferred percentage. The formula is straightforward:

Deductible amount % = Transfer Out Amount / Account Balance * 100

Deductible Amount in Value = Deductible Amount % * Total Credit

For example, if you transfer $1,000 from an account with a $10,000 balance and a $250 bonus:


Account Balance: $10,000

Total Credit: $250

Transfer out: $1,000

$1,000 / $10,000 * 100 = 10%

$250 * 10% = $25

Credit deducted: $25

When gives you a bonus or reward in the form of trading credits, you can use them only for trading. The good news is that any profits you make from trading with these credits can be taken out as real money. The platform keeps things clear by showing your bonuses as trading credits and your deposited money as the balance in your trading account. When you make or lose money from closing a trade, it first affects your balance. If your balance isn't enough to cover losses, then the remaining losses are taken from your trading credits. Just keep in mind that you can't transfer these bonuses to another trading account or give them to someone else - they're meant for your use only.

VPS Sponsorship

Apart from the unlimited loyalty bonus, offers a VPS Sponsorship program. This can make your trading smooth and fast – even when you are not online. And the good thing is that the VPS sponsorship program is available with all types of FXGT accounts.

VPS or Virtual Private Server lets your trading run 24/7, even when you are not using your computer. So, you don't need to worry about a power cut-off or any unwanted damage to your computer. Using VPS gets rid of worries about your trading being interrupted.

Features of's VPS

Here's why their VPS sponsorship is awesome:

  • Stable and Reliable: Enjoy trading on a safe and secure server that never lets you down. It can be used smoothly with different types of computers.
  • Speedy Trades: Open your trades super fast, reducing the time it takes for your orders to happen. It comes with their MT5 and MT4 forex trading platform.
  • 24/7 Trading: Keep your trading helpers (Expert Advisors or EAs) running all the time, even when your computer is off. Their free VPS does its thing quietly in the background with no hassle.'s VPS Tech Stuff

Dive into the technological prowess of's VPS feature, tailored for both MT5 and MT4 users. For MT5 users, the VPS offers a robust configuration with 3 GB RAM and 1 VCPU, ensuring a smooth and responsive trading experience. Accompanied by a generous 16 GB of disk space, this VPS is seamlessly integrated into the MT5 Terminal, providing an all-in-one solution for traders.

Meanwhile, MT4 users can get a solid 2 GB RAM and 2 VCPU, paired with an expansive 60 GB disk space. Remarkably, this VPS with MT4 is engineered to handle up to 3 trading setups simultaneously, offering flexibility for those engaged in diverse trading strategies. With these tech specifications,'s VPS empowers traders with the resources they need for efficient and high-performance trading sessions.

Trading Promotions

open an account- fxgt VPS Price

It is free! You can grab the FXGT MetaTrader VPS without spending a dime. Just apply for sponsorship with any account type and meet a couple of requirements:

  • Minimum Initial Account Money: $3,000 (or money in your account's currency)
  • Minimum Monthly Trading Volume: 5 GTLots*

Use FXGT VPS in Multiple Accounts

If you have more than one trading account with FXGT, you can apply for VPS Sponsorship for all your accounts. However, each account needs to meet the monthly sponsorship requirements.

You will need to fill out a form to get the FXGT VPS offer. And then the broker will check your eligibility. If you are eligible, you will get step by step instructions from FXGT.

Other Bonuses

Apart from these two exciting promotions, you may also get other bonuses such as a welcome bonus, no deposit bonus, and cash back.

Final Words is making a splash in forex trading with promotions designed for traders worldwide. From the tempting Unlimited Loyalty Bonus, offering a 25% boost on every deposit, to the VPS Sponsorship program ensuring seamless 24/7 trading, aims to enhance your trading experience.

Meta: Get endless rewards with! Enjoy a 25% Unlimited Loyalty Bonus & free VPS Sponsorship and enhance your forex trading experience.

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