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Kaspa (KAS) Price Prediction – When will KAS hit $0.10?

kaspa kas price prediction

The price of the Kaspa token has increased by a remarkable 1,350 percent since its introduction to the market and continues to rise. This upward trend can be traced back to a successful crowdfunding campaign, which facilitated the project's Tier 1 exchange ranking, most notably the ByBit listing.

Capitalizing on the strength of this community, the initiative has launched crowdfunding campaigns to raise funds for a crucial exchange listing, which is expected to increase liquidity and boost project visibility. The campaign, which concluded on August 2, effectively raised $30,000 through USDT and KAS token contributions.

Kaspa is a layer 1 platform that uses the Direct Acyclic Graph protocol with a Proof-of-Work consensus mechanism, similar to Bitcoin.

This way, the platform solves the blockchain trilemma by attaining scalability and security without affecting decentralization. Since its inception, it has swiftly garnered significant attention, fostering a vibrant and enthusiastic community.

Is Kaspa token a good investment opportunity now?

Let’s see the upcoming Kaspa (KAS) Price Prediction from the KASUSDT technical analysis:

KAS/USDT Could Form A Head & Shoulders Breakout

KASUSDT Could Form A Head & Shoulders Breakout

The daily price of KAS/USDT remained extremely bullish since the launch but went volatile after reaching the 0.0523 level.

The weekly price shows a strong bearish reversal from the top in the higher timeframe. Also, the price recovered from the last bullish weekly candle and closed below the 0.0370 critical level. In that case, a new lower low on the weekly timeframe could offer a decent short opportunity in this pair. 

In the volume structure, the most active level since 25 July is at 0.0461 level, which is 24% above the current price. Another high volume level since the 6 August high marked at the 0.0417 level, which is 12.08% above the current price. These high volume levels are above the current market price, so they might act as a strong resistance level. Based on these levels, the ideal approach is to look for short opportunities as long as the price trades below these.

A strong bearish pressure may be possible in this pair in the daily timeframe as the upside momentum is limited from the Head and Shoulders formation. Although the current price is facing support from the H&S neckline, it came by sweeping buy-side liquidity from the right shoulder area. The dynamic 20-day Exponential Moving Average remains above the price and working at a near-term resistance level. The current RSI is bearish, below the 50.00 level, and aims to test the oversold 30.00 level.

Based on the daily Kaspa Price Prediction, a strong bearish pressure may come if the daily candle closes below the 0.0350 level. The primary target for the downside momentum is at the 0.0282 level. 

On the other hand, strong buying pressure needs a daily candle close above the 0.0415 high volume level to invalidate the bearish possibility and reach the 0.0500 key level.

KAS/USDT Ichimoku Cloud Analysis

KASUSDT Ichimoku Cloud Analysis

In the H4 chart, the bearish possibility is potent as there is a flip in the future cloud area. Also, the price is trading below the cloud zone with a stable momentum.

In the indicator window, the current TDI remains on the sellers' side, indicating the sellers’ dominance in the market. Ichimoku Dynamic levels are above the current price level, working as a resistance, which might incur a new lower low formation.

Based on the H4 kaspa coin price prediction, the broader market direction is bearish for the KAS/USDT price, where any bearish signal from dynamic levels could offer a short opportunity. The main aim for investors is to look for short trades between the 0.0380 to 0.0418 area, aiming for the 0.0320 level.

However, bullish pressure and a stable market above the 0.0420 area could advance the price towards the 0.0480 level.

KAS/USDT Intraday Price Action Analysis

KASUSDT Intraday Price Action Analysis

The overall structure is bearish in the hourly time frame, but the gap between the price and the high volume level has extended. As per the current reading, the visible range high volume level is at 0.0419 level, which is 12% above the current price. Moreover, there are several violations in the dynamic 20 EMA level, with a strong from the VWAP level.

A neutral momentum is visible at the indicator window, where the current Histogram is at zero area. Also, an inverse Head and Shoulders formation is seen in the latest price, where a bullish neckline breakout is pending.

Based on the H1 Kaspa Price Forecast, the overall structure is bullish, where an H1 close above the 0.0380 level could increase the price toward the 0.0400 area. However, any strong sellers’ presence at the 0.0390 to 0.0400 area could be a short opportunity, targeting the 0.0350 level. 


Based on the current Kaspa Price Prediction today, KAS/USDT bulls need to invalidate the Head and Shoulders formations before offering a long signal. Any bearish break from the neckline support and immediate rebound could be a strong, long opportunity. However, the intraday price is bearish, where any trend continuation opportunity could lower the price. 

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