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Free Forex Robot - Best Forex Trading Robot 2023

People who are interested in investing their money in the foreign currency market, but don't want to do all the heavy lifting themselves, several options. One option that has grown in popularity is forex robots. However, in most cases, you may need paid robots to get the most out of it. But there are hundreds of free forex robots too, which may help you initially. Nevertheless, they are also known as EA. These automated best free forex EA allow people to invest their money and let the program do the rest on their behalf. That is why trading through the best forex robot is necessary. So how would you choose the best trading robot? It can be a difficult task if you don't know what you want to do. Your purpose of trading and goal will help you to find the best forex EA.

So, this article will help you to know every query about free trading robots and EAs.

Open A $1000 Account and Get A Free Forex Robot

Are you looking to become a more profitable forex trader with the help of a forex robot? Our awesome brokers can get you a free forex robot ! We have a selection of few top brokers who are industry leaders too. We have 13 different forex robots worth up to $333 each, and you can get one of those for free by depositing $1000 and making 10 lot trade. Robots can help you to trade forex automatically.

You can get the free forex robot in just three steps. First, signup with the selected brokers and get approved. Next, deposit at least $1000 and make 10 lot trade. You can trade any amount and any currency pairs. Finally, claim your free forex EA from a list of 13 robots. Claim one according to your needs and make the trading life effortless.

Please Use the Links Provided to Make Sure You Qualify for the Offers While Open Account

Get A Free Forex Robot

Regarding the broker, we never compromise about safety and regulations. All of our brokers are regulated by the world’s top regulators and available in most countries. The combination of the right broker with the robot can certainly maximize the profit.

So, what are you waiting for! Now it is your call to add exceptional value to your investments.

If this is your first time using a trading robot, don’t worry, you will get the proper step-by-step guide to enjoying the trading automation.

Best Forex Broker Offers & Offer Links 2023:



We only list licensed brokers that comply with the requirements of prominent regulatory agencies.


The minimum amount you need to deposit in order to start trading.


Leverage refers to the ratio of securities you can buy for a given payment. The higher the leverage ratio, the higher your buying power (and the higher the risk). For example, a leverage ratio of 500:1 means you can purchase 500 securities, but only pay the equivalent of 1 security valuation. The leverage ratio offered can vary depending on the experience level of the trader.

No Bonus

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  • Fast account opening
  • Easy funding methods
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  • Free deposit and withdrawal
  • Negative balance protection
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  • Inactivity fee
  • High Trading Fees for some CFDs
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Platforms & Devices


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MakeMoney EA (T) (P) (M5) (M)($275)
Grid Trend Multiplier (S) (P) (M5)($280)
Forex Dream Machine (S) (P) (M5)($278)
Tradeable RSI EA (S) (M5) (M)($260)
Time of Day Hedged EA (S)($300)
RSI/Envelope Trader EA (S)($320)
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7-Edge Robot (T) (M5) (M)($330)
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The ADX Trader (M5) (M)($320)

Learn More About EA Robot

*(T) = Works best in trending markets * (S) = Best in sideways markets * (BV) = Best value (Balanced Portfolio) * P) = Has a Plug-N-Play settings ideal for beginners and busy traders * (M5) = Has a MT5 version. Other all on MT4 * (M) = Multiplier (Multiple open trades) * (BB) = Free bonus with bundle purchases


  1. Open an Account with Our Selected Brokers by Using our Provided Link.
  2. Fund your Account $1000
  3. Minimum 10 Lot Trade.

Support and Inquiry :

Best Forex Robot - Best Free Forex Trading Robot 2023

What are Forex Robots?

Free Forex RobotForex robots or expert advisors ared automated traing tools that help traders make money without human intervention once it is set up correctly. These software programs for forex can be programmed to do things like open positions, close positions, and even trail stop-losses behind price action. Moreover, some automated systems may even exit positions based on pre-determined percentage gains or losses or by using technical indicators to signal possible reversals. Robots can be free or paid. However, free forex robots should be a great choice for beginners.

The main thing about these helpful apps is that traders can configure them themselves to help make their trading strategy even more unique or set it up according to a particular signal that other experts have discovered. Nevertheless, expert advisors are great tools that can be used for a variety of different situations. Still, they typically work best in trending markets, and they also need to have effective money management strategies in place as well.

The name "robot" comes from the fact that this software does not need constant interaction like humans usually do while doing trades manually since they can be set to execute certain orders whenever certain conditions become true, sending buy and sell signals.

The best forex robots come in all shapes and sizes may or may not have great success rates. However, you should not follow anyone's advice to use a particular free forex robot without first knowing the facts. Hence, it is recommended that you try and test as many free expert advisors as possible before settling on one or none at all.

The best Forex robots can be classified into various categories: scalping systems, trend following systems, grid trading systems, and martingale systems. So, you may go for the scalping robot mt4 free. However, these best free forex EA programs vary depending on indicators used, such as Parabolic SAR (Stop And Reverse) or RSI (Relative Strength Index), or price action based like Fibonacci retracement levels. All these strategies usually work together with other strategies, which make them even more efficient.

The most common method for creating the best forex robot experts advisor is by using MetaQuotes Language 4 (MQL4), which is the built-in programming language of the most popular forex trading platform, MetaTrader 4. Expert advisors written in MQL4 are able to trade on all currency pairs listed on MT4.

Are Robots in Forex Legal?

This question has been cropping up more and more recently as most of the newbies started learning via the free forex robot, with increasing numbers of people taking their steps into automated online trading. However, this is hardly surprising given that in recent times it's become so much easier to trade using technology rather than having to do everything by hand or sit at a computer all day watching price fluctuations.

So let's start with trying to answer the question, "are forex robots legal?" It seems like an easy enough question, but there are really two parts to this - are they legal in the country you are trading from, and then are they ethical?

So when we speak about whether something is legal or not, it means that it complies with the law in that jurisdiction. For example, a lot of people think that online gambling is illegal in the United States, but this is simply not true. Online poker was made illegal because it's considered a game of skill, and games of chance are banned from interstate commerce - however, you can play slot machines and roulette at sites approved by the state you are based in.

The answer is YES! FX Robots are legal as it comes with the platforms. Now, this may change in the future, but right now, if you do your research on each robot, it should be fine. Free forex bots are designed for beginners who want to make quick cash through high-frequency automated trading without making any effort themselves and for professional traders who have trading algorithms available that can be easily programmed into the best forex EA thanks to their modular nature.

Do Forex Robots Really Work?

Forex trading is one of the most profitable ways of making money. This is proved by the fact that many people are now engaging in it. Since everyone wants to make a profit, there are also those who want to get ahead of others. For this reason, they resort to the best forex robots or auto traders. Since these tools can make trades for you, you need not do anything at all but simply wait for your account to accumulate profits.

However, not many people know if free forex robots really work and how they work! The truth is that with today's technology, nothing is impossible. Like any other software or software application, best forex EA or automatic trading systems (ATS), as well as algorithmic trading programs, are also created with the help of advanced technology.

The current trend is to create the best forex robots that can actually learn from previous experiences and will be able to improve their performance. The more information these systems have, the better they become; therefore, the usage of artificial intelligence in Forex trading bot free has gained popularity over time. So, we can say that the best forex EA perfectly works if they have access to enough data. However, this kind of software might not really work if it does not have accurate market data, which means you need access to good quality market updates on a daily basis. However, forex robot free download will be available on the trading platform or the developer's website.

How do you Trade Forex with a Robot?

In essence, free trading robots are a way to automate buying and selling currencies. Besides, they use complex algorithms that learn from the past performance of currency pairs and execute trades based on those calculations; therefore, making market actions extremely efficient. However, many best forex robots are out there to make your trading life easier.

Following are the steps to trade with free forex robots.

Open an Account

The first thing you need to do is open an account with a forex broker, like FP Markets or FXPro – they are all good choices. Once you have opened your live trading account, wait for your personal details (username & password), which will arrive in an email from your broker, usually within minutes of opening the account. However, most brokers will allow you to pick your username upon availability. Then log in to your account and click on 'Robots' under trading tools. Click on 'Add Robot.' You will get many options, including paid and free forex robot. So, you will need to pick according to your requirement.

Robot Configuration

Once you select the free forex robot or a paid robot, you will be taken into a robot configuration screen, where you can choose your robot's name and tweak the settings. Further, thoroughly check the configuration options before clicking on 'Save & Apply.' If it looks ok, click save; there is no turning back after this point! But you will certainly be able to change the strategy from time to time depending on your trading decisions.

You'll see a box like this when adding your robot:

Your currency pair will be in the relevant currency selection box (e.g., EUR/USD). Your pairs are set in instrument preferences by default, but if they are not listed in that menu, then search for them here (most commonly traded currency pairs will be in this list, e.g., GBP/USD). Then enter how many lots you want to trade.

Advance Settings

In the advanced settings, look at maximum exposure, which is how many lots you want your free forex robot to open per trade - think of it as a multiplier for your account. The higher this number is, the more money your robot will start trading with each time. However, the minimum equity % per trade is a protection measure against losing too much in one go; but it's sensible to be careful if increasing this value from its standard level. In our experience, we find that setting this value somewhere between 10%-15% gives good results across most currency pairs and market conditions. The maximum risk limit should always be set to 100% or less - anything more undermines the purpose of using a robot in the first place!

The maximum number of forex robots running at any one time should be set to 1. Increasing this value will create multiple instances of your robot that will trade in competition with each other.

Max order is the maximum number of open orders at any one time - it's sensible to reduce this number if you are running a highly volatile market environment when robots are likely to jump onto their trades too quickly, causing lag or slippage when executed by your broker.

In the simple free forex robots, you will see the max open profit option. In the setting, putting a number like '4' in this field will mean that the robot only opens trades when the market is moving in your intended direction by that many pips. This can help to ensure that you don't get into too heavy a loss when using larger lots. Max risk per trade should be set to less than 4%-5% of your account (you don't want your whole balance gone with one bad trade). However, if you have not tried trading yet, then make it 1%-2% until you understand how price action moves and how much it might affect your account balance. The higher these numbers are, the more often the robot tries and enter/exits the market, and the more it's likely to jump onto a trade too early (like we talked about with 'Max order').

Types of Forex Robots

There are two basic types of free forex robots or paid robots fully automated and semi-automated. However, it all depends on how much the trader wants to configure the robot.

Fully Automated Forex Robot

Fully automated best forex robots are ones that require little or no input from the trader after it is installed. A good fully automated free forex robot is usually one that has back-tested results and real-life trading results. Moreover, success rates should be at least 70% of winning trades in both cases, with good drawdown and profit-taking capabilities.

Semi-Automated Forex Robot

Semi-automated free forex robots or paid are ones that require the trader to configure them after installation. Traders need to use a set of rules for entry and exit points, currency pairs to trade, how much money is risked for each trade, risk to reward ratio, among other things. The trader should be able to change these variables should he/she want to after installation. Most of the time, beginners prefer starting with a semi-automated free forex robot as they change the variables if they make any mistake.

A good fully or semi-automated best forex robot must have back-tested and real live trading results. Success rates should be at least 70% of winning trades with good drawdown and profit-taking capabilities.

How Much Does a Forex Trading Robot Cost?

As both paid and free forex robots are available in the market, the price depends on the robot. Typically, the forex trading robot software free download will cost $19 to $500. The trading robots industry has started growing very fast, and now you have many available on the market. So it is hard to decide which one to pick and what will be the likely outcome of your investment. Luckily there are many reviews done by people who have already tested these products, which can help new investors choose their product.

A new forex robot costs anywhere from a couple of hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars. They usually have a one-time fee and a monthly subscription fee after a short free trial period. Depending on their features and technical specifications, the price may be for similar types of robots.

How can I Buy a Forex Robot?

If you intend to buy a robot instead of using a free forex robot, you should find the list of the EAs on your trading platform. You can search robots according to your needs and select the one you want. However, you can also buy it from the developer's website. Further, buying from the developer's site may also get you technical support.

Sometimes, you may also find the paid tools for free. But it is recommended not to use them due to security reasons. However, if the developer offers it for free, you may go for it. So, how do you know if the best forex robot is legit? Let's find it.

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Forex Robot

Forex Trading RobotsThere are many new forex traders who want to buy a robot, but they do not know how to go about it. They feel overwhelmed and don't even know where to start. Therefore, we will discuss some guidelines on buying or selecting a free forex robot so that new traders can understand the basics of trading and how they can benefit from automated forex systems.

When you go shopping for the best trading robot, you should check for these attributes:

Track Record

Check if the robot is reliable and has a proven track record on live market conditions. Usually, Forex brokers allow their customers access to historical data on past trades. This information can be used as an indicator of whether or not the system is working properly over time. It is also good practice to check and see if the best forex EA has a real and valid license issued by an official regulatory authority. However, the free forex robots may not enable this.

Check Reviews

New traders should take time to read reviews on different paid as well as free forex robots to get an idea of which ones are the best in the market today. Since there are many brokers who want new customers, they offer incentives such as lower minimum deposit amounts, better leverage ratios, and special offers that might not be available elsewhere. The best forex EA will do its job even with these extra benefits, but one should keep in mind that these bonuses come at a price. So, it means that your returns may be lower than you expected because the broker is taking his share of your profits before passing it on to you.

Money Management

If the system uses proper money management techniques, the results should be much better. Money management is a process of trading with discipline to preserve enough capital for exiting trades. If this is not implemented properly, then there might be a case where you will go into negative equity and face problems in making profits after that point.

Try Demo Account

The best way to determine whether or not the best forex EA works well together with different brokers is to try them out on demo accounts first and try a free forex robot first. When there are no risks involved, traders can see how these automated systems actually behave before they commit their money to buy one. There are also some things that could go wrong during testing because all robots have certain scenarios where they simply won't work. Nevertheless, if you are aware of this information ahead of time, then it will give you an idea about what you should avoid when using these automated systems.

Check Forums

New traders may want to consider joining forums that provide them with the latest news on different best forex EAs around the world. These are usually high-quality information sources because they are run by professional forex brokers themselves who know all the ins and outs of trading in this market. This way, they can share their knowledge on which free forex EA has worked for them and why it is a good choice for any new trader.

Key Takeaway: When starting out in Forex trading, find a reliable system that does not require significant investment from your side while at the same time confirming how many trades it will make on your behalf. It is always better to test things first before buying because it allows you to determine if the Forex robot will work properly with your broker. If any questions do arise, forums are always available as a place where you can ask professional brokers about their experience using different automated systems.

What Advantages Does a Paid or Free Forex Robot Offer?

Forex robots (also called expert advisors) automatically place buy and sell orders into the market based on specific rules that you set them up with. All you have to do is create your own robot and then let it trade for you 24 hours per day - don't worry, robots can't get tired or stressed! There are several benefits of using such a device:

  • Usually, a free forex robot has all the information it needs to make its own decisions about trades, which allows it to do so without outside interference. Though many robots require some training, they are much more automated than systems in which humans have to constantly monitor the market and manually input trades.
  • One benefit of the best free forex EA is that it could save you time. Instead of watching the market yourself, waiting for opportunities to occur, you can let your robot do it for you.
  • Another benefit of the best forex robot is that it could increase your profits. So, if you program the robot to take certain actions when certain conditions are met, then you can control how much money is at stake every time. Moreover, the robot will only trade on an opportunity that matches your specifications. This allows risk management to be fully automated.
  • Automating some or all of your forex trading can give you more time and energy to work on other aspects of your business. If you build the robot yourself, it also could save you some money. You will still need to learn how to program it, but there are many resources available online for free that could help you do so.
  • Are beneficial for traders due to the fact that there are no emotions involved. There are no feelings of anxiety or fear about losing money since robots do not think in this manner.
  • Best trading robots also provide consistency and discipline, allowing for more accurate and profitable daily trades. A significant amount of stress associated with manual trading will be removed from the trader's life due to these benefits provided by robots.
  • Using a robot can help new automated forex traders who do not have time set aside each day for managing trades since robots take over the trading for you. This will allow traders to focus on other aspects of their lives aside from forex trading.

Other Advantages

In order to maximize your profits, you can set several robots on different currency pairs and let them trade simultaneously. If they all work according to your rules, they will generate a constant flow of income. This increases your chances of being able to meet the goals that you have set up for yourself. Otherwise, it might happen that, after a few months without any trades, your account runs out of money! But if you set up various robots with different rules, everyone will get their chance in turn. You can also follow back testing results, which can assist you in creating new robots.

Small Disadvantages of Forex Robots

There are many possible benefits of using a free forex robot, but robots can also come with their own disadvantages.

  • Since most robots work on very limited information, they may not be able to make the best decisions all the time. As always, it is up to you to determine whether or not you think this will affect your business.
  • When you are considering the potential costs and benefits of the best forex robots, remember that not all robots are made equal. Therefore, you will need to research how much money each robot requires to run properly, whether or not they have any ongoing costs, and if they allow for more customization than their competitors. A little research can go a long way.
  • They might have a bad day or lose to the market. If this happens, your account may run out of money.
  • Sometimes the rules that have been set up to work well with historical data don't do so well with live trading. This is why it is important to test your robot on demo accounts first before putting real money on the line!

If you decide to get a paid or free forex robot is for you but confused about choosing the best forex robot; there are many options available to find one. You can try asking your friends and colleagues if they have any suggestions for you. You could also go online to read reviews from other customers who have used the same robot before. Lastly, you could search the internet for step-by-step instructions on how to make your own robot.

All in all, yes! Forex robots really work. If you set them up correctly and trade with an open mind, you will earn money!

Can I use Forex Robot on my Phone?

Have you ever wondered if any free Forex Robots run on an iPhone? Or, have you considered using a free Forex Robot on your Android phone so it can trade currency markets while you are away from your computer? It's an idea many investors consider due to the high cost of trading forex. So, if you want to trade with the MetaTrader 5 and want to take the automaton advantage, you may check out the free forex robot for MT5 android.

It is understandable why some traders look into other options to trade currency markets. Can I use a Forex Robot on my phone? The answer is yes, although there are some cons you should be aware of before deciding whether or not to use a mobile forex robot. First of all, they are actually Forex trading apps that will place your orders automatically. This means you must trust the company that provides the service with your login information and password because they would have access to that account data. Also, there could be situations where it would block your ability to trade via your regular broker - if something happens with one method (desktop computer), then obviously, this would prevent you from accessing any other (mobile phone).

Usually, forex trading platforms such as MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 come apps for phones. So, the apps have the options to trade via the robots. However, not all robots can be used on mobile phones. Hence, it will be wise if you choose the free forex robot for mt4 android or iOS.

What's Better: Phone or Laptop?

It depends on your usability and the way you are flexible. But, to get the most out of it, use the best forex EA on your computer or laptop, which you will find in various ways we have mentioned earlier. However, using on phone or laptop depends on how much time you spend at home and what kind of experience do you want to get while using the app. If you are already holding a tablet, you may use the apps easily. But most high-quality robots may need high-performing devices.

Process for Forex Robot Free Download

If you are a relatively new trader and want to try the free download forex robot full version, you can check for the best forex robot free download. Moreover, you can also check out the profitable forex EA free download. However, not all robots may work perfectly. Therefore, it is evident to do extensive research to find out the free forex EA that works for anyone.

Forex Trading Tools

With all the different types of trading, it can be difficult to choose a type. When it comes to Forex Trading, there are many tools you could use in order to have success when trading currencies. If you have been thinking about getting into forex trading or already trading but haven't found much luck recently, here are the top forex trading tools that will greatly improve your chances of making money from home when trading currencies.

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Forex Trading Tools

Grid Trend Multiplier

Grid Trend Multiplier

A grid trend multiplier tool is a type of forex trading software that enables traders to confirm, amplify and improve the price movements of currency pairs. Forex brokers offer these tools as part of their services.

Forex Trading with Grid Trend Multiplier

Grid Trend MultiplierThe most common way to trade using this software is known as the "grid" method. Further, it is an all-in-one robot for any level of trader. Here's how it works: after inputting certain variables into the program, such as what currency pair you are trading, your risk tolerance, and investors' required rate of return, the grid trend multiplier will generate an initial recommendation for your position size.

The first step in many technical analysis strategies is plotting support and resistance levels on a chart. Using these two lines as your boundaries, you can estimate the size of a grid multiplier trade.

The support and resistance levels are where the price has paused or bounced before, which makes them good candidates for defining the risk level of your position. However, traders typically use one-third to two-thirds of this range as their initial trading direction -- thus creating a grid multiplier trade with three to six times that amount in potential profit.

Grid Multiplier Positions 

There are two different ways for traders to approach their grid multiplier positions: manual vs. automatic. The automatic method uses all three to six times an investor's initial risk limit as their position size. In contrast, the more cautious approach involves taking half this amount and doubling it once the trade has had some success.

However, the whole process is done through autopilot. Hence, the traders don't need to know the direction of the price. Moreover, it has a specialty to make the robots cash in on every move regardless of the direction.

Grid Trend Multiplier has both MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 versions, which will cost $320. You find this tool by searching MT5 forex robot free download or MT5 expert advisor free download.

360 Degree Indicator

360 Degree Indicator

360 Degree IndicatorThere are thousands of trading strategies out there. Some people prefer to be extremely high-risk, high-reward traders, while others prefer to always play it safe. Nevertheless, it is hard to know which strategy will work the best because there are literally too many variables in the market for us mere mortals to account for all at once. Consequently, most of us remain stuck with our traditional indicators that may or may not work. But there are many new indicators too. 360 degree indicator forex robot, a new kind of indicator that actually lets you make predictions about where price action will go instead of just looking where it has been and tracing its steps back up or down. Let's take a look at what this indicator can do than decide whether or not we believe it will help us be better traders.

The 360 degree indicator calculates a currency's strength and then shows it in the table format. Furthermore, the good thing about those table formats is, they update in real-time.

The robot works by using an algorithm to look at where price action is now and then extrapolating based on what has already happened throughout the trading session. Besides, how much further it will go in that particular direction. It does this for all three points of control (the key resistance and support areas) and then plots those figures into the table that shows you where the price is expected to end up over the next few hours or days.

The 360 degree indicator offers three different types of tables. Through the tables, you can see how much the market moved after the previously determined targets were reached and learn how large of a move you should look for in order to get in or out of a trade. This will be helpful when you find trades with potential but do not have enough money in your account to take full advantage of them.

360 degree indicator will cost $88, but it is available for MetaTrader 4 only. You may find this by searching expert advisor mt4 free download on

Divergence Finder EA

Divergence Finder EA

Divergence Finder EAForex divergence trading is a style of trading that uses price action confirmation to determine if trend momentum has been lost and the market's direction will change. The main purpose of the Forex Divergence indicator is to identify trends as they are forming and give an early warning so traders may take strategic positions using the divergence trading strategy.

It sounds great, but finding a decent Forex divergence indicator signal provider isn't easy. We tried lots of them, and we were pretty sad: some had no settings (we wanted 2 standard deviations), others required us to look for divergences on weekly charts (not something we use). So after months of searching, we finally found one called "Divergence Finder EA." It ticks all the boxes: it searches for divergences on any timeframe and even finds hidden divergences for all the currencies. Moreover, Divergence Finder EA is an informational EA, but it doesn't trade continuously and automatically.

Divergence Finder EA will cost $44.95, and it is available MetaTrader 4.

Double in a Day EA

Double in a Day EA

Double in a Day EAThis forex robot is suitable for anyone with interest in automated trading. New or experienced traders can use it; on any timeframe or currency pair, you have the data to test on. To get the most value out of it, some knowledge of charting/candlesticks would be helpful but not necessary.

Double in a Day EA can double your return in a single forex trading. Further, the single indicator approach adopted by this best forex robot means that it will return your risk-capital multiple times over per month due to its low-risk nature and high returns. Moreover, this EA can also add additional lots to a successful trader. However, you don't need to worry about the risk for an additional lot as the EA can analyze the risk and add the lot on a risk-free basis.

As long as you can backtest your results on historical data, the Double in a Day EA will place trades for you automatically. It does NOT require any daily monitoring (and it is best if it doesn't, as this EA is designed to run unattended). It is newbie-friendly. So if you have no idea how does the automated trading system work, you can leave that behind. You can just set it up with a few parameters via MT4 using standard indicators. It is priced at $229. Nevertheless, Double in a Day could be the best free EA for mt4 if they included it by default with the MetaTrader 4.

Good Vibrations Indicator

Good Vibrations Indicator

Exness ReviewGood Vibrations basically show the historic movements of a currency's price. Further, it records each price movement of including the new lows and new highs. Hence, you may identify it as a ZigZag indicator.

The Good Vibrations Forex robot is a momentum-based automated trading system with easy-to-understand rules. The system's main feature is its ability to only trade the currencies that are in the middle of their price momentum. It will not follow any currency pair out of trend, regardless of how much it might look like the perfect setup.

The Good Vibrations Indicator forex robot was designed for newer traders who do not have experience or knowledge of how to identify strategies on their own. That means there are no complex rules involved at all, making this an ideal option for those looking to test out automated trading systems before developing confidence in their own trading strategies. Nevertheless, the system will work in any time frame.

As far as how this system operates, traders simply need to create an entry when they notice that the good vibrations. Further, anyone can install a template regardless of the experience.



RSI Trendline FINDER EAIt is mainly based on the Long Candle Forex Trading techniques, which focuses on the entry trading techniques. It can load the RSI indicator via a period of 4. Furthermore, it can also be oversold and overbought at the level of 20 and 80 respectively. If you want to sell an entry signal, you may need to wait until the indicator is overbought.

RSI Trendline FINDER EA is also based on the RSI indicator. The system automatically finds trends in the market and trades them using an automated Expert Advisor (EA). It uses the Relative Strength Index (RSI) indicator to determine oversold or overbought markets, also known as divergences. Once it detects this, it enters short-term trades in the direction of the trend. Before launching this, more than 40 testers tested these tools.

During testing, the algorithm used in this expert advisor showed high performance when compared with other strategies like the channel breakout method. RSI Trader EA definitely beats channel breakout strategy in terms of return on capital employed (ROCE).

Support & Resistance Heat Map

Support & Resistance Heat Map

Support & Resistance Heat MapThe Support & Resistance Heat Map robot is a tool that helps you find clear areas to buy or sell currencies without wasting time or money by gathering information about price data for over 1,000 currencies.

If the price of a currency is at one of these points, it is likely to bounce off this point in the near future, allowing you to take advantage of this momentary change in trend. The best part? You don't even need to use fundamental analysis or study charts! It's all done automatically for you.

The Forex Support and Resistance Finder forex robot scan numerous pairs every day. What makes this particularly useful is that it works on any timeframe - ranging from M5 (five minutes) upwards. Nevertheless, this is extremely useful if you spend much of your time trading on lower timeframes, as it will build an up-to-date picture for you. You can then initiate your trades on this information. This is very useful if you do not wish to run the software while at work (or rather: during important economic releases).

No Worries EA

No Worries EA

No Worries EAWhat would you do if you had no worries? That's what the No Worries EA forex robot is all about. It acts as your personal financial manager, doing all of the worryings for you. It works perfectly with the MetaTrader 4.

However, No Worries EA works in several methods. For example, you can hedge or close a deal automatically using this EA.

So, how does this software work? It works by hedging itself, which makes it such a powerful robot because even if there are times where it loses profit, it will be back on track and profit again the following week.

You might think that this robot is just like all others, but what makes it different is its hedging system which makes it such a standout among everything else out there. Moreover, this software does not require you to know anything about technical analysis or how to read graphs because once you set up the settings, you can let it work by itself without any interference. You can also trade manually and make 100% profit within a month. However, you have to understand that the EA will start losing if you do not set up the settings correctly. It is one of the best free expert advisor for mt4.

Trendline Magic EA

Trendline Magic EA

Trendline Magic EATrendline Magic EA is a forex robot created to help traders improve their profitability. The system uses market trends and other aspects such as volatility and momentum to increase the chances of making a successful trade.

As a trader, you know that the market moves in trends. You need to catch these trends and ride them for profit. If you can do this successfully, then you will have a chance of becoming a successful trader.

But catching the trend with your own hands is easier said than done. There are many automated systems out there that claim to do this for you, but they all seem to be lacking something - either in strategy or consistency.

In order to catch trends successfully, it has been found that an important factor is how well the breakout from a trendline works. Many people use Trendlines as part of their trading strategy because it's one of the most popular ways to draw patterns onto charts quickly and accurately.

The team at Trendline Magic has developed the ultimate solution for applying Trendlines and making them work automatically with your own trading strategy. They've designed their EA so you can create as many different trendlines as you like and then use it to trade on that line with no manual input or management whatsoever.

Its unique ability is that it will continue working non-stop, round the clock, ensuring every time a trigger point is hit, an order is placed in the market according to your preset criteria. This includes stops and targets, giving you a chance of locking in some incredible profits without having to sit at a screen all day watching over orders manually.

The best part about Trendline Magic EA is how simple it makes Forex trading seem - almost like a game. This has been designed to be as simple and straightforward for even complete beginners as possible, removing the need for further research or complicated strategies.

Expert4x Trade Panel

Expert4x Trade Panel

Expert4x Trade PanelThe Expert4x Trade Panel forex robot is a new addition that will enable market participants to apply more automation in their trading strategies. However, the Expert4x Trade Panel is not a trading expert advisor and does not provide advanced trade management facilities.

Rather, this full-featured web-based panel gives the trader an overview of all live trades placed by the Expert4x automated trading system through the MT4. Further, it also assists the trader in making proactive, well-thought-out decisions about which trades to manage manually and when to follow the EA's signals without interfering too much.

Expert4x Trade Panel software has been designed for traders who want instant access to information and tools they need for successful online trading but don't necessarily want to develop their own complex algorithmic solutions. Therefore, it provides instant access to key trading information. Among these features are indicators, tools, and charts that assist the trader in better understanding the current market situation, currently available positions, and pending orders. Additionally, it allows for managing trades in progress quickly and easily.

Nevertheless, this is done without having to constantly monitor them or making any trade decisions manually during live trading sessions, when fast action based on timely information can be decisive for profits. The software does not require scripts or programming skills - all required functionality is provided through intuitive menus accessible from every computer with an internet connection - no installation or special hardware requirements are necessary. Expert4xTradePanel is made for the MetaTrader 4, and it is priced at $98.

Expert4x Topup Panel

Expert4x Topup Panel

Expert4x Topup PanelExpert4x Topup Panel helps a trader to create a top-up strategy. The top-up in forex trading is mainly is the way to add up the more successful trade. Therefore, it increases the number of successful lots eventually.

The Expert4x Top-up Calculator lets you top-up the number of lots of profitable trade. This means that if your initial trade was successful, you can add more lots to it and make even more money by using this tool. If your first transaction was unsuccessful, you should not top-up the number of lots on it.

A top-up calculator will allow you to easily calculate how much money you will be making if you stack more transactions on top of an initial one. To use this calculator, simply enter in the commission fees, lot size (in currency value), stop loss, take profit, total risk amount, number of times the lot has gone up since entry, plus date and time (in hours and minutes), and the number of lots you want to add. The calculator is available online at Expert4x.

Taking advantage of top-ups can be a great way to increase your trading income. If you are looking for an easy way to work out how many extra lots will give you a certain amount in profit, this simple tool has got you covered.

The Currency Selector EA

The Currency Selector EA

The Currency Selector EAIf you are looking for an automated forex trading solution, then The Currency Selector EA might be what you are after.

The Currency Selector EA operates using two completely separate algorithms that can work together or separately depending upon which one is providing the most accurate signals at the time. They both use different methods for determining the direction and take into consideration multiple factors such as the specific time of day and the strength or weakness of a particular currency.

The first forex robot is known as the "Mixed Algorithm" and was developed from extensive research by a team of traders. It uses about ten indicators that make use of some unusual data such as velocity, acceleration, momentum, and range to decide if a currency pair will increase or decrease in value within the next 24 hours. This method has been shown to be particularly effective on EUR/USD pairs with longer-term trades lasting several days on average.

The second algorithm used by The Currency Selector EA is called "Dynamic Correlation." Instead of using complicated mathematical formulas, it analyzes how currencies move together over time using a comparison between two moving averages.

Performance Analyser

Performance Analyser

Performance AnalyserThe Performance Analyser allows you to manage many different best Forex robots without having to open multiple trading accounts. It also allows you to backtest your manual strategies and download MT4 data for further analysis in Excel or other software.

The Performance Analyser comes with a Free Forever Edition that allows you to store up to 150 different robot settings on one account. Moreover, it is compatible with MQL5 Cloud Network Technology. This means that it can automatically fetch new developers' best trading robots from the cloud and update existing ones without any user interactions needed.

A performance analyzer is an excellent tool designed specifically for optimizing your trading ideas by building automated forex robots. Its broad spectrum of functions goes far beyond the standard capabilities of a traditional robot tester. You can quickly determine-

  • which trades are winning
  • how much money each trade made
  • and how often each trade occurred

Forex EAs

Now that we have covered the generalities of what the best forex robot is and how it works let's move on to something more specific for the automated trading strategies, the EAs.

In terms of technical analysis, there are three main types of trading EAs. Nevertheless, all the EAs can be based on several different indicators and price patterns. As you would expect, each EA has its own strengths and weaknesses, which we will discuss in turn.

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Forex EAs

Make Money EA 

Make Money EA    

Make Money EA    Forex trading is a challenging business. This is why there are various EAs that have made it easier for many traders to earn gains on the forex market. For those who are interested, this article will discuss some of the best EAs you can use in maximizing your earnings by trading on the forex market.

Making money by setting up an Expert Advisor (EA) is a lot easier than most people think. The reason they don't work out for most traders is that they're not set up correctly. With the right settings and patterns, an EA can be very lucrative.

Make Money EA is a significant advisor that offers 30 optimized forex settings, 18 optimized index settings, and 500 robots are working on getting you the accurate result. It will cost you $340, and it is available to use for both MT4 and MT5.

Make Money Day Trader

Make Money Day Trader

Make Money Day TraderMake Money Day Trader forex expert advisor promises users to auto-pilot their forex accounts that the software will teach people how to make money day trading. It uses a new and unique way of making money on autopilot with the 100% automated best Forex robot. Nevertheless, it is claimed to be one of those few uber-rare profitable robots on the market today.

There are 2 ways on how you'll start earning with this system: Your first option is to use its very own auto-trading feature by setting it and forgetting it. Your second option is to manually invest yourself and let Make Money Day Trader Expert Advisor do the trading for you.

You can use this best Forex robot with confidence knowing it's been proven 87 out of 87 times, equating to a 97% success rate. There are no other robots on the market today that come even close!

Forex Dream Machine

Forex Dream Machine

Forex Dream MachineHave you ever dreamt of making your living trading the Forex market without the "hassle" of actually having to trade? For many, this is a dream come true. This is where Forex Dream Machine forex expert advisor comes in. The Forex Dream Machine forex expert advisor alerts you when it is about to begin bullish or bearish moves on currencies.

The developers claim that their software uses neural networks and genetic algorithms to automatically generate thousands of unique trading strategies for any market condition (including high volatility). The software then selects the best strategy possible at the time, executes trades, manages all open positions, and follows up on closed ones - all hands-free.

Forex Dream Machine could be the most powerful best trading robot ever created. Moreover, this algorithm actually works well for all time frames, so you can use larger timeframes if you wish (it's still fully automated). Even though it trades both long and short positions, there are no "stop-losses," which means your balance will improve much faster than other robots. It basically hunts for overbought/oversold currencies at every given moment. When the RSI is way up, it's the perfect time to sell. When it's way down, you buy.

Forex Dream Machine has been designed for the FOREX market to make money based on technical analysis tools. The robot is very flexible and offers to use different signals with flexible parameters. It can be used with any broker platform to trade online, while Forex Dream Machine free version should work well with most brokers' MT4 terminals.

Tradeable RSI EA

Tradeable RSI EA

Tradeable RSI EATradeable RSI EA is a forex expert advisor (EA) based on the popular RSI indicator and trades only when both the short- and long-term RSI levels over different time periods are greater than or equal to 50%. Many people ask if Tradeable RSI EA is available for forex expert advisor free download! But it is not available able for free.

The trading strategy used by Tradeable RSI EA has two completely separate and independent entry and exit conditions. These entry and exit conditions can be easily customized using Trade Navigator's built-in scripting language for EAs.

The input parameters of this expert advisor will initially appear difficult to understand, but they are explained in detail here so that you can use them if you choose to.

The RSI indicator is considered by many to be a very good momentum oscillator. However, the main problem associated with using the RSI indicator in a trading system is that it requires a great deal of interpretation and subjective decision making when used alone for trading entry/exit decisions or even combined with other indicators.

This expert advisor overcomes these limitations by automatically entering and exiting trades based on the simplest possible set of conditions using only two input parameters. As you would expect, this makes it much easier to use than any method based purely on readings from the RSI indicator.

The exit from this EA is also completely independent of the entry conditions, which can be customized by changing one or more input parameters if required.

Time of Day Hedged EA

Time of Day Hedged EA

Time of Day Hedged EAThe Time of Day Hedging expert advisor is one of the best trading robots that will make sure your trade stays profitable. Have you ever traded and ended up with a loss? Did you take the loss and move on to find another profitable trade only to end up in the same position later on? This expert advisor has been developed by an FX market maker who saw how clients were performing manual hedges (going short when long was previously held) every hour at random times; these hedges usually resulted in losses.

He decided it would be better if there was an automated solution for this issue where the EA opens a buy and sell transaction during certain hours of any selected day. If one or more trades go into negative territory, all open trades are closed immediately by use of stop, target, and specialized stops.

This will guarantee that your loss is kept at a minimum while your winning trades are allowed to run as long as they form part of the overall strategy.

The Time-of-Day Hedging expert advisor has been tested on various different currency pairings using the Metatrader trading platform. This EA has shown promising results during back testing.

The RSI Envelope Trader EA

The RSI Envelope Trader EA

The RSI Envelope Trader EAThe RSI Envelope EA offers five entry techniques along with the top-ups. The RSI Envelope Trader is an expert advisor that allows you to follow the daily high and low levels, again based on the RSI system. You can use this EA as a simple trading system or combine it with other indicators for more strength.

If you are running a margin account, you probably know the problem of getting stopped out by random price action. The RSI Envelope Trader will create a hedge or, even better, hedges for that risk.

The RSI Envelope Trader is an expert advisor developed to run on Metatrader 4, so it is compatible with all brokers who have MT4 available. It uses moving average envelopes and reversal bars to open buy/sell positions at set times during the day. It also closes these positions by reversing them if they end up in the lost territory. This way, the risk of being stopped out is greatly reduced over time instead of gambling on random into fast-moving markets - a common problem for non-professional traders.

Tradeable MACD EA

Tradeable MACD EA

Tradeable MACD EAMACD is a technical indicator that tracks the difference between two exponential moving averages (EMAs) of prices to spot changes in the trend or to predict future price movement.

MACD is considered by many traders as one of the best momentum indicators because it reflects investor sentiment and direction of future price movements, although there are other options like RSI, Stochastic Oscillator, ADX, or Pivot points. There can be up to 9 sub-indicators on a chart: 3 lines, 2 signal lines, and 4 different histogram bars or candles.

MACD EA trades according to certain rules-based either on EMAs cross over, divergence, or signals line crossover. The rules are normally customizable and can be used to take both long and short positions.

There is a great variety of MACD expert advisors out there, but unfortunately, most of them have major flaws such as insufficient money management or risk settings or too much customization and possible unrealistic results because the rules applied don't reflect real market conditions. However, it comes with built-in risk management and an adjustable tike frame.

Moving Average Multiplier

Moving Average Multiplier

Moving Average MultiplierMoving average multiplier is a useful trading indicator. It is basically the simple mean of price values over a certain period. The difference between MA and other indicators lies in its simplicity. As with any oscillator, it is best used with prices rather than alone on the chart.

A common use for moving averages is crossovers. A short-term MA can be compared to a long-term one (the latter usually being shifted down) to yield buying/selling signals based on the crossing of two lines. However, even if all MAs are pointing up or down, this doesn't guarantee that the trend will continue - only that it has been present recently.

Another way to combine MAs with price action involves using both: we take to double or triple (or more) of MAs and plot them on the chart. If prices stay between these lines, it is seen as consolidation; when they cross outside of them, this is seen as a breakout. Being able to detect breakouts can be useful in trading - indeed, some traders only take positions after the price has broken through key levels.

7-Edge Robot

7-Edge Robot

7-Edge RobotThe 7 Edge robot gives the traders an opportunity to make profits for a longer time than the average.

There are 7 edges to trading; these 7 edges will help you make profits and turn your learning into profitable trades. The seven edges are:

  1. Trading the right way (the best way; no bad habits)
  2. The right exit (take profit, stop loss, etc.)
  3. Backtesting results (you need to know if it works or not before using real Money)
  4. Using MetaTrader indicators correctly (if you don't use them, how do you expect to trade; think of the expert advisors as a crutch that helps point out things that would have been too difficult or even impossible for us humans to find on our own)
  5. Organisation and discipline (keep records of your trades and your emotions)
  6. Understanding price action (the big picture, the trends, the movement of a currency pair)
  7. Trading with leverage (there is always a risk, so there needs to be sufficient capital to have a buffer for those unexpected events that may wipe out your account)

When you understand these 7 edges, you can trade successfully and not lose all your money in the process. Of course, if it were as easy as just knowing about all these edges, we'd all be millionaires; but at least we'll know what we're doing and how to improve our trading strategies and ultimately make more profit than loss over time. Any edge over our peers that we gain is an 'edge.'

The 7-Edge robot can be used with the MetaTrader 5 trading platforms, which will cost you $330. You may find this EA by searching MT5 robot free download on our website.

The ADX Trader

The ADX Trader

The ADX TraderThe ADX Trader offers a unique way to trade using ADX in combination with a price action strategy. Instead of waiting for a breakout like most trading systems, this application detects strong trends directly at their beginning. Further, it gives you an early entry into high-probability trades which have already been validated by ADX even before they become visible on your chart!

ADX describes directional movement in price movements over the last 14 periods (14 bars). The indicator ranges from 0-100. A reading below 20 indicates a non-trending or ranging market, and a reading above 80 would indicate a strong trending phase. In the middle of those two extremes, it tells you how strong the momentum is compared to earlier movements.

Note that depending on the volatility of your instruments, normal price swings might result in ADX readings outside their customary range (20/80), which will make false signals more visible. Therefore, please ensure you use proper stop loss levels to protect your

The Trend Trader

The Trend Trader

The Trend TraderThe Trend Trader forex expert advisor is another best forex robot that provides traders with excellent opportunities to make good profits in the currency market. Moreover, the robot takes advantage of trending price movements and executes its trades within 50 pips of entry.

There are three different types of possible exits: trailing stop, fixed profit target, and pending order (take-profit). If you want the robot to start trading for you according to the trade, all you need to do is input your email address and then download it from the link provided. From there, simply load into your Metatrader 4 platform like any other indicator or EA and attach it to a chart.

The Trend Trader forex expert advisor is a reasonably new product, so there isn't a mountain of information to sift through. If you want a simple robot that works well and doesn't require any fiddly fine-tuning, the Trend Trader forex expert advisor may be just what you are after.

3 EA Bundle

3 EA Bundle

3 EA BundleIt is mainly the combination of three expert advisors, which include, The Dream Machine EA, Make Money EA, and the Grid Trend Multiplier EA. The three bundles together will cost $380. Nonetheless, all these EAs are available for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 robot free download upon payment.

Make Money Bundle

Trend Trader & Make Money Bundle

If you want to save on forex robots¸, you can buy them in bundles. This bundle offers you the Trend Trader and Make Money Online. Each of the EA costs more than $300, while the bundle will cost you $450 together. Hence, you will be saving instant $250.

Forex Fury EA Free Download

Trend Trader & Make Money BundleForex Fury is another top EA available in the market. Currently, version 4 has got enough popularity. Hence, you may go for forex fury v4 free download. According to research, forex fury has a 93% success rate which is above the industry average. So, you should also consider forex fury, and you can download it via forex fury free download.

Apart from the forex fury, forex flex can be another alternative. So, you may also consider forex flex EA free download to earn the profit from your forex trading.

Forex Auto Scalper Robot Free Download

If you are fond of scalping and rarely find any expert advisors, you should look for the forex scalping EA free download or FX scalper x EA free download. If you search on google or any other places by these two terms, you will certainly find the desired EAs for forex scalping.

Final Words

When you have a free forex robot, it is important to know what kind of trading style the program has. A scalping bot will be much different than an algorithmic strategy in terms of how often trades are made and how well they can handle volatility.

However, there are many different types of robots available. Some will trade for you, some will teach you how to do it yourself, and others provide both services. The best robot is the one that meets your needs based on what you want out of trading or teaching yourself about forex markets. If this blog post has helped clarify any questions about the best forex robot, let us know! We would be happy to answer them in a more personalized way.

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