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Open A $500 Account and Get A Free Forex Indicator

Do you know that forex indicators can make your profit skyrocket? However, the proven best forex indicators are not free of cost. Many indicators may cost hundreds of dollars, while some of them are more than thousands of dollars. So, wouldn’t it be great if you can get an indicator of your choice for FREE! 

It might seem like a dream to some traders, but the truth is, now you can get a free forex indicator by signing up with our broker. You will need to deposit $500 to choose the best forex indicator in the world. We offer powerful and custom indicators for any level of brokers.

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Open A $500 Account and Get A Free Forex Indicator

Are you a newbie? No problem! We have got you covered with the newbie-friendly indicators. Are you an expert trader? Then you already know how important the indicators are. So, see our list of indicators and make your mind about the one you need. We have collected most of these indicators from their creators and platforms, which allows you full access!

For the broker, we offer the best forex broker in the world that operates in most of the countries. So, having a great broker with the best forex indicator would definitely be a great combination, no confusion.

Time is money; hence you better not waste your time and make your move.

It is a limited-time offer. This might end any time soon. Open a $500 account and get a free forex indicator.


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Most forex traders spend much of their time deciding on the right strategy and time to enter or even exit the market. However, one cannot take this decision on their own as they need some sort of information about the market. So, the question is, how would you get the info on the market and take the right step based on analysis. This is the time when free forex indicators come in handy.

When you step into the volatile forex market, you will come across thousands of indicators, but it is a really tough job to find the best forex indicator among the thousands of them. So, here we will take you through the top free forex indicators you might need while you are trading.

However, each indicator is useful according to traders’ need. Hence, a precise understanding is necessary.

The Necessity of Forex Indicators

Forex Trading Tools

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The Necessity of Forex Indicators

Professional forex indicators are highly useful for many reasons. It can boost the simplicity of forex trading even if the market is complex. Usually, the forex market moves through generating buy and sell signals. Hence, it is necessary for the traders to know what other traders think the condition of the market. Indicators such as momentum trackers can feed the traders about that through the platforms. When used properly, indicators can help the investors to take disciplined as well as informed decisions. So, it is important to get knowledge on different indicator types.

Free Forex Indicators Types

You may find thousands of proven best forex indicators for free of cost or pay. But one thing most of the brokers don't know is that forex indicators may fall into three generic categories, leading forex indicators, lagging forex indicators, and confirming forex indicators.

Leading Forex Indicators

You may guess from the name that it provides an early warning if the price is going to move in the future. Usually, leading forex indicators are used to identify the direction of a trade before starting any new trend.

However, no tools or software, or even indicators can give you 100% accurate signals. Therefore, you should keep in mind that sometimes indicators may provide a false result, which may lead a trader in the wrong direction. Stochastic indicators and relative strength indexes (RSIs) are the top free forex indicators.

Relative Strength Indicators (RSIs)

The goal for the RSI is to lead the traders to identify the market momentum, warning signals as well as market conditions. It is measured between 0 and 100. Usually, if the RSI of an asset is around 70, it is considered overbought sometimes. On the other, if it is 30, the asset is considered oversold.

However, an overbought signal may advise on short-term gaining, and it may also suggest the price correction at the end. Alternatively, the oversold signal suggests short-term losses that will get stronger over time.

Nevertheless, traders should not always rely on the free forex indicators.

best forex indicator

Lagging Forex Indicators

This indicator is also known as the "following" indicators and slightly delayed considering the current market price. Lagging indicators normally reduce much market noise and make the trends clear. However, this kind of indicator has some lacking too, as they are not advanced while sending trend notifications. They can only send a trend alert after a new trend has started.

Confirming Forex Indicators

Finally, we come to the top of the last indicator types that work with the technical indicators. As their name describes, confirming indicators normally make sure that your price readings are accurate. "On Balance Volume or OVB" is a such kind of confirming indicators.

OVB is a sort of technical indicator that uses the overall volume changes and eventually makes the price prediction. It works with crowd sentiment, which helps to predict the strong and weak market results.

Nevertheless, it can get you other traders' aggressiveness towards the market. This increased volume indicates the upward trend of the market, while decreased volume shows the downward trend. However, you can analyze the trend with this indicator, too, such as if the uptrend doesn't have the actual momentum shown by the OBV, it may not sustain for the long term.

How Can You Use Free Forex Indicators?

Whether you are fond of using paid or free forex indicators, the using process is more or less the same for all. However, the output might depend on the indicator type. The very first thing every trader needs to consider is getting familiar with the indicators you are going to use. You should start with one indicator initially and eventually subscribe more as time goes on.

It is advised to use multiple indicators as a single indicator will not help you to get the actual data. Multiple free forex indicators get you a closer look at the market and offer discipline and insight that can help you as a trader in the long run.

So far you know, the types of the free forex indicators. Now, let's take a glance at the 10d best forex indicator in the world. 

How Can You Use Free Forex Indicators

Moving Average

The moving average indicator concept is highly important to know as this is the top and most common indicator every trader uses. Typically, multinational companies and central banks control the forex market indirectly. Therefore, it is highly essential to know what is going on at the macro level.

The moving average normally denominates the average of the overall sentiment of the ongoing market price. So, if the asset is going to be traded above the moving average, it indicates that the enlisted buyers control the price. Moreover, a simple moving average specifies the market context. And lastly, the exceptional moving average observes the recent movement, which eventually helps the trader to enter a trade.


MACD deals with an exponential moving average and histogram. The main goal of MACD is to analyze the market price. However, the regular deviation of this indicator and price changes identifies a market reversal. The hidden divergence shows the market continuation.

Most of the time, traders pick MACD as the primary indicator, which helps to make any strategy. Besides, this indicator can also be used to point out the possible market continual or even the reversal point. You will find it on the MT4 forex trading platforms and take a position accordingly.

Relative Strength Index

It scored the strength of an asset from 0 to 100, which predicts if the price is going to reverse. In an uptrend relative strength, if the price goes up to the 70 levels, it points out the clumsy market reversal. Similarly, in a downtrend, if the price range moves under 30, it points out the strong market reversal.


It is a well-known momentum indicator among traders, which was developed in the early 1950s. It usually helps to identify the oversold and overbought zones. Whenever traders need to find a profit-taking area, they can use Stochastic and create their strategy.

It uses the MT4 indicators to identify the point where the expected price is going to reverse. This indicator shows the point from 0 to 100 levels. According to the rule of this indicator, if the price changes above 70, it has a possibility to reverse. Alternatively, if the price moves below 30, it can indicate that the price may have a strong reversal.

Bollinger Brands Indicator

John Bollinger made this indicator that works with the moving average. It deals with two standard deviations, downside, and upside, while the classical moving average remains in the middle. However, Bollinger Brands is easy to use and offers a dependable trading position.

The upper and lower point of this indicator shows the dynamic as well as the resistance level. The good thing is that if you see any rejection on these entries, you can take the entry. Alternatively, any breakouts offer a profitable trade. But, if you see the price above or below the middle line, you can see the possibility to test the next level.


According to the user experience, Fibonacci is the most precise market direction as it combines all the possible data available in the market.

The Fibonacci tool shows a golden ratio of 1.618, which helps the trader to understand the profit-taking area and market reversal.

If the price of an asset moves toward the 61.8% Fibonacci retracement with the market reversal, the price has a chance to move 161.8% Fibonacci extension level. However, Fibonacci offers other extension levels from 23.6% to 261.8%.

Average True Range

The Average True Range basically identifies the volatility of a currency pair. Measuring the volatility in the forex market is highly essential as it is connected towards the direct market movements. Usually, the increase of the volatility shows the market reversal while the reduction shows the market continuation.

The lower average true range offers the lower volatility, while the higher one shows the higher volatility. So, if you see low volatility, you are entitled to take the profit while the higher volatility indicates the reversal trade setup.

Ichimoku Kinko Hyo

Expert traders also know this as the Ichimoku Cloud, which has all the elements to create a complete trading strategy. It comes with many free forex indicators that can help to create a complete trading strategy. For example, it has an element named Kumo Cloud that points out the strong trend if the price is under the Kumo Cloud and a weak trend for the price above the cloud. Some other elements are Kijun Sen and Tenkan Sen, which work on moving averages.

Pivot Point

Usually, the Pivot Point Indicators show the balancing point of a currency pair based on the supply and demand. If the currency pair's price remains at the pivot point, it shows that the supply and demand of that currency pair are the same.

Further, if the price goes above the pivot, the demand for a particular currency pair increases while the price below the point indicates the high supply of the pair.

Parabolic SAR

It basically specifies a currency pair's market trend. So, if the price is located above the Parabolic SAR, you will find a strong overall trend. However, the below SAR price shows a weak trend. Traders usually use this indicator to point out a trend. If the Parabolic SAR indicator rejects a market, it indicates a potentiality of an entry point.

Final Words

Whether you are an expert trader or even a newbie trader, the free forex indicators are considered the essential trading tool. Of course, all the indicators are useful if you can use those properly. But, no one can deny that using multiple indicators with various parameters would certainly increase the possibility of identifying a market movement accurately.

The indicators we have discussed here are the best ones available in the market. These best free forex indicator downloads are only possible if you open a broker account.

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  1. Open an Account with Our Selected Brokers by Using our Provided Link.
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