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Forex Trading Rules for Newbies Trader in the Forex Market

Forex Trading Rules for Newbies Trader in the Forex Market
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Rex John Walsh
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Sangram Mohanta

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Welcome to forex trading rules where we cover everything from what you need to know about this market before you go in and how you can get started in forex trading. Day trading rules and other rules for other types of traders are not that different. We have compressed them into this brief. With forex trading, you will need everything, including the best forex broker, included in our forex broker reviews.

The forex market is the largest financial market in the world. Over $6 trillion is traded there every day. As a financial trading hub, it has trading rules that one needs to learn. They vary, as you will find there are day trading rules which differ from other timeframes.

That being said, there is a need for newbies to understand the trading rules which govern the market and be able to survive there. In forex trading, you win, or you lose.

Over time, the forex market has developed many financial opportunities, attracting people from all walks of life to show up and participate in trading. Even with the way it has been made accessible and easy for anyone to try, there are still trading rules that a newbie will have to observe.

Forex trading is more than just a simple act. It has many facets that you will need to keep track of when you are a trader. You need to understand more things than just mastering the forex trading platforms.

As you do all this, remember that you are as good as the tools you give yourself. For that reason, you should read our forex broker reviews to get the best forex broker. Forex traders usually get into the market without a general understanding of the immutable laws that dictate almost everything that happens there.

It will be an advantage if you can get into the market with a good understanding of what is needed from you. That is what this is all about. Hopefully, when you augment your forex education with these trading rules, you may stand a chance.

So, let us get into the specifics of what is important to you as a trader.

7 Golden Forex Trading Rules for Trader

1. Never Skip Your Forex Education Stage

We always stress that learning the trading rules or day trading rules, is not enough if you have not had enough forex education. It would be like trying to install a turbine with the basic rules of how electricity works and no understanding whatsoever of what the turbine is all about.

It is not enough to look at a forex trading platform and figure out a few of the things. You need to make sure that you know everything that can be learned. The trading rules are simple, and this is not only an essential rule but also the one part you cannot skip and hope to have great trades.

You will have to go into extensive research to get the information that will enable you to use the forex trading terms, learn how to interpret and read charts, how to set up the charting systems and how to know what the information you see means.

As a trader, you need to understand the analyses. If you are to ignore any trading rules, let it not be this one. The fundamental and technical indicators have to be something you have mastered in both theory and practice.

The forex education is there to guide you through types of traders, situations and other opportunities that will enable you to understand be able to use day trading rules among different approaches.

The information you get here is gained through extensive research. We have an entire website that is dedicated to this very thing. Use all the material at your disposal, both offline and online. If you have an education, no one can stop your ascension to greatness.

2. Have Clearly Defined Trading Goals and a Working Trading Technique

Going into the forex market without learning these trading rules, including the day trading rules and others, is the same as going to a shootout without your gun. Forex trading demands an understanding of what techniques exist in the market and how you can craft one that is specifically for you.

How do you get yourself to the point where you know exactly what you are doing, how you are doing it, and with consistent results where profits are more than losses?

Well, the answer to that is easy; trading platforms. When you read our forex broker reviews and find the best forex broker for you, they will offer you access to a demo account that has virtual currency in it.

The only difference between that demo account and one used by a trader in the real market is the money. Everything else is the same. The charts and information you get are the same. What you do with this opportunity is what will lead to you becoming a better trader or flaming out.

So, what next?

Well, you will apply all the trading rules that we have discussed, to take all your forex education and put it into practice with real information at hand. You will be able to polish the skills and knowledge you have to serve you well.

Developments of the technique are discussed extensively in the forex education part. When you have the best technique for you, it will allow you to know if you are playing by the day trading rules or if you are a swing trader, position trader or scalper.

It is all about knowing your personality, the trading rules and creating a technique that works best for you.

3. Pick A Brokerage Firm You Can Trust

Reading our forex broker reviews or any content we have here, you will notice that we do not fail to mention you need the best forex broker in your corner. That is just something you should always keep in mind.

Finding the best forex broker is not an easy task.  However, if you have the forex broker reviews, it should be easy. In the world of forex trading, you will find many forex brokers. In our trading rules, we insist on finding the best forex broker for you.

A reputable broker will not only ensure the security of your funds and access to trading platforms that work correctly but also ensure that you will never have to worry about minor details. Those details include things like withdrawals, deposits or other essential elements that all trading platforms should have.

The best forex brokers in our forex broker reviews have proper regulation from bodies like ASIC, CySEC, BaFIN and others. They are also licensed. This kind of information would take a long time for you to find if you are doing it yourself, but we are happy to tell you that you are not.

With our forex broker reviews, you will not have to worry about finding the best forex broker who has:

  • Reliability, transparency and functionality
  • The best and most useful trading tools
  • The best charting systems
  • A management system for funds security
  • Easy withdrawal and deposit rules
  • 24/7 customer care

It is all about looking in the right places, and we have done that for you. With these trading rules, you can ensure that your transition into the market is smooth and easy.

4. Practice Will Make You Perfect

Unless you do not learn from mistakes made, you will become a better trader, the more you train. That is why we insist that you follow the trading rules and go through this process:

  • Get proper forex education
  • Train yourself with demo accounts
  • Refine your technique over time to provide more profits than losses
  • Step into the real markets cautiously

This part of your journey to trading greatness is something that you will need. The demo accounts are provided for you to test yourself and see if you have what it takes to be a great trader.

With the virtual money, the losses are not real, and you may not be able to trade while the threat of losing real cash hangs over you, but at least you will be able to familiarize yourself with the trading platforms used.

You can start by knowing the day trading rules and then trying to see if that is for you by trading during the day, following these rules.

With practice, you will:

  • Get ample time to test your ideas.
  • Refine the ideas that work
  • Come up with a strategy that makes you money.
  • Understand how to react in the face of unscheduled or unexpected change
  • Be able to analyze the charts and use that information trading.
  • Test how well you can follow the trading rules

It is not only a great way to help you learn how to read, employ and interpret the information that comes from the charting tools, price action and indicators, but also a way for you to evaluate the broker.

Never miss a chance to learn something as you make your way to the real markets. Forex trading is all about knowing when to use opportunities that present themselves to you.

5. Pick a Trading Method and Be Consistent With It

One of the forex trading rules states that a trader needs to be able to make effective decisions when they are trading. These are decisions on whether or not to enter or exit a position. One can use a few practical tools when making decisions on how to execute trades.

Some traders will depend on the fundamental indicators which focus on the economy of a county and how it impacts the currency others will look at technical indicators. With the fundamental indicators, for example, you will be keeping your focus on:

  • Inflation
  • The political status of a country
  • Interest rates

There are more facets to fundamental analysis, but we are not here to list them. The point we want to make is that you need to determine a way that works. For example, knowing that you are a day trader, swing trader, position trader or scalper, will help you understand what kind of indicator is best for you.

When you are a scalper, you are looking at the short-term changes. With that in mind, you know that you have to keep your eye on the technical indicators. A combination of both analyses would be best if you are a position trader.

It is all about the consistency and methodology that suits the kind of trader you are and how you learn how to finesse what you do.

Our primary concern is that the market is continuously shifting because of its highly dynamic nature. That is why we insist on nailing down a method for yourself and making sure that it works, even in the face of volatility.

6. Use Your Risk Management Tools Properly

Did you know that a trader can be very good at what they do and still fail to make profits consistently? Did you know that you could do everything right and without risk management, get the dreaded margin call?

How does that even happen? Well, as you will or as you have learned from your forex education, there is always a certain risk when making every trade.

Risk management rolls out like this:

  • Identify the risk
  • Quantify it as accurately as possible
  • Evaluate the risk entirely.
  • Do an adequate analysis of the possible outcomes.

When you are doing risk management, you need to understand techniques like:

  • Stop-loss order
  • Take-profit order
  • Risk control parameters

Control the amount of money you could lose in a trade, and you will be okay in the long run. There is a lot to learn about what you can do to save yourself these losses. However, if you have paid enough attention to what these trading rules are, you will be able to manage your money without any hitches.

7. Have Enough Cash

This is not so much one of the trading rules, as it is a wise recommendation. Before you get started in the forex market, you need to make sure that you have fuel to make the journey. Day trading rules may be different from swing trading rules, but the one thing that they have in common is that you will need something to cushion you.

When you make losses, you need to have something to enable you to withstand the temporary hits you take. Do not take money from essential things like:

  • Kids college funds
  • The money you need for food
  • Other important funds

You need to take the money from your surplus. This needs to be money that you are comfortable losing.

In Conclusion

As a trader, the forex trading rules are essential. They encompass everything, including the day trading rules, and can apply to other types of trading styles. With great forex trading platforms and practices, you can be great too.

Find out who the best forex broker is, by reading our forex broker review and give yourself an edge. We hope that you will follow all these rules to the letter, and ensure that your survival in the forex market, is guaranteed.

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