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Forex Scam Brokers List

The number of forex scams you can find with just a straightforward search on Google is shocking. There are plenty of forex trading scams criminals out there who wait for novice traders so that they can defraud them. In a market where over $5 trillion moves daily, there are bound to be people who want to take advantage of honest traders.

The forex trading scams you will find are usually simple and prey on the gullibility of people and the need we all have, to make more money. There are significant types of forex scams that exist. Knowing what they are will help you avoid them.

Let us look at the three main types:

1. Forex Robot

The forex robots, use an algorithm, technical signals and computer code, to enter and exit trades. Expert advisors build them within MT4 and other platforms. Some are legit. However, a lot of them are not. To be safe, always check the legitimacy.

There are scam brokers lists online. Check them for listed forex robot scams. Signs to watch out for include:

  • Unrealistic marketing messages.
  • Unrealistically high percentage growth returns
  • Scalping strategies that lack diversity
  • Employing the services of unregulated brokers.

Forex fraud is avoidable when you do due diligence and check out the candidates you choose to work with.

2. Forex Signals For Sale Scams

In this version of forex fraud, you will be dealing with individuals who dole out trade ideas that include information like currency pairs, direction, entry price, stop loss and target levels. Always lookout for the following things;

  • Subscription fees. Always try out signals that have no paywall before you consider paying for anything else. Use them on demos to test them out.
  • Do not take broker-tied signals. Some will offer them but, you have to subscribe with a specific broker. That kind of thing is just a marketing gimmick.
  • Unverified claims of good results. If you cannot verify anything that they are telling you, they are most likely lying to you.

As with the other kinds, there is a list of scam forex brokers that you can check out before you sign up for anything.

3. Forex Trading Investment Scams

There are many adverts online that promote forex trading investment scams and funds. They are very slick marketing campaigns and salespeople who sell you phantoms and unverified results of their fund. It is the ultimate forex pyramid scheme. So you need to find an best forex broker to start your secure trading.

They ask you to send them an investment and then sit back and enjoy returns. If you send the money, you will never see it again. If you call, they will say they have never heard of you and never got funds from you.

Checking the fake forex brokers list for these people can save you a lot of pain and trouble. They can do this or, they can open an account for you with a shady broker who is not regulated, and after two or even one trade, they will wipe out your account.

They will blame it on the market when in fact, it is all in their company. Without regulation, it is near-impossible to get your money back.


scam broker

Avoid Dishonest Brokers At All Costs

If you detect just one lie when looking through a broker’s credentials to see if they can be the one for you, just run away. There are multiple fake forex brokers lists that you can look through to make sure that if someone is a fraud, you know who they are.

The regulatory bodies of the world are an excellent place to start. They include:

If a broker says that they are regulated, check that out here and make sure that you do not fall into these traps from dishonest brokers.

Don’t Lose Money Online with Scam Brokers, Trade with

Trusted & Regulated Forex Brokers. Keep Your Fund Safe.

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Scam Brokers List

FX NextGenwww.fxnextgen.comOffshore license
Caliburwww.caliburcapital.netNo license
Titan FXwww.titanfx.comOffshore License
FTE FXwww.ftefxpro.comOffshore License
Prime XBTwww.primexbt.comOffshore License
Traderswaywww.tradersway.comOffshore License
MidasGlobewww.midasglobe.comNo License
Kronosinvestwww.kronosinvest.comNo license
Binomowww.binomo.comOffshore license
Circleforexwww.circleforex.comNo license
First BTC FXwww.firstbtcfx.comNo license
EssenceFXwww.essencefx.comOffshore license
EvisionFXwww.evisionfx.comNo license
RickGlobalwww.rickglobal.comOffshore license
RCM FXwww.rcmfx.comOffshore license
247SmartFxwww.247smartfx.comNo license
Traderiawww.traderia.comOffshore license
FX Options24www.fx-options24.comNo license
JustForexwww.justforex.comOffshore license
TBFXwww.tbfxtrades.comNo license
MGM Marketswww.mgm-markets.comNo license
OlympusMarketswww.olympusmarkets.comOffshore license
Sure Forex Tradewww.sureforextrade.comNo license
CFreservewww.cfreserve.comNo license
Fernwww.fuerfx.comNo license
Capital TradeFXwww.capitaltradefx.comOffshore license
FX PREMIUMwww.fx-premium.comOffshore license
Pari Fx Tradewww.parifxtrade.comOffshore license
InvestTeckwww.investteck.comNo license
Aduno Capitalwww.adunocapital.comNo license
S&P Brokerwww.snpbroker.ioNo license
Capital88www.capital88.comOffshore license
4xincomewww.4xincome.comOffshore license
TopTradeProwww.toptradepro.comOffshore license
Go Capital FXwww.gocapitalfx.comOffshore license
Swiss Investment Fxwww.swissinvestmentfx.comOffshore license
Smartoptionfxwww.smartoptionfx.comNo license
Globalixwww.globalix.comOffshore license
Libra Marketswww.libramarkets.comNo license
Monfexwww.monfex.comOffshore license
iFXOPTIONwww.ifxoption.comNo license
GoldFxTradingwww.web.goldfxtrading.comOffshore license
GoTechFxwww.gotechfx.comOffshore license
Ultrontradefxultrontradefx.comNo license
FXIG Tradeswww.fxigtrades.comNo license
4xpremiumwww.4xpremium.comNo license
TurboForexwww.turboforex.comOffshore license
Swissinv24www.swissinv24.comOffshore license
Golden Key Prowww.goldenkeypro.comOffshore license
UproFxwww.uprofx.comNo license
GoldmanCFDwww.goldmancfd.comOffshore license
GCG Asiawww.guardiancapitalag.asiaNo license
Trade Global Marketwww.tradeglobalmarket.comNo license
AZ Tradeswww.aztrades.comOffshore license
IC Financewww.ic-finance.netOffshore license
69Brokerswww.69brokers.comNo license
TraderURwww.traderur.comOffshore license
WandaFxwww.wandafx.comNo license
SeRex Investmentswww.serexinvestments.comNo license
Tradepro Capitalswww.tradeprocapitals.comOffshore license
KayaFXwww.kayafx.comNo license
PTBancwww.ptbanc.comOffshore license
Millennium FXwww.mnmfx.comOffshore license
Kapitalfxwww.kapitalfx.deNo license
PRIMEXQwww.primexq.comNo license
Obsbitwww.obsbit.comOffshore license
SwiftCFDwww.swiftcfd.comOffshore license
BlueMax Capitalwww.bluemaxcapital.comOffshore license
ItradeFXoptionwww.itradefxoption.comNo license
70Tradeswww.70trades.comOffshore license
Capital Hallwww.capitalhall.comOffshore license
K2 Wall Streetwww.k2wallstreet.comNo license
CapitalFXclubwww.capitalfxclub.comNo license
Worldwide CapitalFXwww.worldwidecapitalfx.comOffshore license
TradeInvest90www.tradeinvest90.comOffshore license
ADN Marketswww.adnmarkets.comOffshore license
Hugoswaywww.hugosway.comOffshore license
Brokerzwww.brokerz.comOffshore license
Trading Epicwww.tradingepic.comNo license
FXNobelswww.fxnobels.ioNo license
Swiss Capital license
Lockwood Investmentswww.lockwoodinv.comOffshore license
CFDpremiumwww.cfdpremium.comOffshore license
MegaTradeFXwww.megatradefx.comOffshore license
ProFxPremiumwww.profxpremium.comOffshore license
Dax300www.dax300.comOffshore license
FXLeaderwww.fxleader.comOffshore license
Blue Tradingwww.bluetrading.comNo License
Olymp Tradeolymptrade.comNo License
Trader.Onlinewww.trader.onlineOffshore license
Ace Forexwww.acefx24.comOffshore license
GxFXhttps://gxfx.comNo License
Forex Grandhttps://forexgrand.comOffshore License
BTCHOMEwww.btchomemining.comOffshore License
FXtrade777www.fxtrade777.comOffshore license
AitsFXwww.aitsfx.comOffshore license
ZeegosFXwww.web.zeegos.onlineOffshore license
Citifxmarketswww.citifxmarkets.comNo license
Finbitexwww.finbitex.comOffshore license
Golden Financialwww.gdfxuk.comNo license
MaxiTradewww.maxitrade.comOffshore license
FXLinkedwww.fxlinked.comOffshore license
Ideal Global Tradingwww.fxideal.comNo license
VolumeFXwww.volumefx.comOffshore license
The55thFxwww.the55thfx.comNo license
KapitalSwisswww.kapitalswiss.comNo license
ZonggangCaifuwww.zgangfx.comNo license
Phy Capital Investments Limitedwww.phyfx.comNo license
eMarketsTradewww.emarketstrade.comNo license
Esplanadehttps://esplanade-ms.comOffshore License
Admiral-Markets.comhttps://www.admiral-markets.comNo License. Clone Firm.
Bex Optionswww.bexoptions.comNo license
Affliated Trade Groupwww.affiliatedtradegroup.comNo license
Kingston Tradinghttps://kingstontrading.comNo License
Wigmarketswww.wigmarkets.comOffshore license
City Global Tradinghttp://www.cityglobaltrading.comNo License
Option94www.option94.comNo License
TheCryptoLimitedhttps://www.thecryptolimited.comNo License
Pro X Financewww.proxfinance.comOffshore license
Circle Marketshttps://circlemarkets.comOffshore license
Pinprotradewww.pinprotrade.comOffshore license
NewSolidwww.newsolid.comNo license
Cointeckwww.cointeck.ioNo license
OneLifewww.onelife.comOffshore license
UKFinvesthttps://www.ukfinvest.comOffshore License
Emporio Tradinghttps://emporiotrading.comOffshore License
EasyTradehttps://www.easytrade.bizNo License
Chrono FMhttps://www.chronofm.comNo License
OMC Marketswww.omcmarkets.comNo License
CFD Trendwww.cfdtrend.comOffshore License
Easy FX Tradewww.easyfxtrade.comNo license
United FCGwww.unitedfcg.comNo license
Financial.orghttps://financial.orgNo License. Negative Reputation.
CCM Clearinghttp://ccmclearing.comNo License
OriginalCryptohttp://www.originalcrypto.comNo License
4xCube4xcube.comOffshore License
Bitalonghttps://www.bitalong.comNo License
Your Trade Choicewww.yourtradechoice.comOffshore license
FinmarkFXwww.finmarkfx.comOffshore license
LiteFinTechwww.litefintech.ioOffshore license
TradeLTDwww.tradeltd.comNo license
ForexChiefhttps://www.forexchief.comOffshore License
KryptoWizehttps://www.kryptowize.comNo License
BigOptionhttps://www.bigoption.comOffshore License
Golden FXwww.golden-fx.comOffshore license
Solidary Markets FXwww.solidarymarkets.comNo license
DCA-Financehttps://dca-finance.comNo License
CryptoNettohttps://cryptonetto.comNo License
Daiju Commodity Marketshttps://www.daiju-cm.comNo License
GWITwww.gwitmarkets.comNo license

scam broker list

Report A Scam Broker

    Why You Need To Be Educated on Forex Fraud

    Forex trading in itself carries many high risks and losses are almost always inevitable. Retail speculators are continually trading without enough capital by using high leverage and gambling addiction.

    Speculators who trade without skill are playing against the whole market, which has near-infinite capital, and they almost always go bankrupts because of this lousy strategy.

    To be fair, a large number of forex scam cases are a result of weak trading and not scam brokers. If you spent more time developing a proper trading methodology, you would become better and quicker in your decision making.

    When you are a trader, you cannot afford to make mistakes. Always stay ahead of the curve by getting correct and useful information.

    forex brokers review

    Top Rated Online Best Forex Brokers 2021


    1. Rex on December 23, 2020 at 3:22 AM

      I was scam by a broker that i want to report it here. Can you please let me know how to proceed ???

    2. Wanda B Henry on December 28, 2020 at 9:53 AM

      Scam Details:

      Broker Name: Fx Compress Crypto

      I think they could be a scam; I paid 1000 that they said I would get 29000 I bitcoin 15%commission and they still not release my 29000 than they as for 3750 for a forex license and said again they would pay me then asked for 3750 for a VIN and then 2600 for payment to bank over 20,000 and gave guarantee letter after that they would send my withdrawal than still no withdrawal they want another 1500 for conversion. They promise they gonna wire my money I have it all in writing and they do not keep their side of the deal. Are they a scam?

      I just don’t want to send anymore more money without confirmation they are not a scam.

    3. Andrei on December 28, 2020 at 11:42 AM

      Scam Details:

      Broker Name: MRG-SS

      These scammers use different social channels to find their victims(eg. Tinder). MRG-SS platform is a fake and all operations you will try to do as well. They just steal your money, then block your account and extort money to unblock it. They will offer you insurance(for the safety of bitcoin operations) to withdraw your money.

    4. Marites Indoy on December 28, 2020 at 11:47 AM

      Broker Name: Louis Douglas Bradley

      Investment scam.

    5. Hugh on December 29, 2020 at 6:18 AM

      Scam Details:
      Broker Name: Hong Kong Bisazza Investment Ltd

      Dear sir or madam. I am from Vancouver BC Canada and would like to seek your advice on the issues regarding a forex broker ‘Hong Kong Bisazza Investment Ltd’ (Website:

      I was introduced by an internet “friend” to this broker’s platform in September this year. The broker uses MT4 as the trading platform and their website states that they were registered with US MSB (Money Services Business). I checked the US MSB website and indeed they were registered with that US department and have a regulatory number 31000173272472. They were allowed to do foreign exchange and Money transmitter over all US states. I therefore thought they were a legitimate broker and created a live account with them and invested a total of 9,200 USD into my account.

      It seemed the trading went well for the first two months. I mostly traded XAUUSD and earned a profit of $7,700 by November 25. On November 25, the balance in my account was $16,905.40. Then, something strange happened. My internet “friend” contacted me and suggested me to trade USOil. I did some research and decided the oil price would likely go down soon. So I placed an order on USOil for 5 “sell” positions at the price of $45.26, and also set up a T/P price of $44.50. The order was placed on 2020.11.25 @06.01 (Vancouver time 2020.11.24 @20:01). The next day, I found that the original price was changed by the platform to $41.91, and my positions were closed by the platform at the price of $45.27 without my knowledge. As a result, $16,800 USD was taken away from my account and only $113.77 was left in it.

      I immediately sent a message to the broker’s contact email address ‘’ and asked for an explanation. No response. I continued sending three more inquiries/requests to them after that date but still not a single response. I requested to withdraw the remaining $100 USD to my Bank of America account on December 06 and also no response to my request so far.

      Now, I can still access my account via the broker’s platform ‘HKBisazzaInvestment-Live’ but all data in my ‘account history’ have been erased. However, I have kept all the evidence of my trade, including the USOil price $45.26 when I placed the order on 2020.11.25@06.01 and the loss of $16,800 when my positions were closed by the platform on 2020.11.26@10.32.

      I am not sure if this was a technical issue of the MT4, or a fraudulent act by the broker. I think there could be more victims. Did your office receive other similar reports?

      It will be greatly appreciated if you can give me some advice of how to deal with this situation. Is it useful to report to a government office, such as the US MSB or the US FinCEN, etc.? Is there is any possibility to get my money back?

      Please also advise if any services your organization can provide in such a situation and what are the costs involved.

      Thank you in advance for your assistance in this matter. I am looking forward to receiving your response.

    6. Carlos aguilar on December 29, 2020 at 10:26 AM

      Scam Details:

      Broker Name: Marilyn Powell

      i put $500 to invest then after 1 day she asked me to add more money she askwd me o put $4000 i said no i said just try with $500 then shes lke how about $1500 i said no or maybe then she put it on the platform bu i told her maybe or i was gonna think about it so i contavted their support and tbey said that i was short on profit so i said ok il add those extra $1500 so evrrything went well my profit came out to be $53000 so when it came to my withdrawal the support said i have to purchase a withdrawal code it was $3200 am like but u dodnt tell me of a withdrawal code i was pissed so i bought it ok they gave m ethe code and when i finaly withdew my money nothing happened i put every detail of my bank acCcount and nothing then i contacted the support to say what happened and he said u have to purchase an insurance fee and security fee to link up my bank which was $1800 am like i dont have more money i ran out those are all my savings now they dont want to returm my money which is $5700 total am sooo pissed off and stressed anybody help me.

    7. Angio P. on December 29, 2020 at 10:28 AM

      Scam Details:

      Broker Name: uprofx

      Please stay away from this company as much as possible. I have Been trading with them for 5 years and I can say I lost a lot with them. The account manager assigned to me was constantly manipulating me and advising me to make bad trade choices so I lose money only for me to find out that my losses were beneficial to my account manager and the company. I still didn’t mind then until they finally closed my account and restricted me from withdrawals after I made a very huge deposit. It was really divesting and heartless losing all my fortune to this company during this pandemic. I couldn’t bear the loss so I had to search for a way to get my money back at least something. I expose this broker as much as I can so I can help other victims or intending victims out there.

    8. Sukosd Erika on December 29, 2020 at 10:30 AM

      Scam Details:

      Broker Name: Edward Taylor

      After requesting a withdrawal, the broker asked me for more commissions and I can’t manage to get the withdrawn money. After I paid the first requested commission in the amount of $ 780, I was told that in 24 hours the money will be on the card, but instead of money in 2 days, I received another payment notification in the amount of 421 Euro.

    9. Najaf Abbas on December 30, 2020 at 10:14 AM

      Scam Details:

      Broker Name: IQ Option

      I fund my account via Skrill for two or three days i made trades and made 317$ and the next week IQ Option made 317$ fake trade in my account and Made my Balance Zero…
      they are the scammer please avoid such type of brokers.

    10. Richard on January 5, 2021 at 8:09 AM

      Scam Details:
      Broker Name: Raceoptions

      I invested and till now I can’t withdraw my account profit and balance. They are now asking me about a signal fee. It’s a big scam.

    11. Chen Zhang on February 1, 2021 at 7:29 AM

      This is a scammer!!!! Bit Exchange Trade
      Invested with $300 and then asked to pay another 433 usd for signal, and the end my profit went up to $29500,imposibble.So broker said have to pay 2850 tfor COCC-cost of currency converter, soooo i paid for it thinking now ill able receive my profits. However then the broker said i have to pay 2850 usd to clear my VAT, its like international taxes,,,And this time i didnt paid for it…Please stay away from this platform.

    12. CompareThem Fx on February 25, 2021 at 12:46 PM

      Great Post!!Thanks for sharing the Forex Scam Brokers List.

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