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How to Earn Money from Forex Referral Bonus

Forex Referral BonusThe Forex industry provides an immense opportunity to earn money. You can earn money from forex through investment and without investment. However, most inexperienced people are afraid to invest due to the lack of knowledge. To inspire those people and help to earn money from forex, different brokers offer a forex referral bonus to earn money without any investment.

Earning through referral is a great opportunity for people who wants to step into the forex industry and get an idea about forex. Besides, it is an excellent opportunity for the brokers to grab more traders without spending much money. Therefore, each of the best forex broker offers refer a friend program to increase the client number.

If you are looking to start earning through forex, refer to a program, we have provided an in-depth guideline here in this article. After finishing this piece of article, you will be ready to start the referral bonus program.

Definition of Forex Referral Bonus

It is simply a promotion program offered by the forex brokers for their members and customers. As a member of a particular broker or brokerage institution, you can promote the broker and grab customers for them. Initially, you can refer the broker to your friends and family who are highly interested in getting into the forex markets. After that, you may go for a different promotion, which we will discuss later in this article.

Broker NameDeposit BonusesNo Deposit BonusesClaim Now
XMUp to USD 5000$30Claim Now
HotForex100%Claim Now
FX Primus100%Claim Now
FBS Markets100%$50Claim Now
Dukascopy$100Claim Now
OANDA10% Equity BonusClaim Now
Vantage FX50%Claim Now
ACY Securities10%Claim Now
BitEclipse$10Claim Now
Axiory50%$25Claim Now
FXCC200%$50Claim Now
InstaForex10%$3,500 StartUpClaim Now
LiteForex50%Claim Now
USG FX50%Claim Now
JustForex100%$30Claim Now
WelTrade100%Claim Now
Synergy FX10%Claim Now
OctaFX50%Claim Now
FortFS10% to 50%$100Claim Now
FXOpen$10$10Claim Now

Working Procedure

Basically, you will need to send out your referral link to the people who want forex trading platforms to kick off the trading career. So, you will earn a commission when a potential trader registers with a broker via your referral link. However, only registration is not enough to earn the referral bonus. The registered trader will need to deposit some money in their account. After that, you will be eligible to refer a friend forex bonus. Furthermore, there are some conditions too. Some brokers may want the trader to initiate trading before you become eligible to get the bonus.

You may earn commission on a percentage base or sometimes a fixed amount. For the percentage base bonus, the more the trader deposits, the more you can earn. Sometimes some brokers may allow recurring bonuses. That means you will earn a commission every time the referred trader makes any deposit. Some brokers may also offer only a one-time bonus or one or two times bonus. So, if your referred trader continues trading, you will get some bonus on their first two or three deposits.

Ways to Find Refer a Friend Bonus Program

Usually, all the brokers offer a referral program. Although you can work with multiple brokers, it will not be a good idea to work with all the forex brokers. Hence you may select some selective broker that may offer good benefits over the other. In that case, you may promote the top 10 forex brokers. Nevertheless, you must be aware of all the features of the brokers you are promoting. It is because you will need to pitch your intended traders about the broker you are promoting.

How Much you can Earn from Referral Bonus

It totally depends on you. The more signup you can get, the more money you can earn. However, it is competitive, and you will need to make significant effort to earn a handsome number of referrals. Besides, it also depends on the broker. If a broker offers more money, you will earn more. Different brokers may offer different commissions. For example, some may offer $100 per approved sign up while others may offer $50 per signup. So, it is obvious that you will want to work with the maximum one.

Nevertheless, you should also keep in mind that everyone will go for the maximum money. Hence the competition will be higher. On the other hand, the lesser money will get you less competition. Above all, everything depends on the broker’s features, which eventually led to the signup and increased demand.

So, it’s your call which one you would promote and how much you intend to earn.

How Can you Promote Effectively to Get More Forex Referral?

We have mentioned earlier that you can start with friends and family. But this will not give the maximum income. Hence, you will need to reach out to other people. So, you will have to promote your link to potential traders. Following are the most common and effective ways to get more signups for the forex referral bonus.

Make a Website

Making a website will be an excellent idea as you can have a global presence. Through a website, you can use potential traders from around the world. However, you will need to invest in building the website and do search engine optimization to get on the first page of google. You will have to enlighten the potential traders about the brokers you are promoting. Further, you will put your referral link in the website or blog post, and whenever a visitor signs up through your referral link, you will earn a bonus.

Promote on Social Media

Social media is a hub for targeted traffic. You may promote your website or your forex referral bonus link on different forex-related Facebook groups. Besides, you may also open up a dedicated Instagram or Twitter page to refer to your link. However, you will have to maintain the community guideline of those social media.

Promote via Paid Advertising

Though it is good to have organic traffic, you may also try paid advertising as it will grow your instant traffic. And eventually, increase the opportunity to sign up through your link. You may try any kind of paid method that approves forex advertising.

Final Words

Forex referral bonus is the decisive opportunity to earn unlimited money. Besides, you can get enough confidence to start forex trading in the future. The earning from referring a friend can be your capital to step into the real reading world.

Hopefully, this article gives you a practical idea about the referral bonus, which is good enough for you to start earning through referral.

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