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Ultimate Guide to Forex Forecast Bonus

forex demo contests, forex demo contests brokers, forex forecast bonusThe forex trading market goes through a constant change. Therefore, learning forex trading becomes a constant educational process too. To facilitate the learning process, brokers always look for new ideas, and the forex forecast bonus is such a learning process to keep the trader engaged. Besides, it can make a trader expert in trading as the trader will require to analyze the market properly to make any kind of forecast.

Bonus on forex forecast is a reward system from the certain broker to make the trader involved within the trading system. Therefore, a trader needs to comprehend the forex trading platforms to make their bid. That is how traders proceed to the ultimate learning process. So, you will need to contain a clear understanding of forex before predicting a trade or currency movement. Here you will get an inclusive idea of the forex forecast bonus and its working procedure.

Definition of Forex Forecast Bonus

A forecast bonus in forex trading is a form of competition where traders get the opportunity to earn some extra cash or other prizes. Unlike other bonus competitions, forex forecast competition does not require any investment. The idea of the forecast bonus is the trader will need to predict a currency movement and win if the prediction is correct.

Broker NameDeposit BonusesNo Deposit BonusesClaim Now
XMUp to USD 5000$30Claim Now
HotForex100%Claim Now
FX Primus100%Claim Now
FBS Markets100%$50Claim Now
Dukascopy$100Claim Now
OANDA10% Equity BonusClaim Now
Vantage FX50%Claim Now
ACY Securities10%Claim Now
BitEclipse$10Claim Now
Axiory50%$25Claim Now
FXCC200%$50Claim Now
InstaForex10%$3,500 StartUpClaim Now
LiteForex50%Claim Now
USG FX50%Claim Now
JustForex100%$30Claim Now
WelTrade100%Claim Now
Synergy FX10%Claim Now
OctaFX50%Claim Now
FortFS10% to 50%$100Claim Now
FXOpen$10$10Claim Now

Working Procedure & Facts

The working procedure for the forecast bonus competition is modest. As a trader, you will need to put the prediction in the competition log, and after a certain period, you will be evaluated. Whoever predicts the future movement correctly will win the competition. However, if no competitors can predict perfectly, the closest one will win the prize.

However, the competition will take place for a certain time length, and all the participants will have to predict their price during the time and wait until the deadline. The time length could be a week or a month. But, one participant can put one input only. However, everyone has to be a registered trader to participate in the forecast bonus competition.

Usually, traders make predict by using their skills and relevant knowledge. So having market knowledge is highly essential. Traders may also pick randomly and check their luck. But, to increase the winning chances, a trader can do the proper research and boost their understanding of certain trading or currency. A research-based guess is always better than a blind guess.

The brokers set the competition date and then notify the registered traders to participate. After finishing the contest, the broker again sends the notification and announces the winner. If the competition contain multiple winner, the winning prize will be split. The broker will verify the terms and conditions for the single winner, and if everything is okay, the prize will be sent out or added to their account.

Ways to win forecast bonus regularly

Traders with excellent trading knowledge and skill can easily win different bonuses frequently. However, one cannot pursue the skills overnight. Therefore, years of experience are highly essential to win any bonus competition.

Apart from the expertise, trading with the best forex broker is also essential. You should also bear in mind that other precipitants will be there too. So, you may lag behind while trading with highly expert traders. Hence you can try guidelines to increase the winning probability.

  • Gain enough experience, including technical and fundamental analysis, before joining any kind of bonus competition.
  • Make yourself updated with the market trends and observe the prediction of the industry experts.
  • Focus on a specific currency for a considerable amount of time and understand ins and out about that currency.
  • Stay aware of the microeconomic news that can affect the trading decision.
  • And the last thing you do is to participate as much in the forex forecast bonus competition as you can. This will surely assist you to progress your expertise, and eventually, you will learn through it.
Ways to Find the Top Forecast Bonus Offers

Many top 10 forex brokers arrange their own forecast bonus competition to increase the engagement of the registered traders. But you will need to find the top brokers to gain the most out of it. However, finding the top brokers requires a hefty condition. You may need to analyze different forex broker reviews and check out their offered instruments, platforms, leverage, fees, and more.

After selecting your broker, check out its bonus offers and conditions. If you find it beneficial, you can proceed to the signup process. Nevertheless, if you contain doubt about that broker, you should search for another one.

Participating in bonus competition via the top bonus offers may not ensure your win. As we have mentioned earlier, you must have some skill to win a bonus competition. It would be really great to achieve such expertise.


After all the discussions, it is evident that forex forecast bonuses are just like a competition which is similar to another type of trading competition like forex trading contests and forex demo contests. But this one is without any kind of investments. Besides, you must contain some expertise and knowledge on the particular trading.

The prizes depend on the particular broker. They may offer cash prizes or credits on the account. Sometimes, technology items may also include in the prizes, such as laptops, phones, or tablets.

Hopefully, this guideline on forecast bonus will be your ultimate parameter to understand the forex forecast.

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