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Best Forex Brokers in UAE 2022

Best Forex Brokers in UAE

A number of Emirates or states in the UAE are experiencing rapid growth. Forex trading is tax-free, and the government has not imposed a cap on income from forex trading. As a result, forex brokers in UAE have also expanded due to local interest in the currency market. In the UAE, there are both licensed and unlicensed forex brokers. Choosing them from the UAE forex brokers list haphazardly does not mean your work is done. Our expert team created a comprehensive list of best forex broker UAE and Regulated forex brokers in UAE to hep you choose the right one according to your trading style.

Due to the liberal forex trading rules of the UAE government, there are a lot of investors who want to invest in UAE forex trading. But it is not easy to find any authorized best forex brokers and become successful in no time without the proper knowledge of forex trading and knowing what to look for in the best forex broker in UAE. So, in this article, we are going to discuss the qualities of a good forex broker and all the forex trading strategies.

Forex Brokers List in UAE:

Visit Broker Rank Broker Reviews Location Minimum Deposit Amount Deposit Bonus Payment System Rating Create an Account

FP Markets

Sydney, Australia. $100 No Bonus 10.00 Real Account Demo Account


New Providence, Bahamas. $100 No Bonus 9.99 Real Account Demo Account


Belize City, Belize. $100 65% 9.98 Real Account Demo Account

IC Markets

Sydney, Australia. $200 No Bonus 9.98 Real Account Demo Account


Limassol, Cyprus $5 Up to $5000 9.97 Real Account Demo Account


Melbourne, Australia $200 No Bonus 9.95 Real Account Demo Account

HF Markets

Limassol, Cyprus $5 100% 9.96 Real Account Demo Account


Sydney, Australia. $10 No Bonus 9.95 Real Account Demo Account


US $1 up to $1000 9.93 Real Account Demo Account

FBS Markets

Belize, C.A. $1 100% 9.93 Real Account Demo Account
Rank Broker Reviews Location Minimum Deposit Amount Deposit Bonus Rating

Forex Trading in UAE

Best forex broker UAE, SCA Regulated Forex Brokers in UAEWell, before finding the best forex broker UAE, you must know how the forex trading business runs in UAE. Forex trading in the UAE is tax-free. However, Individuals in the UAE are usually required to pay Capital Gains Tax on every form of capital gain. The law does not apply to forex trading. As a result, UAE law exempts the foreign exchange market from tax charges, promoting a more liberal approach to securities and exchange markets. Forex traders in the United Arab Emirates have the ability to keep all their earnings. Even so, there are still some financial restrictions on forex trading.

However, the local currency Dirham, is not tradeable in the forex trading business. Though the Dirham is quite popular and widely used, it has been pegged to the dollar for quite some time now. This is because Dirham is a pegged currency, and pegged currencies have usually followed the same trend as the primary currency to which their value is tied. This would make the UAE dirham a highly uneconomic Forex asset since it would be influenced by USD price movements regularly.

Most of the names on the top forex brokers list operate in the UAE. One of the most common things you will hear about in Dubai is the high number of scams. This comes from a lack of regulation to monitor the best forex brokers in Dubai.

If you can enlist with any of these, you will avoid the scams. The best forex brokers in the world operate cleanly and without hidden details or charges. For example, we know Q8 Trade for being one of the few that falls under Kuwaiti regulation and has Islamic Accounts.

As you comb through the available best forex brokers in the world, find out which ones you can trust not to defraud you. It is the best way.

Choosing the Best Forex Broker in UAE

In this era of the internet and e-commerce, everything is based on the internet. Whenever people face any problem or look for something, they just google it. But googling the best forex broker list in UAE and choosing anyone randomly would not do you any good. You might likely fall prey to a forex scam brokers if you do not put in more effort. To trade forex in the UAE, a forex broker is required. You need to consider several factors before choosing a forex broker, such as their currency pairs, their customer service, the types of accounts they offer, their regulatory compliance, and their trading platform.

  • Licensed and Regulated: Any trader signing up with a new broker should check if the broker is regulated. The only way to prevent small investors from being scammed by forex brokers is to follow strict rules set by the forex regulators. SCA is the most reliable regulatory organization in UAE. However, there are also many more major regulators in the industry include SCB, DFSA, CySEC, FSB, ASIC, IFSC, BaFin, etc. be sure if your chosen forex brokers List in UAE are regulated under these organizations or not before starting forex trading business with them.
  • Demo Account: A demo account is a completely free temporary account. By opening a forex demo account, you can learn more about the forex broker you are dealing with. Brokers can create demo trading account for new traders so they can test out their platforms before depositing real cash. Beginners need this feature as they are still learning how to trade forex and do not want their investment to lose while learning. Any regulated forex broker in UAE will be glad to serve their customers with a demo account. If not, then you must watch out, for it might be a scam.
  • Easy Withdrawal: The best forex trader will give you the opportunity of easy withdrawal or deposits. It is usually free in many states. Additionally, the broker should have a fast and reliable payment processing system.
  • Offers Online-Based Trading: In this modern era of technology, online trading is a must-have criterion for the best UAE forex brokers list. In order to trade forex, regardless of the device the traders own, they need access to the interbank market. For this reason, brokers provide mobile applications for android and iOS, desktop applications, and web applications. Investing in this way is hassle-free and stress-free.
  • Customer Service: Any forex broker- beginner or pro must have a lot of queries regarding the forex trading the hired brokers. The forex broker companies must provide customer service for the traders to give them any trading-related information they want.
  • Platform: To find out more about a broker, you should visit the broker's website and ask as many questions as you can. As a result, you become more comfortable with the platform and are able to resolve issues that may arise during trading.
  • Asset Coverage – Investing in assets entails trading financial instruments. They include commodities like gold and silver, stocks, CFDs, ETFs, indices, and currency pairs. Almost every regulated and best forex broker UAE offers all asset types, and some forex brokers offer a select range. But remember, any reputed broker would have this facility for their traders.
Regulated Forex Brokers in UAE

The financial regulatory organization in the United Arab Emirates is called Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA). Many Western brokerage companies opened up offices in the UAE, offering their services to the friendly citizens of the country. So, there are many brokers who are not registered under SCA as it is not mandatory. This is not to say Dubai or the United Arab Emirates don't regulate the Forex industry. Some brokers are not regulated, yet they are honest, and so they get a trading license. Yet, there are many forex brokers who take advantage of this and cheat on forex traders. So, it is best only to deal with regulated forex brokers in UAE.

The best forex brokers in UAE brokers must be registered with the SCA. Regulated forex brokers are composed of professionals with the goal of gaining a loyal customer base. Regulated brokers in UAE offer more professional services, and they do more than what's expected of them. By enforcing the laws and regulations which emphasize customer protection, healthy competition, fairness, transparency, and professionalism, the SCA makes sure registered brokers follow the law and fulfill their duties to the forex trader properly.

Forex Trading Strategies in UAE 

Forex trading in the UAE is a safe and legal way to make money. In contrast to many other countries, the UAE does not have legal restrictions on what you can earn from forex trading or how much you can deposit into your brokerage account as a resident or outsider. This means the UAE government is very liberal with forex trading in UAE. That makes more room for success by trading forex in UAE. However, it doesn't mean that you're guaranteed to gain wealth from forex trading.

Your success in forex trading will greatly depend on the strategies you are going to use while trading forex. So, the basic forex trading strategies while trading forex in UAE are given below:

  • Reversal Candlesticks: Reversal holders are a sign that trends may change as well as the price of a currency may change directions. For instance, a reversal candlestick that occurs as soon as the value of the USD increases might be a buy signal. It is possible to see reversal candlesticks of various kinds, including optimistic and pessimistic versions, based on their placement and style.
  • Escape or Breakout Strategy: Among the many more common trading strategies for beginners, breakouts are well-liked due to the fact that they require no complicated mathematics and are relatively consistent in generating profits. Escape traders analyze the resistance or terms a currency is facing and how the costs of a currency are changing. A strategy like this is most successful when markets are heading in the same direction. A breakout is made when a resistance or support level is broken. This can be an indication of a buy or sell signal.
  • Limit the Leverage: If you deposit a substantial quantity into your brokerage account, your dealer may also offer you leverage for trading. An awful change can wipe out all your profits; that is why the use of leverage can multiply your profits. Use leverage sparingly, and continually make sure that you could have enough money in your dealer's margin name earlier than you change with leverage.

Final Words

In comparison with other countries, forex trading in the UAE is well-regulated and relatively safe. Nevertheless, foreign exchange trading in this country is still fraught with risk. Before you decide to invest in the forex market, you should still be wary of potential scams and monitor the market constantly - this will help you preserve your funds and earn more in the long run. You can choose the broker you want to work with based on the currency pairs they offer, the forex trading platforms they offer, and the fees they charge - so make sure you do your research to find the best forex brokers in UAE.

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