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10 Best Forex Brokers Accepting US Clients

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The United States is one of the world's most well-known and reputed countries. It plays an important role in balancing the world economy and peace. US-regulated forex brokers have a powerful financial system that also holds a vital position in the Forex industry. Forex brokers accepting us clients means working with forex currency traders from the US. There are two types of forex brokers for us clients.

One is US forex brokers, registered with NFA and regulated by CFTC. The other is offshore forex brokers, which cater to US forex traders. Suppose you are a US resident and unable to find forex brokers accepting us clients. Then it is because of the regulations which ensure a minimal choice of forex brokers for us clients.

Forex Brokers Accepting US Clients

This is where we will try to help you through this article. We put summary and forex broker reviews of both US forex traders and offshore forex traders who accept US clients in this article. Go through the full article, take notes for the pros and cons, and then match it with your preferences to find the best platform to start forex trading as a US client.

Because of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection. Act, offshore forex traders were prohibited from accepting US clients. Only traders who are regulated by CFTC were permitted to accept US traders. But yet, many offshore companies accept US clients by registering themselves with NFA.

Best Forex brokers for US clients

As per the US spot forex market regulations, the top 10 forex brokers who are properly registered with NFA can offer forex trading services to US clients. They even limited their trading conditions also. This is why we residents don't find good places to start forex trading. Because the regulated forex brokers in the US have to maintain the regulations for which they cannot offer great trading deals to US clients.

In forex trading, the main task is trading and currency trading all day long. It is the most popular activity in forex trading. But US clients have to follow numerous rules, regulations, and laws. Implementing these rules is making trading complicated and limiting trading possibilities.

Forex Brokers Accepting US Clients

US regulated Forex brokers

US regulated forex broker is bound to maintain a minimum amount of capital, and they need to comply with proper monitoring, risk management standards, and supervision. This amount of security level makes forex trading seem too restrictive to most US forex traders.

According to US regulations, to start trading with US clients, a forex broker must be overseen by two key US authorities, the NFA (National Futures Association) or CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission).

US traders are prohibited from trading with brokers not from the US. This prohibition forces them to either go to regulated forex brokers in the US or offshore forex brokers that accept us, clients.

Best offshore Forex brokers that accept US clients

Though offshore brokers come out as frauds and scammers, sometimes they can still give you the best trading deals. Therefore, try to remain careful choosing offshore forex brokers, and you will be able to get yourself great trading deals even as a US client. NFA handles the registration part, and CFTC handles the rules and regulations part of forex trading in the US.

This two supervising authorities register and regulate all the forex brokers to ensure integrity, responsibility, transparency, and client protection in the market. To become a US regulated forex broker read forex educationit needs to obtain RFED (Retail Foreign Exchange Dealer).

Forex Brokers Accepting US ClientsWhy should you seek Forex brokers accepting US clients?

There are three specific grounds for which you should seek forex brokers accepting us clients, and they are as follows:

  • As you are a US resident, therefore, only this sort of broker can offer you legal forex trading.
  • If you are planning to move to the US, then you won't want to change brokers at that time. So, regulated forex brokers for US clients will be a blessing for you.
  • If you like to get a high level of security in funds and strict regulations in forex trading, then forex brokers for us clients can be the best choice for you.

These are the reasons why you should seek forex brokers accepting us clients 2020 for yourself.

Best Forex Brokers in US

Best forex brokers in the US are mostly those forex brokers who are consistently performing in the market with a good reputation. Are reviewed by the key authorities of the US. They are created and regulated by maintaining all the specified criteria. Mostly they are also available in all the reliable rankings. There are some names worth mentioning who bagged many awards and fame by charming both the clients and the authorities. Some of the best forex brokers are as follows:

forex brokers for us clients

  • IG got the best overall broker in the US 2020 award this year which was a great achievement for them.
  • Interactive Brokers bagged the lowest spread broker in the US 2020 award which got them tons of clients who were interested in lowest spreads forex broking.
  • had the best MT4 broker in the US 2020 award in their name, which helped them get acquainted with many clients worldwide.
  • OANDA got the best broker award for beginners in the US in 2020 and inspired a lot of starters and newcomers to come and trade with them in the forex market.
  • eToro got the best for social trading 2020 award and had themselves a lot of clients who were interested in social forex trading.

So, what kind of trading do you want to do? Choose your forex broker according to your preference because it can ensure your success in forex trading. But yet, you should do your research and go through as much portfolio as possible to find the right solution. Checking currency pairs and leverage costs is important in choosing US forex brokers.

Top US Forex Brokers

This list will certainly answer your queries about which forex brokers accept US clients. This only American forex brokers list. So, here they are as follows:

  1. is a specialist of forex trading. They can provide you the lowest possible starting spreads with highly competitive interest rates of margin accounts. They can provide you 84 different currency pairs and a leverage of 50:1 which is the maximum available number. George Soros (@georgesoros) also recommended this platfrom. They also have almost all the trading platforms available for their clients which make things more appealing for the clients.

  1. FXCM

FXCM is one of the best us regulated forex brokers who is serving the clients for quite a long time now. They can provide low spreads forex trading to the US clients. Almost 50+ currency pairs are available in FXCM. You can also get a higher amount of leverage when you start trading with FXCM. All sorts of high-quality forex trading platforms are opened for the FXCM clients.

  1. FXDD

FXDD has an average spread of 0.68 pips which rises up to 1.29 pips after adding all costs. It is one of the most trustworthy places to start trading with for the US clients. Commission rate is also lower than other forex brokers in FXDD. It offers 85+ trading instruments and 54 currency pairs to the clients. It even provides a third-party transaction platform for their clients which is a great advantage for many people. This is why their demands are growing day by day all over the world.

  1. TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade is a private retail investor of forex trading and their services are not competitive enough for professional forex traders. They only provide 24 currency pairs with an interest rate of 7.25%. But they possess a great experience of forex trading which let them ensure the clients full secured trading in the forex market. Even the US clients can get a lot of services and benefits from TD Ameritrade. 43 years of experience in forex trading is another milestone of theirs which deserves to be mentioned.

  1. IG

IG is one of the most popular forex traders for the US clients. In the last few years they made their mark in the forex industry. Their rates, leverage, and commission rate is so appealing that the clients can't resist themselves from going to their forex broker. They provide a competitive number of FX pairs to the clients. When you will compare their interest rate with other forex brokers for us traders. You will find that acceptable also. They allow their clients to trade with other platforms as well. This is why their popularity is breaking throughout the world.

  1. Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers is not a normal forex broker as they have the ability to deliver everything in forex trading. They are also very competitive natured which help them to conquer the market swiftly. They possess the most number of FX pairs in the forex market. They allow their clients to the global markets also and give them access to all the available platforms for trading. Yet when it comes to low cost, they are again one of the lowest in the business. They are one of the best American forex brokers.

  1. BDSwiss

BDSwiss is the top forex brokers for us residents and its leverage ratio is 1:500 which a great number in the current market is. You will be able to trade with MT4, MT5, and WebTrader platforms. This is also a notable opportunity for many clients. They have the experience and proper management system to offer one of the best services of this business to their clients. Their FX currency pair number is also notable and they offer more than 30 financial instruments.

  1. City Index

City Index is one of the best forex brokers for us residents. They are doing forex trading for years now. That's why they have the proper risk management system, a high leverage forex brokers us clients, a competitive low spread broking, and they have all the necessary platforms to do forex trading.

forex brokers for us clients

Forex Brokers For US Traders

Offshore Forex Brokers that accept US clients

Here is the list describing offshore forex brokers accepting us clients as follows:

  1. IC Markets

IC Markets is one of the forex brokers for us traderson a regular basis by following all the US rules, regulations and law. Their minimum deposit amount is $200. Their average spreads is 0.09 pips.

  1. XM

XM is a great choice for them who are looking for a trustable offshore forex broker recently. Because they maintain all the regulations and yet provide a competitive service to their clients and keep them satisfy with their rates and ratio. This is why they are enlisted in the recommendable forex brokers accepting us traders list.

  3. OANDA

Last but not least, OANDA is certainly one of the forex brokers for us traders. They got 79 forex currency pairs for their clients. Their average spread is 1.6 pips and it allowed MT4 platform to its clients to trade with.

What are the benefits of offshore Forex brokers? 

There are many benefits and advantages of offshore forex brokers and for this reason forex traders Tom Dante (@Trader_Dante) love to trade in those offshore forex brokers. Here we are mentioning some of the advantages:

  • You can get high leverage by opening a trading account with offshore forex brokers. Offshore forex brokers usually offers more than 1:200 leverage which sometimes goes up to 1:1000 leverage.
  • You will have a chance to get valuable promotion with offshore forex brokers because they are not bound to pay all types of taxes. Therefore, they can share their extra profits with the traders. You may even get zero deposit and withdrawal fee, 100% deposit bonus, and free VPS from some of the offshore forex brokers.
  • You won't be bound to follow any sort of scalping or hedging restrictions, which will provide you the freedom to trade with any forex trading strategy you prefer.
  • There will be no FIFO rules also for the offshore forex brokers US clients.
  • You can take help and advice from EA (Expert Advisor). Robot or automated trading in forex is also allowed with some specific offshore forex brokers.
  • You won't face any sort of complication while opening a forex trading account with the offshore brokers. It will just take a few hours to open.
  • Last but not least, trading with any offshore forex broker will free you from many limitations ruled by the US trading regulations. Therefore, you will be allowed to use any technique or strategy you want and do all the trades you want.

Because of these benefits, people are getting attached with offshore forex brokers and are seeking them on the internet.

Forex market is a place where you need to deal with foreign currencies and exchanges which can be really complicated. This is why you need to get the expert assist of a good forex broker. They can show you the right path and can earn you a lot of profits. But for the Americans, this thing is not simple as it sounds because of their regulations and laws set on the forex market. Therefore, they are the one who need the guidance more than any other people. In this article we tried to add both the US forex brokers and offshore forex brokers. Now, after doing a proper research choose according to your preference. 

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