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Everything You Need to Know About Partnership Program

If you don’t want to trade, but earn money from forex, you can join’s unique partnership program. It can be your gateway to lucrative opportunities in the vast market of foreign exchange trading. You can join hands with to unlock a world of financial potential and enjoy competitive commissions for every referred trader.

As a trusted and innovative Forex broker, FXGT provides their affiliates with cutting-edge marketing tools, real-time tracking, and dedicated support to maximize your earnings. FXGT’s seamless partnership program combines your entrepreneurial spirit with their industry expertise and ensures mutual success in the thriving Forex market. You can start your journey with them and turn your network into a source of substantial income through their rewarding Affiliate Partnership Program.

Read on to know more about’s partnership Program.

Types of Partnership Opportunities with FXGT

As a valued partner, you have the chance to maximize your earnings through FXGT’s innovative partnership program. They offer two options for the partners: the Partner Cashback Program and CPA & Rebates. Each program is designed to cater to your unique strengths, providing you with flexible possibilities to boost your income. Let's dive into the details of these exciting partnership opportunities that combine simplicity with profitability, ensuring a rewarding journey for you and your referred clients.

Partner Cashback Program

Supercharge your earnings by giving your clients a cashback percentage, elevating your potential returns through increased turnover. Here's the kicker – FXGT covers a portion of the rebate, ensuring you benefit from the enhanced revenue. It's a win-win that puts more money in your pocket while delighting your referred clients with valuable cashback rewards.

CPA & Rebates

Experience the rewards of their Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) program, earning substantial commissions on every referral. But wait, there's more – enjoy additional rebate payouts based on your clients' trading volume. This means the more your clients trade, the more you earn. It's a straightforward and lucrative way to capitalize on both referrals and active trading. It makes your partnership with exceptionally rewarding. Partnership Program

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Benefits of’s Partnership Program

Partnering with comes with a bunch of cool perks for you and your clients. Check out the awesome benefits:

Multi-Tier Commission Plan

Imagine earning unlimited commissions just by teaming up with FXGT. Their commission plan is like a ladder – the more your referred people trade, the more money you make. It's like getting paid for being a good friend!

Partners receive ongoing commissions for the trading activities of their clients. The commission rates and different levels are assessed every month, taking into account the Partner's level of involvement and performance.

Flexibility & Customization

They are all about making things work for you. You can tell the FXGT about your requirements and they will surely come up with ideas that fit like a glove. So, you can build a strong partnership as per your need and that lasts long and brings in the rewards you want.

Further, is open to talking about special arrangements and personalized commission levels for our top-performing partners. They will consider this on an individual basis for those who stand out.

Marketing Material & Tools

Boost your business with fancy marketing stuff! FXGT has banners and special deals that can turn heads and bring in more customers. Hence, they will help you to grow your business.

Fast Payouts

Who doesn't love getting paid quickly? The broker process your money requests super fast, and you can even get your earnings in regular money (Fiat).

Dedicated Affiliate Managers

You can get your personal guide to success – their Affiliate Managers. They've been around the block and know how to help you make the most money. Think of them like your business buddies who have got your back.

24/7 Support

Whenever you need help, they have got your back around the clock. They have a multilingual team, and you can chat with them or drop an email anytime.

Tiered Commission Structure

You can boost your earning game with's tiered commission structure. They have got five levels for you – Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Elite – each offering different rewards based on your hustle:

  • Bronze Tier: Kickstart your journey at the Bronze tier, earning up to $4 per lot on your referred clients' trades. It's the foundation to build on for reaching higher tiers.
  • Silver Tier: Step into the Silver tier and earn up to $6 per lot on your referred clients' trades. It's a solid starting point to ramp up your income.
  • Gold Tier: Strike a balance between sweet commissions and achievable targets – earn up to $8 per lot on your referred clients' trades at the Gold tier.
  • Platinum Tier: Take it up a notch and pocket up to $10 per lot on your referred clients' trades. Platinum status means serious cash in your pocket.
  • Elite Tier: This is the highest tier in the chain and earn up to $12 per lot on the trades of clients you bring in. It's the top-tier status, bringing you the best rewards for your success.

As you climb the ladder, you not only fatten your wallet but also enjoy perks and prestige tied to each tier. Once you join the FXGT’s affiliate program, work your way up to the Elite tier, where you can earn a whopping $12 per lot – the peak of financial success in our program. Partnership Program

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Multi-Level Affiliate Structure

Earn rewards as an Partner through three different ways. Let's break down the Multi-Level Affiliate Structure at in simple terms:

Master Affiliate

If you directly bring in clients, you get a full 100% commission on their earnings (Level 1). But if your referred clients called Sub Affiliates, bring in more traders (Level 2), you also get a 10% cut of their earnings. And if those Sub Affiliates bring in even more folks (Level 3), you still get a 5% slice of what they make.

Sub Affiliates 1

Now, let's talk about Sub Affiliate 1. They get the full 100% commission on their own referred clients (Level 1). Plus, if they bring in more Sub Affiliates (Level 2), they get a cool 10% from their earnings.

Sub Affiliates 2

Meet 'Sub Affiliates 2,' the traders brought in by Sub Affiliate 1. These guys get the full 100% commission on the clients they bring in (Level 1).

Marketing Supports Will Get From

  • Trading Contests: FXGT will help you set up cool contests with prizes and rewards that match what your clients want. It's like turning your trading world into a fun game with exciting bonuses.
  • Promotional Material: Need some eye-catching stuff to make your business stand out? FXGT got a bunch of ready-to-use goodies for you. Choose from banners that pop on websites and social media, landing pages that grab attention, videos to spice things up, and even blog posts, articles, and eBooks.
  • Event Sponsorship: If you want to arrange an event for your clients FXGT will support you in putting together awesome events for your clients and potential future clients.
  • Marketing Tools: FXGT got some handy tools to level up your partnership game. First off, there's the '1’ Re-Calculation' feature – think of it like a live scoreboard for your commissions. It updates every minute, giving you a quick and clear view of how much you are earning. It's like having your money updates at your fingertips – fast, clear, and totally in your control.

Then there's the 'Dynamic Forms.' This smart form on Partner Portal is a game-changer. Once you use it, it tags every sign-up with your unique partner ID. So, whenever someone registers through that form, they automatically become your referral. These tools are here to make your partner journey easy and effective.

Final Words's Partnership Program is a fantastic opportunity for those aiming to earn from forex without actively trading. This unique initiative opens doors to a world of financial potential and competitive commissions. With two excellent programs - the Partner Cashback Program and CPA & Rebates - flexibility is at the forefront. The benefits are top-notch, including a multi-tier commission plan, personalized support, and swift payouts in regular currency. The tiered commission structure offers escalating rewards, and the multi-level affiliate structure allows you to earn from various sources.


Meta: Don’t want to trade currency but want to earn money from forex? Here is’s partnership program for you. Let’s get to know about it.

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