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Darwinex Review

darwinex review

This review focuses on both groups whose goal is Darwinex (investors and traders), though perhaps a little more written from the investor's point of view. Like any other opinion, this one is directly based on our experience as an investor with a real money account.

Since most of you were reading this will be familiar with other social commerce or copying networks, I would like to first present the concept of "DARWIN" before continuing this review. Most of the other platforms directly provide a list of available traders or strategies that you can follow. And when you copy them, their transactions regenerate in real time to your account, based on a set size limit.

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In turn, Darwinex mentions entrepreneurs and their strategies as DARWINS. They start at 100, and this value varies depending on the performance of the underlying plan.

Darwinex launched in September 2014 and gradually introduced new users (only invited) to its beta platform. We joined earlier and of course, for each new startup company is an excellent approach to gradual growth.

From the second half of 2015, Darwinex is fully open to business for both new investors and new investors. When you register, you must choose whether you want to be an entrepreneur or you want to be an investor

it can be opened and funded in EUR, USD, and GBP.

The smallest deposit amount for investors and traders is 500 in the base currency of your choice. Your money is stored on a separate client account (from Barclays Bank UK).

After registering, you also have access to a fully functioning demo. In our own experience with Darwinex, the registration process was quite simple. The choice of currencies is also reasonable, but as an investor one should remember that the majority of DARWINS trades in USD.

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