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Forex Trading News, Ways to Trade the News, Trade News Using Directional Bias and Straddle Trade Strategy

Forex Trading News, Ways to Trade the News, Trade News Using Directional Bias and Straddle Trade Strategy

What is Forex Trading News?

Forex Trading NewsForex trading news refers to the latest information, updates, and events that impact the foreign exchange market. This type of news encompasses a wide range of factors that can impact currency values, including economic data releases, central bank announcements, geopolitical events, and various other influences. Traders and investors use forex trading news to make important trading decisions about their currency trades, as these events can cause significant fluctuations in exchange rates.

Staying updated with Forex Trading News helps traders to:

  • Identify potential trading opportunities based on market-moving events.
  • Manage risk by being aware of events that could impact their open positions.
  • Traders should adapt their trading strategies based on the prevailing market sentiment and conditions.

Multiple sources exist for accessing forex trading news, including financial news websites, economic calendars, and social media platforms. Some popular sources include Bloomberg, Reuters, Forex Factory, etc. It’s essential for traders to stay informed and adapt their strategies based on the latest news to maximize their potential for success in the foreign exchange market.

Which News Releases Should I Trade?

Traders look for the news events because this news has a direct impact on the volatility in the short term. However, before making any trading strategies, they should understand the type of news they should focus on.

Markets often react to most of the economic events from various nations, the leading movers and most awaited news stem from the United States. It is natural because the United States boasts the largest economy across the globe, and its currency is the reserve currency of the world.

This indicates that the U.S. Dollar is a member of nearly 90% of all forex deals, which makes U.S. data and news vital to watch.

The chart lists the most volatile news for the United States:

Besides the central bank discussions and inflation reports, traders should also focus on geopolitical news such as natural disasters, war, elections, and political unrest. This news may not have the impact as the other news, but still, they cannot be ignored. Also, watch out for the trend in the stock market. At times, the sentiment in the stock markets may direct the trend in the forex market.

Keep a note of the currency pairs that are worth trading. News can result in higher volatility, and therefore, it is very important to take a trade in the pairs that are liquid. Trades in such pairs are executed smoothly, without any problems. Such currencies pairs are:


All of these are major currency pairs, with the most liquidity and the tightest spreads.

How to Trade the News in Forex

You can trade the news in the following ways:

  • Having a non-directional bias
  • Having a directional bias

Non-directional Bias

It is one of the most common news trading strategies. This method ignores a directional bias and plays on the notion that an important news report will result in a big move, which can be any direction. When the market moves, you should have a plan ready to enter that trade. There is no fixed view as to whether the movement will be bearish or bullish; hence, this strategy is termed as non-directional bias.

Directional Bias

As the name suggests, you will anticipate the market to trade in a certain direction after the news report is issued. It involves understating what the report will be, the sentiment of the report and how it will impact the market.

Even before the news is released, many analysts release their forecast as to what the expected numbers can be. This number will vary among different analysts. There will be a consensus number which most of the analysts will agree to. Consensus number may vary from the figure that will be given by the news report.

Big traders take positions even before the news is released. They get busy booking profits after the news report is out. In such a scenario, retail traders get stuck. Therefore, it is always vital to focus on the market consensus, too, along with the actual numbers. This way, traders can better estimate which news will impact the market and in what way.

How to Trade the News with a Directional Bias

It is vital to understand the process of trading news events with a directional bias. Take the instance of the U.S. unemployment rate report. The scenario is that the report came good, but still, USD weakened. That is not the expected behavior as the dollar is supposed to surge if the unemployment rate drops. There could be several reasons why the dollar could show bearish movement even though the employment rate increased.

The first reason could be the overall economic outlook remained to stay poor. Other fundamental factors impact an economy’s performance. Next reason could be that positive employment figures are temporary. Perhaps the numbers were released just after Thanksgiving, which is usually a season of the holiday rush.

During this season, several firms usually hire seasonal staff to deal with the influx of shoppers. This growth in jobs may result in a short term decline in the unemployment rate. However, it fails to give the long-term picture of the U.S. economy.

An accurate way to get a proper measure of unemployment would be to analyze the number from the previous year and then compare it with the latest figures. This would give a better picture as to where the job market stands.

The main factor to note is always to look back and consider the overall scenario before making any hasty decisions. Once you have the required information, then you can understand trading with a directional bias. The first factor that you want to consider before the report is issued to analyze the trend of the unemployment rate. See what has happened in the past, which will help you get better clarity on future outcomes. Suppose the unemployment rate has been progressively increasing. Now since you are anticipating the unemployment rate to surge, you can begin preparing to take a bearish position on the dollar. This marks as trading with a directional bias.

Since you are expecting the unemployment rate to rise, you can now start preparing to go short on the dollar.

How to Trade the News Using the Straddle Trade Strategy

There is a strategy to make profits quickly, even when a trader has no idea of market direction. This is possible only when there is ample price volatility in the market. Such volatility mainly comes with the release of news like economic data or any announcements coming from the central bank.

Before implementing any strategy, it is essential to understand the type of news you should trade. Ideally, you should trade big reports as there is a high chance that the market will record a big move to post the news. Next, you should note the price movement of 20 minutes before the news release.

The high of that 20-minutes range will be upper breakout point while the low will be lower breakout point. Smaller the range, then more likely there will be big price move post the news release. The breakout points will mark as your entry points. You will set your orders at these points with the stop loss fixed at around 20 pips above and below the breakout points. The first target should be around the same as the price range of the breakout points. This is known as straddle trade.

In straddle trade, you look to benefit from both sides of the trades.  Direction becomes immaterial as you are positioned well to take advantage of any side move. Once you are done with finalizing your points, the next step is to wait for the news release. If done correctly, a trader should end the day with profits.

List of Important Forex News

To effectively trade based on news, you need to be aware of the anticipated releases for the week ahead. Additionally, understanding the significance of each data point is crucial. Generally, the most critical information pertains to changes in interest rates, inflation, and economic growth indicators such as retail sales, manufacturing data, and industrial production figures. The following are key areas to monitor:

  1. Interest rate decisions
  2. Inflation (consumer price or producer price)
  3. Unemployment
  4. Trade balance
  5. Retail sales
  6. Industrial production
  7. Business sentiment surveys
  8. Manufacturing sector surveys
  9. Consumer confidence surveys

However, the importance of these releases can vary depending on the dominant condition of the economy. For instance, in a particular month, unemployment data might hold greater significance than trade figures or interest rate decisions. Therefore, it is vital to stay updated on the market’s current focus to make informed trading decisions.

How to Know Forex News Before Release

To stay ahead of forex news prior to its official release, you can utilize a range of strategies:

  1. Economic Calendar: Utilize an economic calendar provided by financial websites or trading platforms. This tool highlights scheduled release dates and times for various economic indicators. By regularly checking the calendar, you can anticipate upcoming releases.
  2. News Websites and Apps: Ensure you stay informed by keeping up with reputable financial news websites like Bloomberg, Reuters, and CNBC. Also, utilize dedicated mobile apps that offer real-time news updates. These sources frequently offer valuable perspectives on significant events that impact the market, and they may also provide notifications for important releases.
  3. Official Sources: Monitor official sources such as central bank websites, government statistical agencies, and financial regulatory bodies. These entities often publish economic data and related news before it becomes public. By keeping a close watch on these sources, you may gain early access to important information.
  4. Economic Analysis: Follow market analysts and economists who specialize in forex and economic trends. These professionals often provide forecasts and insights regarding upcoming releases based on their expertise. By engaging with their analysis, you can enhance your understanding of the potential consequences of upcoming news.
  5. Social Media and Forums: Participate actively in forex communities on social media platforms and forums. Traders and enthusiasts frequently share news, analysis, and predictions related to upcoming economic releases. Active participation in these communities can expose you to valuable information and diverse perspectives.

Always remember that trading based on news carries inherent risks, so it’s crucial to exercise caution and consider multiple factors before making any trading decisions.

How to Analyze News for Trading

Analyzing news for forex trading involves understanding the impact of various economic, political, and geopolitical events on currency values. Here are some steps to help you analyze news for forex trading:

  • Identify key news sources: Subscribe to reliable financial news websites, such as Bloomberg, Reuters, and CNBC, and follow economic calendars like Forex Factory or These sources provide real-time updates on market-moving events.
  • Understand market-moving events: Familiarize yourself with events that can significantly impact currency values, such as interest rate decisions, employment reports, GDP data, inflation reports, and geopolitical events.
  • Determine the potential impact: Learn how different news events affect currency pairs. For example, a central bank raising interest rates may strengthen the currency, while disappointing GDP data may weaken it. Understand the relationship between the base and quote currencies in a currency pair to anticipate the potential impact of news events.
  • Monitor market sentiment: Monitor market sentiment indicators, such as the Commitment of Traders (COT) report, which provides insights into the positions of major institutional traders. This can assist you in assessing the general market sentiment and identifying potential trends.
  • Analyze historical data: Study how past news events have impacted currency pairs to gain insights into potential future reactions. This practice can aid in recognizing patterns and gaining a deeper understanding of how the market reacts to particular news events.
  • Develop a trading plan: Utilizing your analysis, formulate a comprehensive trading plan encompassing entry and exit points, stop-loss levels, and risk management strategies. Remain flexible to adapt the plan as new information emerges.
  • Stay updated: Continuously monitor news events and adjust your trading strategy accordingly. Be prepared to act quickly, as the forex market can be highly volatile following significant news events.

Remember that news analysis is just one aspect of forex trading. Integrating news analysis, technical analysis, and effective risk management strategies is crucial for developing a comprehensive trading approach.

Cautions About Trading the News

Traders in the forex markets are always keen to trade the news so that they can make some quick money. The news is a very vital aspect of the forex market as it can make or break the prices. When news is released, particularly important news being watched by all, you can almost anticipate seeing some key movement.

The objective of the forex traders should always remain to be on the right side of the price move. The market will probably move in some direction makes it a good chance for traders to take a position. As like another trading strategy, there remains likely dangers that all traders should be wary of.

These risks are listed as under:

Spreads Widen

Forex market becomes extremely volatile during a news event. This often results in spreads widening as compared to the normal period. As a result, trading costs get higher, which may hurt the bottom line. Traders could also be locked out, which indicates that their trade would be done at the right time, but may not reflect on your trading session for some time. In such a scenario, traders will fail to make any changes if the trade moves in the wrong direction.

Price Slippage

Traders can also witness price slippage, which is noted when a trader intends to take a trade at a specific price; however, due to the high volatility gets submitted at a different price. The market may change direction at any point in time. So, finding the direction always remains a cumbersome job.

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