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Best Times of Day to Trade Forex

Best time to trade on Forex is one when the majority of FX traders are trading. One
can compare it to the TRP of a television show; more the people watch it, and
more it becomes popular. Similarly, a significant frequency of traders will give
more liquidity, ultimately resulting in favorable trading. Depending upon the
overlapping sessions, people often prefer to trade during those times, as two
markets open at the same time will give more opportunity. Well, this is partially
correct but if you want to be a long runner, understand the pattern and trading
Majority of traders like to trade in Asian, European and American trading sessions,
Forex itself being the most significant and unique market place, its week starts
from 6:00 pm EST on Sunday and keeps running till Friday 5 pm. To check the best
time, try to trade when more than one market place is open, as it provides mobility
in pips. Trading with one market place open freezes pips, and you can observe low
movements. Another essential thing to know is that whenever a piece of recent
news flashes in the world, particularly news or event related to the economy, the
Forex market gets affected with it. A piece of sudden news from finance corridors
of a country holds the power to rise or down the exchange rates and that this is
the most convenient time for a trader. As rates change within seconds, FX traders
become active, and pips start changing rapidly. Concluding this topic, we can say
that most preferable times of a day are when two or more markets are opened,
when there is a high volume on FX (generally midday) and last but not the least
when a new economic update comes.

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  1. Alisha Shakya on August 8, 2019 at 2:05 AM

    The likelihood of coming across a favorable trade is highly dependent on the popularity and availability of the market, hence more the merrier.

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