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Graduation – The Best Free Forex Training Course

Graduation - forex training course, best forex training course

You are done. This is it. This is the last level of your forex education. You are now ready forex trading demo accounts before you start playing with real money. But, before all that, we are going to go through a few things that will make it clear what to expect in this graduation level.

As you conclude learning about the forex market and head out in the hopes of being the best in forex trading, you need to keep in mind that even with the best forex broker, things can always go wrong unless you do something about that.

So, we are going to go through the most important parts on how to trade forex without failing so that we can wrap this up and let you get started.

FX online is all about knowing what is best for you and what to avoid.

Contained in this level are the following topics to look through:

The most common trading mistakes newbies make

It is to be expected in the foreign exchange market as in any market, that the newbies will have trouble adjusting and nowhere is this truer than in the currency trading business. Under this topic, you will learn:

The 5 deadly O’s of trading that guarantee you will fail.

How people lose money in their trading accounts in ten days or even less than that.

It is all in how you approach online trading. If you go in with too big a head and too little patience, you will most certainly fail. The forex market is not in the business of allowing you much breathing room when it comes to conforming.

You do not sway it, it controls you and if you don’t flow, you will lose.

Forex Trading Scams to Look Out For

There are many scams in the forex market just like in any other scenario where the money is involved. As a new trader, you will need to be very careful not to fall into one of these traps. That is why we will go through some of the things that you will have to look out for.

As always, we insist on one thing as the best shield from scams: EDUCATION. Always know your facts and make sure that you do not walk into anything blindly. Apply some common sense. Learn to trade on your own to avoid scams.

If you do not give away control of what you do, then you will be safe. Giving out control is what makes scams possible.

Under this, you will be taken through the following topics:

  • Forex robots’ scams
  • Signal Scams
  • Forex broker scams
  • Forex trading scam list
  • Forex regulatory agencies

Binary Options

Finally, this is an additional thing you may need to have knowledge.

It provides an overview of binary options trading, including its advantages, disadvantages, and basic concepts. The chapter explains that binary options are a financial instrument that allows investors to speculate on the price movement of underlying assets such as stocks, commodities, indices, or currency pairs. Binary options have only two outcomes: a predetermined payout if the investor’s prediction is correct or a loss of the invested amount if the prediction is incorrect.

You will also get to know the advantages of binary options, such as their simplicity, limited risk and reward, access to various tradable assets, quick trading opportunities, and online accessibility. It also discusses the disadvantages of binary options, such as the lack of regulation, fixed profit and loss, high risk of losing money, limited trading tools, and the risk of price manipulation.

Furthermore, the chapter provides an explanation of basic concepts in binary options trading, including call and put options, expiration, and strike price. It also outlines the step-by-step process of trading binary options, from choosing the asset and deciding on the position to executing the trade and waiting for the outcome.

Additionally, the content briefly touches on the topic of making money through binary options trading and discusses different types of binary options, such as up/down options, touch options, and range options. It also mentions market analysis techniques, including fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and sentiment analysis, that can be used in binary options trading.

Graduation Speech

This is the final piece of education that you will be going through. It sums up all the important stuff that will protect you as you try to figure out what kind of trader you are going to be. It is all about knowing who you are and now that you know your personality, it is time we reminded you of some very basic but crucial things.

Under the graduation speech section, you will go through:

  • Trading like a dealer
  • Knowing never to make the first move
  • Focusing on the process and not the profits
  • There is no holy grail in forex
  • Being patient and disciplined
  • How to love the forex game

As you will have figured out by now, forex education is how you get to know what is forex trading. That is the reason why we have gone through all these things. It is all about making sure that you know what to do if you find yourself out there in the real world.

Nothing will hurt a trader more than being clueless. And you sir/madam are most certainly not clueless now.

Thank you for getting this far, now dive into the lesson and get it done.

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