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Celestia Token (TIA) Price Prediction 2024 – When will TIA hit & 25?

Celestia Token (TIA) Price Prediction 2024
author Written by
Rex John Walsh
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Sangram Mohanta

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Celestia is an innovative cryptocurrency claiming to be the world's first blockchain network to support availability. It introduced its mainnet on October 31, introducing TIA tokens with a market value of more than $300 million.

Celestia (TIA) is a groundbreaking modular blockchain network that streamlines the deployment of custom blockchains with minimal overhead. Its innovative approach to reimagining blockchain architecture improves scalability. It introduces data availability sampling, a novel primitive that decouples execution from consensus.

Celestia does not impose any execution or settlement constraints, which enables developers to establish their own execution and settlement environments, in contrast to traditional blockchains. As a result of this adaptability, builders and developers are presented with novel and unexplored opportunities.

Celestia addresses scaling challenges by separating essential blockchain functions, a departure from the traditional monolithic blockchain model. Monolithic blockchains manage transaction processing, validation, and consensus within a singular framework, restricting scalability.

In contrast, modular blockchains, such as Celestia, accomplish increased scalability by decoupling consensus from transaction execution, all while maintaining security and decentralization.

Is it wise to invest in Celestia's TIA Token?

Let’s see the complete Celestia (TIA) Price Prediction from the TIAUSDT price analysis:

Why does Celestia (TIA) Keep Declining?

The public holds approximately 20% of the TIA token supply, while 26.8% is held within the R&D ecosystem. Celestia received $1.5 million in initial funding, with the Interchain Foundation making significant contributions.

Celestia's cryptocurrency price is significantly volatile, with a 20.78% volatility, suggesting that there may be forthcoming fluctuations. The cryptocurrency's sentiment remains favorable, as indicated by CoinMarketCap.

In the last 24 hours, Celestia's market capitalization has declined by 32%%. Nevertheless, its market cap was increased by 5.5%, suggesting that it is resilient in the face of a declining market valuation.

At present, Celestia has a Total Value Locked (TVL) of zero and inflows of $1.5 million. Over the past 30 days, the entirely diluted market cap has decreased by 50%. In the interim, the trading volume has decreased to $2.34 billion over the past month.

Celestia has encountered long liquidations totaling $1.24 million within the last 24 hours, while short liquidations were only $13.29K. The liquidation chart indicates a substantial trend of extended liquidations over time, which implies that the price movements are dominated by a pessimistic trend.

Overall, it is a sign of less investor involvement in this instrument, where solid buying pressure might come with a new volume formation with exhaustion.

Celestia (TIA) is Yet To Form A Bottom

Celestia (TIA) is Yet To Form A Bottom

In the daily timeframe of TIAUSDT, the market sentiment is bearish, from where bullish exhaustion is needed before forming a trend reversal.

Since the top formation in February 2024, immediate selling pressure has been seen, with a drop-base-drop formation. Later on, the price went sideways within a rectangle pattern before continuing to push down.

In the Relative Strength Index, the recent level moved below the 30.00 line, indicating massive selling pressure in the ongoing chart.

Based on the yearly Celestia (TIA) Price Forecast, the ongoing selling pressure has found support from the 161.8% Fibonacci Extension level, from where an upward pressure with a valid daily candle above the 7.340 level could be a long-term bullish possibility.

On the bearish side, a bearish trend continuation is possible, where the near-term target is the 2.389 level, which is below the 161.8% Fibonacci Extension from the recent base.

Celestia (TIAUSDT) Intraday Price Action Analysis

Celestia (TIAUSDT) Intraday Price Action Analysis


In the H4 timeframe, the overall market momentum is bearish, as no significant bottom formation is seen. Moreover, an immediate bearish pressure is seen within the descending channel, which might need a valid breakout before forming a stable trend.

In the main chart, the dynamic Kijun Sen hovers above the current price while Senkou Span A aims lower below the B. Therefore, as long as the price trades within the channel resistance, we may expect a continuation of the bearish trend.

On the other hand, the MACD Histogram, which is above the neutral line, validates a minor bullish possibility. Meanwhile, the MACD Signal line shows a bullish crossover at the neutral level, suggesting active buying pressure in the market.

Based on the H4 Celestia Price Prediction, a bullish breakout with a stable market above the 5.661 static level could validate the range breakout. In that case, a bullish trend continuation could increase the price towards the 10.00 psychological level.

On the bearish side, an ongoing downside pressure within the channel could lower the price towards the 4.000 area.


Is Celestia (TIA) A Buy?

In the Celestia (TIA) Price Today, a strong buying possibility needs proper bottom formation in the daily chart. Moreover, an early buying opportunity might come from the H4 chart, after having a valid breakout.

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