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Coping With Forex Losses: Strategies For Bouncing Back

Recovery Factor Forex

Forex is a game of win and lose. You can’t expect to gain profit at every chance. Behind every beautiful win lurks the chance of an equally tragic loss in the FX market. People often call forex a thrilling roller coaster ride because of the potential for both huge gains and devastating losses.  But it’s…

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The Role Of AI in Forex Trading: A Game-Changer?

ai forex trading

Every day, trillions of dollars are traded, making currency exchange a vital part of the international economy. Therefore, if revolutionary AI tools can’t flourish this market, what else will? The role of AI Forex trading can’t be understated. Artificial intelligence is rapidly becoming a game-changer in the Forex market. This transformation can evaluate massive amounts…

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Understanding Forex Order Types: A Comprehensive Guide

Understanding Forex Order Types

Foreign exchange (Forex) market investing requires technical knowledge and calculative steps to succeed. Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate trader, you need to understand some terms and keep consistency in your learning. Therefore, understanding Forex order types is a basic area to know. Forex order types are instructions given by traders to their brokers…

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Why Freeze Levels Matter: A Trader’s Guide

Freeze Level

Unless you understand a few terms of trading, you can never bring out the best out of it. If you want the proper strategy to ace here, you must understand every explanation, including freeze levels.  So, what is the freeze level? Basically, when an order is close to being executed, it is frozen until the…

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Tick Volume in Forex: Understanding The Basics

Tick Volume In Forex

In the foreign exchange market, you need to understand the basics and market dynamics to succeed. In this case, one frequent statistic commonly comes into play is “tick volume.”  So, what is tick volume in forex? It is the number of price changes, or “ticks,” that occur in most MetaTrader platforms. While it may provide…

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Currency Trading in A Globalized World: Opportunities and Challenges?

Currency Trading in A Globalized World Opportunities and Challenges

In today’s increasingly interconnected world, currency trading is a thrilling adventure. Currency trading is a complex and rapidly evolving industry with many exciting prospects and risks. Over the previous two decades, the share of global GDP accounted for by merchandise exports has approximately quadrupled, from 10% to 20%. Today, international investors and traders make up…

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How you can Gather all Information Regarding Forex Trading as a Trader?

how you can gather all information regarding forex trading as a trader

In the currency trading business, every crucial piece of information increases profit potentials. It also protects the investment from losses.  A trader, however, needs to make plans for executing orders efficiently in the markets. If you cannot control the peripherals and make mistakes, it will cost your investment. That’s because inappropriate investment policy can cause…

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The World’s Most Tradable Currencies Have Profits, Learn How To Get Them

currency trading, most tradable currencies, trading psychology

When someone is trying to get you to start currency trading, they always try to make it sound straightforward. However, it is usually not as simple as they make it look, even with the most tradable currencies at your disposal with trading psychology. We are going to use this article to drive deep into what…

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Psychology of Support and Resistance and How Role Reversal Happens In Forex

role reversal with support and resistance, retail traders, liquidate, financial markets

Welcome to our examination of the psychology that drives support and resistance, to cause role reversal. At the end of this, institutional and retail traders will know how too navigate the financial markets, liquidate when necessary, and how to manage their money properly to take advantage of the opportunity. As we do this, check out…

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Forex Trading Rules for Newbies Trader in the Forex Market

Forex Trading Rules for Newbies Trader in the Forex Market

Welcome to forex trading rules where we cover everything from what you need to know about this market before you go in and how you can get started in forex trading. Day trading rules and other rules for other types of traders are not that different. We have compressed them into this brief. With forex…

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