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FP Markets Expands Its CFD Trading Offering in Commodities, Metals and Indices

FP Markets Expands Its CFD Trading Offering in Commodities, Metals and Indices

October 19th 2020, Sydney – FP Markets is pleased to announce that it is expanding its product offering. Recently awarded as the ‘Best Value Global Forex Broker’ for a second consecutive year, the company continues to set the benchmark in CFDs and Forex and is pleased to announce it has added the following products to…

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Best Global Value Forex Broker 2020 – FP Markets has been Crowned

FP Markets has been crowned ‘Best Global Value Forex Broker’ for 2020

FP Markets is delighted to announce that it has been awarded the Best Global Value Forex Broker for 2020. The Global Forex Awards 2020 awarded excellence in the financial industry in areas such as cutting-edge technology, low-cost trading and customer service. This is the second consecutive year that FP Markets has been voted as the Best…

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US Employment Data in Focus – August

Employment data is a widely watched indicator due to its timeliness, accuracy, and importance, as well as a leading indicator of consumer spending. The non-farm payrolls release is a measure of new payrolls added by private and government organisations in the US, reported each month by the Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS). Higher-than-expected data typically favours a USD rally.…

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The Main Differences Between Forex and Indexes On the Market

the main differences between forex and indexes on the market

In today’s economy, everyone is looking to earn a couple of dollars more or find a way to save without having to work multiple jobs. It has become more comfortable thanks to the internet, but you still have to be well informed and not just click on any commercial that says you will get rich…

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How To Trade The Support and Resistance on a Stable Currency Pair

trendline, market order, limit order, stop limit order, stop loss order

Welcome to our guide on how to trade support and resistance on a stable currency pair. With this, you will learn how to find the trendlines and place a market order based on information that will guarantee you returns. We will also cover things limit orders, stop limit order, stop loss order, and other details…

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Most Common Assets To Trade In Forex and CFDs

CFD, CFD markets, commodities

CFD Markets, Trading CFDs on Indices, Commodities, Forex, Cryptocurrencies Welcome to this article where we discuss the most common assets you can trade in the forex and CFD markets. We will delve into commodities. CFD trading and the differences that exist between the two. As you learn these commodities, you will find it much easier…

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The Definitive Precious Metal Trading Guide

xau/usd, metals trading, trading gold, silver trading

Whenever you see the XAU/USD, always know that it is the symbol for gold as traded against the United States Dollar. However, before we get into metals trading or trading gold and silver trading let’s ease into the subject. We will also talk about silver trading and a little bit about Platinum trading. For a…

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A Winning Streak with FP Markets

As the Premier League draws to a close, FP Markets reflects on being at the very heart of the action As the curtain comes down on another thrilling football season, FP Markets celebrates the end of another successful association with LED advertising at the Premier League. FP Markets hit an incredible winning streak with the…

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Market Sentiment And How You Can Trade With It

market sentiment,dumb money, forex sentiment

All forex traders have an opinion about the market. For any trader, it can be bullish or bearish. The market sentiment is the collective feeling of the participants of the market. Forex sentiment is usually integrated into the analyses that we make. We will find out how the sentiment affects the market and how you…

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Learn How To Trade Energy (Oil and Gas), Using Common Principles and Rules

Welcome to our deconstruction of how you can do energy trading. We will talk about the factors that affect both oil trading and gas trading. These forex trading tips will guide you as you try to understand the energy markets. If you are new to the markets, consider finding the best forex broker in the…

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