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A Winning Streak with FP Markets

As the Premier League draws to a close, FP Markets reflects on being at the very heart of the action As the curtain comes down on another thrilling football season, FP Markets celebrates the end of another successful association with LED advertising at the Premier League. FP Markets hit an incredible winning streak with the…

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Market Sentiment And How You Can Trade With It

market sentiment,dumb money, forex sentiment

Welcome to our Market sentiment article, where we will look at what makes the market turn. Learn about greed, fear, dumb money, and how they all come together to form forex sentiment. In forex trading, you will need to find the best forex broker in the world for you, and that is why you have…

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Learn How To Trade Energy (Oil and Gas), Using Common Principles and Rules

Welcome to our deconstruction of how you can do energy trading. We will talk about the factors that affect both oil trading and gas trading. These forex trading tips will guide you as you try to understand the energy markets. If you are new to the markets, consider finding the best forex broker in the…

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The World of Trading: Features of Betting and Finding Platforms for Binary Options and Forex Trading for Beginners

binary options brokers, binary options

Today, trading is considered extremely fashionable and profitable on the Internet, if you approach the matter wisely. Both for sharks in the field of binary options and for beginners it is extremely important to choose the right broker that will suit the conditions as much as possible. It can be both over-the-counter and stockbrokers. If…

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The Elliott Wave Tool and How You Can Trade with It

elliott wave theory, forex, cfd trading

Welcome to this edition of trading with the Elliott wave theory. We are going to take you through what Elliot discovered and show you how to identify the waves, what they mean, and how to trade with them. As you will find out, it is essential to find the best forex broker in the world for…

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Learn How to Use Kumo as a Support and Resistance Tool

kumo, support and resistance, support resistance

We are going to talk about the Kumo Cloud from the Ichimoku Kinko Hyo trading system. Yes, it may seem visually intimidating, but, it is growing in popularity. Why? You will find out, in the course of this informative guide into how you can use it to find support and resistance. Speaking of that, if…

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The Golden Rules of Trading Forex for Money Management

money management in forex

Welcome to the world of money management, where everything is about rules. Money management in forex is not that hard when you know what to do. By the end of this article, you will understand what to do and what to avoid. If you are new in the Forex market, find the best broker in…

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Stock and Forex Trading Tips for the Beginner Who Wants to Know More in 2020

forex trading tips, stock

Welcome to this edition of education where we offer you stock and forex trading tips that will guide you. This is not a guide to trading but additional information that will make it easy for you to trade. There is also more to learn in our forex broker reviews section. You will get to find…

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What You Should Know About Switching from Crypto to Forex

crypto trading

Welcome to the world of forex. You are probably thinking about expanding your portfolio to include something else. Or maybe crypto trading is turning out to be too unpredictable. Whatever the reason, welcome and start by educating yourself and then when you are ready, get the best forex broker in the world from our forex…

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Essential Forex and CFD Trading Indicators You Should Know About

forex indicators, cfd trading

Useful Trading Indicatros for Forex and CFD Trading Welcome to CFD trading, where we will discuss forex indicators and how you can use them for your own trading strategies. You will learn what they show and why they are essential. A trader is only as good as his broker, and that is why we have…

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