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BlackBull Markets Review 2024 – Forex, CFDs & Commodities

blackbull markets review
author Written by
Rex John Walsh
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Sangram Mohanta

Last Updated on June 1, 2024 by TOP FOREX BROKERS REVIEW


98 /100

BlackBull Markets

New Zealand

10 years+

Regulated in New Zealand

Non-Dealing Desk (NDD)

MT4/5 full license, TradingView, cTrader



License Index 6.93
Business Index 7.18
Risk Management Index 0.00
Software Index 7.98
Regulatory Index 6.90


BlackBull Markets is a regular MetaTrader broker that offers multiple ranges of trading instruments along with third-party social copy trading features. Additionally, with 64+ currency pairs operating in more than 180 countries BlackBull forex broker is one of the top forex brokers in the world. Started in 2014 the broker has been gaining a grip with an increasing number of traders. Let’s get to know more from this BlackBull Markets review.

BlackBull Markets started its journey from Auckland, New Zealand, in 2014. It is a technology-focused broker that aims to provide one of the best trading experiences to retail as well as institutional traders.

Although the broker started in one country, it now offers service to 180+ countries around the world. BlackBull also always improves the client’s user experience. And now they offer 26,000+ tradable instruments using the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms.

As per their advertising, client satisfaction is BlackBull’s priority. Hence, they offer a dedicated account manager along with 24/7 customer support in multiple languages.

  • 11 Base Currencies
  • 26,000+ tradeable assets
  • Regulation: Financial Services Authority in Seychelles (FSA) and Financial Markets Authority (FMA)
  • Free TradingView Pro
  • Phone: +6495585142

Top Features

  • Great Trading Conditions: BlackBull Markets offer excellent trading conditions. They provide starts from as little as 0.0 pips, fast execution feature, 26000+ trading instruments, and maximum 500:1 leverage.
  • Educational Resources: The broker offers multiple educational resources such as a forex calendar, trading resources, educational resources, videos, and more. In addition to that, you may also share your knowledge with others regardless of your experience.
  • No Fees on Deposits: You don’t have to pay any deposits to fund your BlackBull trading account. Additionally, you will get a huge number of funding methods depending on your location.

BlackBull Markets Review 2024 Quick Summary

🏢 HeadquartersAuckland, New Zealand
📆 Established2014
🗺️ RegulationFinancial Services Authority in Seychelles (FSA) and Financial Markets Authority (FMA)
🖥 PlatformsTradingView, MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, WebTrader, BlackBull CopyTrader, BlackBull Shares, BlackBull Trade, and we are just about to announce cTrader launch.
📉 InstrumentsBlackBull Markets MT4, BlackBull Markets MT5
💳 Minimum Deposit$0
💰 Deposit MethodsLocal/International Bank Transfer (SWIFT/SEPA/Faster), Visa, MasterCard, American Express (AMEX), Skrill, Neteller, China, Union Pay, FasaPay, PoliPay, AstroPay, Help2Pay, PaymentAsia, and Crypto (BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH, USDT, XLM, XRP, LINK, USDC
📱 Mobile TradingAvailable
🌍 Web TradingAvailable
💵Minimum Trade Size0.01
🎢 Maximum LeverageUp to 1:500
🌍 ECNAvailable
🤖 RobotsAvailable
🎯 ScalpingAllowed
☎ Customer Support24/7

BlackBull Markets
blackbull open an account

BlackBull Markets Review: Regulation and Safety

The Seychelles Financial Services Authority (FSA) in Seychelles regulates the BlackBull Markets. The authority is mainly responsible for overseeing the non-bank financial institution, which also provides a legal framework for companies regarding financial services. Also, the broker uses tier-1 banks in New Zealand to keep your funds. Therefore, your deposit remains safe with the broker.

Markets Offered

BlackBull offers several market instruments to their traders, including forex, commodities, index and share CFDs, precious metal, and energy.


BlackBull aims to provide the lowest possible cost for its traders. As forex is the largest market in the world, the broker offers a flexible BlackBull Markets leverage to the clients, which is 500:1, while the spreads start from 0.0 pips. And you will get a reliable trading infrastructure. With all these features, you will have access to more than 64 forex pairs.

Index and Share CFDs

With BalckBull’s diverse index and Share CFDs, you can now diversify your portfolio. The broker offers ultra-low latency trading on CFDs. And they use a straight-through process with their trading technology. The share class includes Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Europe, and Hong Kong.


You can get access to numerous commodities with BlackBull. Commodities are considered primary resources used in the industry, food production, daily consumption, etc. Commodities are usually affected by different factors. Hence, trading with a good broker will help you to stay safe even though the market moves abruptly.

You can trade London Coffee Futures, US Cotton Futures, Corn Futures, US Coffee Futures, London Sugar Futures, Wheat Futures, Soybean Futures, Cocoa, and more.

Precious Metals

While there are many precious metals in the world, BlackBull gives you access to gold and silver trading. This metal trading will give you the opportunity to diversify your trading strategy. Nevertheless, gold and silver are risk-free investments and considered safe haven assets if there is any economic crisis. A lot of traders usually hold a small portion of metals for future survival.


Gas and Oil are essential energy sources in the world as well as in the online trading market. And BalckBull Market offers low-cost pricing models for these energies in their platform. Therefore, you can trade these energy resources with flexible BlackBull Markets leverage while also getting a fast execution speed.

Precisely you can trade Natural Gas, Crude Oil Brent, and West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil.


The share instrument offers more than 26,000 shares with access to more than 80 global markets. And you will get the lowest fees in the market as well as without any monthly fees.

The BlackBull share trading offers more than 70 types of the order along with extra trading hours. Other features you will get advance level analysis tools, impact dashboard filters and get data from more than 66 third-party feeds.

BlackBull Markets Account Types

blackbull open an account

BlackBull Markets Account Types

Mainly BlackBull Markets offer four different types of forex accounts, which includes Standard, Prime, Institutional, and Islamic. Additionally, you will also get a demo account to check all these accounts along with the broker.

Demo Account

BlackBull Markets offer 30 days practice account, which will have $100,000 in virtual funds. You can use this fund to start demo trading and understand the market as well as the broker. However, any profit made from the demo account cannot be withdrawn. You don’t need to provide any personal info or credit card info to open a demo account. A valid email address is good enough for a start.

However, if you are not ready after 30 days, you may sign up for another account using a different email address. That’s how you may open an extra account to keep practicing.

Standard Account

Once you have completed your practice session, you can choose to play with the real account. And initially, you may start with the Standard ECN account. You don’t need to deposit a huge amount to get started, as the BlackBull forex standard account doesn’t have any minimum deposit requirements. Hence, you can start with any amount. However, we recommend starting with $200.

This account doesn’t impose any commission and also has a low spread. The great thing about the Standard account is that it gives you access to all 26000+ instruments using their regular MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms.

Other top features of Standard Account are-

  • Zero commission, meaning that you don’t need to pay any commission for any trade you initiate.
  • No BlackBull Markets minimum deposit requirements.
  • The leverage amount is 1:500. This is the maximum level which may get lower depending on your account status and situation.
  • This account offers micro lots as low as 0.01.
  • The BlackBull Markets spreads in this account start from 0.8.

blackbull open an account

Prime Account

This account is suitable for experienced traders who want to trade a bulk amount or want to invest more and get account benefits such as low spreads. However, you will need to pay commissions. With Prime Account, BlackBull Markets offer $6 per 100k trade. Nevertheless, it is considerably low.

Other top features of Prime Account are-

  • Since this account is for advanced traders, and BlackBull will provide you with some unique features, you may expect a minimum deposit requirement.
  • The initial BlackBull Markets minimum deposit is $2000, meaning that you can deposit any amount afterward.
  • The leverage amount remains the same as the Standard account.
  • The prime account offers trading with micro lots.
  • Last but not least, you will get access to all the offered tradable asset classes.
Institutional Account

If you have a large company or want to invest a huge amount of money, you can try an Institutional account. It is mainly for the big investors, and anyone cannot open an Institutional account, and further verification is required.

Features of Institutional Account are-

  • The initial minimum deposit is $20,000, and you can deposit any amount after that.
  • Free access to Virtual Private Hosting (VPS). This will accelerate the trading speed, and you will not miss any fraction.
  • While the commission rate is $3 per lot, you may also ask for a customized commission structure if you are consistent with your trading.
  • You will get 24/7 dedicated support for any kind of technical issues.
  • Additionally, you may also ask for a customized MAM/PAMM platform if needed.

Islamic Account

BlackBull also keeps Islamic traders in their mind and offers Islamic accounts too. They provide separately for Muslims because paying or receiving interest is forbidden in Islam. So, the broker created swap free trading account, which also has the regular account features. However, you cannot just ask for an Islamic Account. You will have to provide evidence for your needs.

BlackBull Islamic Account Features-

  • Both Standard and Prime traders are eligible to open Islamic accounts upon receiving approval after meeting the requirements.
  • It is a swap-free account, meaning that the account doesn’t involve any sort of interest. So, you don’t need to pay or receive any interest from your account.
  • Like other accounts, you will get to trade in micro lots, too, while getting access to all kinds of tradable instruments.

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BlackBull Technologies

To provide uninterrupted service BlackBull Markets has their server in New York while also providing other updated technologies to their traders. That being said, let’s see BlackBull’s technologies they are using to provide incredible service.

BlackBull Markets Review: Equinix Data Center

When it comes to digital infrastructure, Equinix is the pioneer and the leader. That is why BlackBull Markets takes five services from Equinix. With the help of Equinix, the broker can-

  • Offer low latency.
  • Send orders to the relevant server depending on the market.
  • Provide VPS for faster execution.
  • Become consistent and reliable.

BlackBull has five different data centers in different locations, including New York, Tokyo, London, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. So, if any of the services goes down, another one will be up. So, you will get uninterrupted service 24/7 without any hassle.

blackbull open an account

BlackBull Markets Broker Review: ECN Liquidity

The global market network of BlackBull aims to provide a speedy, reliable, and efficient service to all levels of traders. As they are the true ECN broker, BlackBull creates a bridge with the clients to the market without having any internal dealing desk in the middle.

The BlackBull Markets’ proprietary aggregation system software ensures that the liquidity providers compete with each other directly to offer the best liquidity at the quickest possible time. Nevertheless, it is a cost-saving measure for traders.

The BlackBull’s ECN liquidity can give you a very low spread, such as 0.0 pips, while the liquidity providers compete for you. In addition to that, it also provides an unrivaled depth of market with 1:500 leverage and up to 100 lots of trade with a single click.

Also, the ECN liquidity is highly integrated and optimized. That being said, it prevents any failed execution as well as possible slippage. Therefore, you can understand that this technology decreases the latency while increasing the speed.

BlackBull Markets Review: Infrastructure

With the latest technological infrastructure, you will surely enjoy a rapid execution speed, which you may not get with other brokers. Their execution speed is as low as 20ms. So the fast server allows you to use multi-tired bid/offer tech.

Therefore, you can easily use BlackBull’s different liquidity providers and compare them through the constant process.

All these algorithms and systems run via the Equinix servers, meaning that, regardless of the trading platform, the execution engine enables highly efficient integration every time.

trading platform

Trading Platforms

Although the BlackBull forex offers its service via MetaTrader 4 , MetaTrader 5 and cTrader, it also offers TradingView. Let’s get to know each platform offered by BlackBull.

BlackBull Markets Review: TradingView

With TradingView, traders can trade directly. It is one of the leading charting as well as a social trading platforms in the world. Whether you use a mobile, tablet, or even desktop/laptop computer, TradingView can generate tremendous charts, which will certainly enhance your trading experience. So, with this platform, you can join 30 million traders worldwide. And like all the traders, you will be able to customize the charts and tools.

You can signup with the TardingView from BlackBull directly and access everything from there.

BlackBull Markets MT4

MT4 is the world’s top forex trading platform. Using the BlackBull Markets MT4, you can trade on mobile, tablet, web, and desktop. Whatever device you use, you will get its versatility with access to Expert Advisors, Trading Signals, price analysis, and copy trading features.

Additionally, you will get access to the BlackBull MT4 Multiterminal, which allows you to trade on multiple trading accounts simultaneously. This means you don’t need to switch accounts all the time to place a trade on different accounts. And the Multiterminal with spread the order size automatically to all connected accounts according to your setting.

It is best for traders who manage different personal accounts as well as multiple investors’ accounts. However, you will get the simple interface of regular BlackBull Markets MT4.

Top Features of BlackBull MT4 MultiTerminal

  • You can manage 128 real accounts along with ten demo accounts from an MT4 MultiTerminal.
  • A single click will be good enough to close, open or even alter the position or orders.
  • You can have multiple order execution modes.
  • The order volume can be spread using five different preset ways.
  • You can manage the transaction with an internal report system.
BlackBull Markets MT5

MT5 is one of the premium trading platforms in the world, which offers comprehensive price analysis for traders. MT5 WebTerminal gives the opportunity to trade from any browser using any operating system. And you don’t need to install any kind of software to use the MetaTrader 5 WebTerminal.

Overall, you will get fast speed, user-friendliness, and efficiency. Although MT5 has its own server, it uses BlackBull’s access server instead of using the common server. This gives an encrypted transmission and ensures integrity alongside the ultimate security of your fund and trading.

Nevertheless, the BlackBull Markets MT5 WebTerminal can work as its mobile application alternative. And traders can just use it from the mobile browser regardless of the operating system. Hence, you don’t need to download any apps on your android or iOS devices.

blackbull open an account

Top Features of MT5 WebTerminal

  • It shows the daily data on price change.
  • You can customize the symbols in Market Watch Window.
  • Charts can show market entry and exit points.
  • Charts also show the economic calendar.
  • The charting interface is very simple.
  • You will get a responsive interface from a mobile browser regardless of the operating system.
BlackBull Research

The research feature in BlackBull Markets provides concise, timely mannered, and jargon-free research. Additionally, it can also provide a recommendation to improve the trader’s experience. You can also get stock market research at no cost. It also provides daily news about the market. Furthermore, it provides stock research reports on different top companies in the world.

Overall, you will get daily news and views, equity research, model portfolio, and technical analysis with BlackBull Markets’ research feature.

Trading Tools

Apart from MT4 and MT5’s built-in tools, you will get to use other third-party tools such as FIX API Trading, Autochartist, ZuluTrade, and MyFxbook.

FIX API: FIX connects the market’s bridge provider and gives direct market access by integrating the ECN. It is totally customizable as well as compatible with the FIX program.

Autochartist: It is a powerful pattern recognization software that analyzes and identify opportunity in the market. It can alert about the resistance level. Also, the Autochartist can supply you with the chart patterns such as flags, wedges, channels, and triangles.

Zulu Trade: It is a social trading platform; that let you copy other traders’ position. However, you will need to pay fees to copy the traders.

MyFxbook: It is a social trading site that enables traders to share their trading activities, such as analyzing and tracking the activities. You can use this to set up auto trading and follow your selected traders.

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BlackBull Markets Broker Review: Deposit & Withdrawal Methods

BlackBull offers a variety of deposit and withdrawal methods. All the methods are easy and straightforward. They accept 11 base currencies for the deposit, which include the United States Dollar (USD), Euro (EUR), Great British Pound (GBP), Australian Dollar (AUD), New Zealand Dollar (NZD), Singapore Dollar (SGD), Canadian Dollar (CAD), Japanese Yen (JPY) and South African Rand (ZAR). Additionally, BlackBull forex also allows cryptocurrency for deposit. While there are many deposit and withdrawal methods, the most popular ones are Credit, Debit cards, Bank Transfer, UnionPay, Neteller, Skrill, and fasapay.

The deposit can be made free of cost, while the BlackBull Markets withdrawal method requires 5.00 Base Account Currency. Deepening on your BlackBull Markets withdrawal methods, it may take around 3-5 days to get the mine in your account.

Blackbull Markets Education

The brokers have several forex education features, which include Education Hub, Market Analysis, and Economic Calendar. The Education Hub gives you comprehensive knowledge of forex, share, and cryptocurrency. All these features aim to provide accurate knowledge and understanding of forex and overall trading.

Final Words

So, this BlackBull Markets review states that it can be a good broker for both beginners and expert. However, it seems the broker gives more benefits to experienced and institutional traders. But overall, it is an excellent broker of the modern era. They have a long way to go, and getting some regulatory licenses from other top-tier countries will increase their credibility.

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