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BitEclipse Review

biteclipse review

BitEclipse Review Pros and Cons Uncovered 2024

BitEclipse is the best forex broker according to many forex broker reviews worldwide. They offer their customers multi-asset trading and they also make sure that by using a user-friendly trading platform. They own an advanced ICT and FinTech technology on which they take pride in.

BitEclipse is run by the N2KSW-Project which is currently registered in Seychelles. Even their customer's reviews and ratings will indicate to you that they are a reliable brokerage house. In case you are searching for a brokerage place with proper forex education, then BitEclipse can be a great choice for you as well. This company has enough resources and materials to teach and make people understand forex trading. Therefore, they possess a positive image in the current forex market and people are trusting their services as well.

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What is BitEclipse?

BitEclipse is an online forex broker service provider and an CFD trading platform. They only accept deposits in Bitcoin and Ethereum. You won't be able to deposit a flat currency to BitEclipse. You can start trading in multiple financial markets such as Forex, Oils, Stocks, Precious Metals, and Cryptocurrency pairs by opening a trading account with BitEclipse and transferring Ethereum or Bitcoin.

With their vast financial market experience and great ICT and FinTech technology, they are able to provide their clients and customers with all-in-one tailored trading experience. They don't give out the same strategy and service to everybody, rather they understand the needs and style of their clients and provide their services according to that.

This is why people are getting what they need and deserve and giving positive feedback to BitEclipse.

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Trading Conditions for BitEclipse Users

As we have mentioned earlier, BitEclipse possess sophisticated robust infrastructure as well as advanced trading technology which can help you empower the trading platform and communication. If you are willing to start and do high-frequency trading, BitEclipse is undoubtedly the perfect partner for you. You can be able to use BitEclipse from both the web version and mobile phone version.

Web platform will require some other conditions to be fulfilled but in the phone version only downloading the app will do the charm. As a client, you are allowed to trade multiple assets with BitEclipse including Commodities, CFD, Forex, and cryptocurrencies. Moreover, BitEclipse always tries to ensure proper protection to the customer funds from any type of potential danger.

BitEclipse customer accounts are protected by account ID, Captcha, PW, IP Block, and last but not least with 2 Factor Authentication.

Trading Condition of BitEclipse Web Trader

By using BitEclipse, you can invest your Bitcoin and Ethereum in multiple financial markets all over the world. You will be provided with hundreds of trading opportunities through one trading platform. It doesn’t require any minimum deposit amount which is a plus point for the users.

You will get a market making or exchange trading environment with BitEclipse. Your trading costs will entirely depend on the markets. There are five order types in BitEclipse Web Trader; which are: Market, OCO, IFO, IFD, Limit. Apart from BitCoin and Ethereum, USD is also an account base currency for BitEclipse Web Trader.

You can use both the web and mobile version as a client to their site. Cryptocurrency, Commodity, Forex, and Index CFD are some of the key financial instruments of BitEclipse Web Trader. Apart from these you can trade with more than 100 financial instruments.

Their maximum leverage is 1:500 and their minimum spread is 0.0 pips. 120% is their margin call level and 100% is their stop out level. All financial markets will be in one account and platform for you here.

Why Do Traders Choose BitEclipse?

There are a lot of advantages to using both versions of BitEclipse and exchange service. But here we will discuss some of the key reasons for which investors choose BitEclipse as their broker as follows:

  • Availability of financial markets in one platform: You don't have to open multiple trading accounts in BitEclipse to invest in different markets because with BitEclipse, you are privileged to invest in Forex, Cryptocurrency, Index CFD, and Commodity through a single trading account and platform.
  • Availability of High Leverage: You can use your Bitcoins and Ethereum to trade in forex with high leverage upto 1:500. This amount of leverage will allow you to place higher trades of bigger volume as well.
  • Deposit Cryptocurrencies for Forex Trading: BitEclipse doesn’t allow any other currency without Cryptocurrency as deposits from their investors. But later you can transfer Bitcoin and Ethereum to BitEclipse and do trading instantly.
  • Availability of BitEclipse Web Trader for all: Because of building from the cutting edge technology, this platform is a best match for HFT players.
  • Availability of 24/7: With BitEclipse, you won't miss a single second of trading because they are open for you 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

These are only some of the many perks of using BitEclipse as an investor. Their trading system is easy to use and get access to. Therefore, you will have a better chance of getting promotional offers by using their trading platform.

Benefit of BitEclipse Token

BitEclipse Token popularly known as BET is basically a non-block chained beneficial token which can be provided, circulated, and used on a limited scenario within the services of BitEclipse.

The BET usually gives IB Affiliators and traders more power and rights for marketing and investing. They enjoy this benefit according to their number of ownership. They will be patronised following their ranks and when their ranks will change, their facilities will also change automatically.

Established: 2020Website:
Vistra Corporate Service Centre, Suite 23, First Floor, Eden Plaza, Eden Island, Mahe, Republic of SeychellesRegional Offices: N/A
Minimum to Open Live: $0Regulators: Not licensed or registered
Minimum Trade Size: 0.00Prohibited Countries: Seychelles, USA, Japan, and the countries where imposed sanctions by UN
Maximum Leverage: 1:500ECN: No
Mobile Trading: AvailableCurrencies: USD, BTC, ETH
Trading Platforms: BitEclipse Web TraderCryptocurrencies: Available (5)
Robots: AvailableCFD: Available
Scalping: AllowedWeb Trading: Available
Deposit Methods: Wire Transfer, Credit Card, Debit Card, PaypalWithdrawal Methods: Wire Transfer, Credit Card, Debit Card, Paypal

Wrap Up

If you are holding a lot of Bitcoin or Ethereum which you desperately want to use for future investment, then open a new account with BitEclipse and start your trading journey in forex and CFDs as soon as possible by transferring your Bitcoin or Ethereum. You will be able to enjoy all asset classes in one single platform. You will also get fair execution and ultra-low latency which you won't get from anywhere. Moreover, to get the best forex broker experience by investing Bitcoin and Ethereum, there is no better choice for you than BitEclipse according to many forex broker reviews. Whether, It is to get forex education or the best trading experience, you should go for BitEclipse without a hassle.

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