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Best Forex Brokers in Albania 2022


The Albanian Forex trading market has seen significant growth in recent years leading to improved competition among brokers. Now the traders have access to many international brokers. With so many brokerages, Albanians may find it difficult to choose the right broker for them. Hence, it's important to research the best forex brokers in Albania.

In this article, we will provide the forex brokers list in Albania so you can find the right brokerage for you and learn more about trading forex.

Best Forex Brokers in Albania List:


Visit Broker Rank Broker Reviews Location Minimum Deposit Amount Deposit Bonus Payment System Rating Create an Account

FP Markets

Sydney, Australia. $100 No Bonus 10.00 Real Account Demo Account


New Providence, Bahamas. $100 No Bonus 9.99 Real Account Demo Account


Belize City, Belize. $100 65% 9.98 Real Account Demo Account

IC Markets

Sydney, Australia. $200 No Bonus 9.98 Real Account Demo Account


Limassol, Cyprus $5 Up to $5000 9.97 Real Account Demo Account


Melbourne, Australia $200 No Bonus 9.95 Real Account Demo Account

HF Markets

Limassol, Cyprus $5 100% 9.96 Real Account Demo Account


Sydney, Australia. $10 No Bonus 9.95 Real Account Demo Account


US $1 up to $1000 9.93 Real Account Demo Account

FBS Markets

Belize, C.A. $1 100% 9.93 Real Account Demo Account
Rank Broker Reviews Location Minimum Deposit Amount Deposit Bonus Rating

Is Forex Trading Legal in Albania?

Yes, forex trading is legal in Albania. The Albanian government has put in place a regulatory framework that provides clear guidelines for forex brokers operating in the country. But none of the Albanian financial organizations oversee the brokers operating in the country.

However, forex traders can be assured that their rights and interests are protected under Albanian law. Forex trading is a popular activity in Albania, as it gives individuals the opportunity to earn an income from the comfort of their own homes. Thanks to the country's well-developed infrastructure, it is easy to set up an account with a reputable broker and start trading.

Financial Regulatory Authority in Albania

The Bank of Albania perform as the central bank of Albania. As defined by the Albanian Parliament, its primary objectives are to ensure price stability and financial stability in Albania. The Bank of Albania also has the mandate to promote the Albanian banking system's development and contribute to the country's economic growth. To accomplish these goals, the Bank of Albania is responsible for issuing Albanian currency, regulating the banking sector, and setting monetary policy.

However, they don't oversee online forex trading Albania. Hence it is suggested that traders find a regulated broker with some research. Make sure the broker is regulated in other countries. Thus, you can get peace of mind that your investment is safe.

Let's see how you can find a regulated broker in Albania.

How to Choose the Best Forex Broker in Albania?

The options for trading are plentiful but finding the best forex broker for you can be difficult. The following part will outline the research process and what to look for in a forex broker.

When searching for a broker, most people will turn to personal reviews from their peers or media outlets. But that isn't always a reliable source and doesn't truly show you how each broker works. We recommend the following research steps, so you'll have a better idea of what to look for in a forex Albanian broker.

Best Forex Broker in Albania: Regulatory Compliance

Investing in forex is complex. That's why regulators worldwide have put in checks and balances to ensure that brokers operating within their jurisdiction follow a set of rules. For example, in the USA, the National Futures Association enforces strict regulations that brokers must abide by. This includes making sure they publish data on order execution quality and disclosing how they deal with potential conflicts of interest.

Like that there are many regulatory bodies in the world. So, make sure a reputed regulatory authority regulates your broker.

Best Forex Brokers Albania: Account Features

When you trade forex, it's important to consider the features your broker offers. Most brokers offer different types of forex accounts that have different levels of risk. For instance, a basic might be suitable if you are just starting your trading career. This type of account typically charges a higher interest rates and credit lines than an options trading account. However, many brokers offer virtual trading accounts with no maintenance fees if you are looking for a low-cost way to trade. Alternatively, an ECN (Electronic Communications Network) account is designed with FX traders because they automatically allow you to trade in foreign exchange markets.

Currency Pairs Offered

Most brokers offer a wide range of currency pairs. This includes pairs that are popular worldwide and traded as often, for example, the EUR/USD or USD/JPY currency pairs. This can be useful if you want to access markets that aren't available with traditional trading platforms. Brokers also offer currency pairs that are tailored for individual countries. For instance, a broker might provide you with the EUR/GBP pair if you're looking to trade in British pounds instead of euros.

Customer Service

Any time you invest your hard-earned money and trust someone to manage it, you need to be sure that they care about customer service as much as they do about keep your money safe. When you sign up a forex trading account with a broker, you should contact them to ask questions. They should be readily available to answer any questions and concerns you have

Best Forex Brokers Albania: Trading Platform

The forex trading platforms plays a significant role in the success of your trading experience. You need to choose a simple, easy-to-use platform that provides access to the information you need. A great trading platform should have a clear and concise interface. It should also have up-to-date information about the markets, including real-time quotes, news, and charts. 

There are many trading platforms available, but not all of them give you the same experience level. Before choosing a platform, you should familiarize yourself with your options and decide which one you find the best fit for your trading style.

Broker Fees

Most brokers charge standard commissions. They may charge some percentage or a flat fee per trade. Some brokers charge additional fees when you open an account or even initiate transfer between accounts. These include a currency conversion fee and a payment settlement fee.

Transfer Fees

Another important consideration is the transfer fee that you pay when withdrawing funds from your account. This depends on your broker, but some brokers charge you an extra 10-30% compared to other brokers. This can be calculated as thousands of dollars in fees for large accounts.

So, make sure your broker doesn't charge too much for withdrawal.

No-Commission Trading

Some brokers offer the ability to trade forex without commissions. This allows you to buy and sell currency pairs without having to pay a commission on top of the spread. However, keep in mind that some brokers will charge other fees, such as exchange rate spreads and account trading fees.


Finally, some brokers offer bonuses when you sign up for an account. This is usually determined by your choice of account. For example, you might be able to earn a reward when opening a basic account. You can also earn rewards for meeting certain conditions, such as depositing a certain amount of money into your account.

Do Forex Traders Pay Tax in Albania?

Albanian forex traders require to pay tax on their income. It might be around 13%, but the percentage may vary depending on the income amount.

Final Words

The forex trading Albania is growing rapidly, and with this growth, the competition among brokers has intensified. This can be great news for traders who now have access to many international brokers. However, with so many best Forex broker in Albania, it can be difficult to find the right one for you. That's why we've put together an Albania forex brokers list so you can research and find the best one for your needs. Remember, when choosing a broker, it's important to consider things like spreads, commissions, customer service, and platform options. So good luck on your search for the perfect forex broker.

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