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Axiory Lowers Leverage to Protect Clients from Potential Volatility Around the Swiss Franc

Axiory Lowers Leverage to Protect Clients from Potential Volatility Around the Swiss Franc

Leading Forex and CFDs broker, Axiory Global, has lowered its leverage to 1:20 on all its Swiss franc (CHF) currency pairs prompted by uncertainty around the Swiss franc (CHF).

Following these recent developments, Axiory Global CEO Roberto d’Ambrosio said; “Adequately managing risk means to be proactive rather than reactive, by analyzing risks both in terms of impact and likelihood, utilizing specialized expertise in the interest of both the firm and its clients. We at Axiory pride ourselves on prioritizing the stability of our trading environment and the safeguard of our clients' trading and assets over any other element."

Axiory is one of the first global brokers to take definitive steps to protect its clients from the potential of greater or extreme volatility around the CHF.

Earlier this week, the broker informed its clients of the potential for an increase in market volatility and advised them to be vigilant and adopt a risk-based approach while trading CHF crosses.

The volatility expected around the CHF is due to recent actions by the Swiss National Bank (SNB). Since 2015, the Swiss National Bank has been purchasing foreign currency-denominated securities to try to curb the rising value of the franc.  In July, their reserves surpassed 1 trillion Swiss francs for the first time and their investment portfolio became one of the most expanded balance sheets among Central Banks in terms of foreign currency holdings.

While the SNB is not alone among central banks in expanding its balance sheet in recent years, it stands out because it invests almost a quarter of its reserves in foreign equities rather than government bonds.

In view of this possible increase in volatility, Axiory will continue serving its clients by taking every measure necessary to protect them.

About Axiory:

Axiory Global Ltd is a fully regulated (authorized by the International Financial Services Commission of Belize, (license number 000122/163) award-winning broker that has been serving traders across the globe since 2012. The firm offers a savvy, friendly and intuitive space for accessing Forex, CFDs, and direct investments, where clients’ needs always come first. Axiory traders are privileged to excellent trading conditions, unique risk management tools, tier-1 liquidity, and the constant support of an international, highly professional, and extremely friendly team.

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