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ADS Securities ( ADSS ) Reviews

ADS Securities

ADS Securities London Ltd came live in November 2014. They provide trading services on the Forex market, CFDs, precious metals and spread betting for institutional and private clients from Europe and North America. A team of talented and experienced specialists in various fields runs ADS London. They use the latest technologies to gain access to a wide range of competitive interbank rates. Thanks to which they provide their clients with ultra narrow spreads and high liquidity. The British Financial Supervisory Authority (FCA) regulates ADS London Company. They want to remain a trusted partner for traders from around the world.

ADS Securities London started operating in November 2014. This broker is a branch of an international holding company called ADS Holding LLC. The services they provide are appropriate for both institutional and private retail clients. Moreover, they were founded in the United Arab Emirates in 2010 with paid-up capital of USD 400 million. And the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates executes them. All these make them a reliable and secure financial company. In turn, ADS Securities London is governed by the Financial Supervision Authority in Great Britain. While the London branch employs only 30 staffs, the entire ADS group employs around 200 people around the world.

How ADS Securities Works:

However, the brokerage company focuses on using the latest proven technologies to provide its clients with the ability to trade with deep liquidity, ultra-narrow spreads, an excellent fill rate and almost instant execution of transactions. Despite the rapid expansion in the last few years, ADS Securities continues to engage in providing the best trading experience to all its customers who want to remain a trusted partner for them in the long run.

ADS Securities has a leading trading platform which is the popular MetaTrader 4 platform (MT4). Along with this advanced platform and advanced ADS Securities network infrastructure, the average transaction time is just 100ms. In addition to offering a standard version of the MT4 platform, ADS Securities also made additional efforts to provide its sales staff with further improvements to the MT4 trading platform by providing them MT4 Plus. However, this powerful addition extends the ability to create charts and analysis to the already powerful standard MT4 platform.

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