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Top Rated Online Best Forex Brokers Reviews

"Top Forex Brokers Review" is the ultimate platform for any trader who want to enter in the forex market and find out the perfect broker for forex trading. Since 2007, has been guiding the traders to select the best broker through providing in-depth reviews on Recommended Forex Brokers, Best Forex Brokers, Forex Reviews, Free Forex Education, Trading Resources, Forex Brokers Comparison, Forex Brokers by Country, Forex Account Types, Forex Trading Platforms, Scam Brokers List, Forex Bonus & Forex Signals. We offer authentic forex broker reviews based on industry-leading criteria. Top Forex Brokers Review is one of the leading best forex broker review platforms in the industry.

Nevertheless, the forex market is one of the most dynamically traded and biggest financial market in the world. Hence, our Forex reviews and recommendation will come in handy as we have a dedicated team to pick the reliable forex brokers out of the hundreds of Forex brokerage firms.

Explore to choose the right broker for you, along with access to the free forex education resources.



We only list licensed brokers that comply with the requirements of prominent regulatory agencies.


The minimum amount you need to deposit in order to start trading.


Leverage refers to the ratio of securities you can buy for a given payment. The higher the leverage ratio, the higher your buying power (and the higher the risk). For example, a leverage ratio of 500:1 means you can purchase 500 securities, but only pay the equivalent of 1 security valuation. The leverage ratio offered can vary depending on the experience level of the trader.

No Bonus

Telephone: +44 28 2544 7780

  • Excellent education tools
  • Low forex fees
  • Fast account opening
  • Easy funding methods
  • No bonuses
Platforms & Devices
No Bonus


  • 9 base currencies
  • 24/7 technical service
  • Direct market access
  • VPS, FIX API, copy trading
  • Superior trading conditions
  • No negative balance protection
  • Withdrawal fees
Platforms & Devices
No Bonus


  • Fully digital account opening
  • Low forex fees
  • Research tools
  • Free Education Resources
  • No bonuses
Platforms & Devices
No Bonus


  • All base currencies
  • 24/5 technical service
  • Direct market access
  • Superior trading conditions
  • No negative balance protection
Platforms & Devices
No Bonus

Telephone: +44 (0) 203 151 5550

  • Excellent customer service
  • Free deposit and withdrawal
  • Negative balance protection
  • Wide range of platform
  • Inactivity fee
  • High Trading Fees for some CFDs
Platforms & Devices
No Bonus


  • All base currencies
  • 24/7 technical service
  • Direct market access
  • Superior trading conditions
  • No negative balance protection
Platforms & Devices
No Bonus

Telephone: +248 467 19 76

  • Low forex fees
  • Fast order execution
  • Analytical training materials
  • 90+ instruments
  • Slow live chat support
  • Non-EU traders don’t get investor protection
Platforms & Devices
No Bonus


  • Fully digital account opening
  • Low forex fees
  • Research tools
  • Free Education Resources
  • No bonuses
Platforms & Devices
CySEC, FCA, FSC Mauritius, CMA
No Bonus


  • Fast and digital account opening
  • Superb customer service
  • Great educational tools
  • High CFD fees
  • Charge inactivity fees
Platforms & Devices

Telephone: +35 7251 23212

  • No withdrawal fee
  • Low stock and stock index CFD fees
  • Negative balance protection
  • No inactivity fee
  • Average forex CFD fees
  • No PAMM accounts
Platforms & Devices


Live Forex Signals

Live Free Forex Signals

Forex signals are a prediction of what currency pair might be on its way to higher or lower prices in the future. These signals provide insight on forex forecasts into where traders think that forex markets are going. However, forex signals are not something that should be confused with forex trading in general.

Direct forex signals are merely a forex prediction of where currency tends to trade. Forex trading is when one person owns two currencies, for example, USD and EUR, and then tries to take advantage of price movements to purchase one currency at a lower price and sell it for a higher price. Usually, we provide different currency pairs’ live forex signals. You will get live daily signals on EUR/USD, GBP/USD, AUD/USD, USD/JPY, NZD/USD, USD/CAD, USD/CHF, XAU/USD, BTC/USD, NASDAQ, DAW 30, S&P 500, ASX.


ID: 00168
View Full Analysis
Open: January 4, 2023
Take Profit: 1.2145
Stop Loss: 1.2055
ID: 00167
View Full Analysis
Open: October 17, 2022
Take Profit: 0.9810
Stop Loss: 0.9720
sell GBP/USD
ID: 00166
View Full Analysis
Open: October 12, 2022
Take Profit: 0.950
Stop Loss: 1.1040
sell EUR/USD
ID: 00165
View Full Analysis
Open: October 11, 2022
Take Profit: 0.9630
Stop Loss: 0.9720
sell EUR/USD
ID: 00164
View Full Analysis
Open: October 10, 2022
Take Profit: 0.9665
Stop Loss: 0.9755
ID: 00163
View Full Analysis
Open: October 6, 2022
Take Profit: 0.9980
Stop Loss: 0.9890


ID: 00014
View Full Analysis
Open: February 28, 2022
Close: March 01, 2022
ID: 00011
View Full Analysis
Open: February 28, 2022
Close: March 01, 2022
ID: 00010
View Full Analysis
Open: February 28, 2022
Close: March 01, 2022
ID: 00009
View Full Analysis
Open: February 26, 2022
Close: February 28, 2022
ID: 00008
View Full Analysis
Open: February 26, 2022
Close: February 28, 2022
ID: 00007
View Full Analysis
Open: February 26, 2022
Close: February 28, 2022

The main task of the signals are to inform traders about the currency market movements. When the market increases in value, a buy signal is sent. When the market declines or decreases in value, a sell signal is sent.

A forex signal is created on an electronic trading platform that sends traders notifications when it detects significant changes in price. Signals allow traders to react more efficiently by limiting their time and effort spent watching for changes in price.

However, novice traders generally use FX signals because they require little research work and involve less time monitoring the currency markets. They are also useful to the more experienced trader when they need a quick idea of potentially profitable trades.

But how to get the best forex signals? This is a question many people ask. With the growing popularity of forex, many individuals have been trying to figure out ways in which they can capitalize on this opportunity. Even though there are a number of resources offering forex trading signals, it is often difficult for these traders to find the best ones and determine which resources they should trust.

As we don’t provide signals on a lot of pairs, these are handpicked after an extensive analysis. Whether you are a newbie or an expert, these signals will come in handy. These are free forex signals, and you can upgrade for forex VIP signals to get a prediction on major pairs.

However, successful traders usually have the foresight and knowledge to evaluate their risk levels and trade duration. In order to be successful in forex, you need to get the right forex signals. Nevertheless, you will have to measure which resources you can trust and which ones are a complete waste of your time. Here we will highlight some tips on how you can easily get the best forex signal provider.

Getting the Top Forex Signal Provider

First, if you need quick cash or wish to trade a few times during the week, you should know that trading is not for you. You must find reputable forex signal services or live forex signals providers in order to be able to get the best trading advice. These services are supposed to help you make better trades, and they are also supposed to help you make money.

Before you actually sign up for direct forex signals, you have to do your own independent research on the chosen provider. You have to check out their reliability, regulation status and also their track record. You want to make sure the forex signal services you chose are not a scam.

Moreover, you have to become more involved in the process of trading and forex. You need to understand that it is not as simple as clicking a button and getting money. Forex trading is a complicated game; therefore, you need to provide yourself with all the necessary knowledge before you can actually make any profits out of it. In order to feel more confident in your trading, you have to get forex forecasts.

Additionally, you have to work hard. You cannot simply download these signals and expect to make money. These tips are only meant to help you understand how to get the best forex signals and the best way on how to trade. It takes plenty of time, research, training, and dedication for you to realize the potential in forex trading.

There are also a number of scams going around online using FX signals that will take your hard-earned money away from you overnight with absolutely no results whatsoever. You must be careful when choosing forex signal services. Although there are many fake forex prediction providers, you still want to make sure that you get the best forex signal provider who has a good reputation and can give you reliable advice.

In order to be successful in forex using signals, you need to dedicate yourself and work hard. You might not see results right away. You will most likely lose or break even at the very beginning of your trading journey. So, learn about the signals and trading to make money from forex. Keep in mind, keep yourself updated with the market news and live daily signals. If free forex signals don’t work for you, try upgrading forex VIP signals.


Top Rated Online Best Forex Brokers 2024

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Why Forex Reviews are Important? 

We collect Forex Reviews information based on our personal conception and cumulative opinions from other experienced as well. Forex Brokers Reviews, Ratings, Rank, information provided here about different Forex Reviews which are suitable all over the internet on different websites. is a top online Forex Broker Review platform. We provide great trading information and resources for CFD and forex traders across the world. You can browse our Forex Reviews list to learn more about the best and safe Forex Brokers site in the market right now.

We are providing you with the opportunity to create Real/Demo accounts on the reference websites we have mentioned here. You can easily create real or demo accounts with highly rated Forex brokers form our best forex brokers section. Privacy Policies of these websites are not of our concern and we are not responsible for any action they take with your account.

Why Use Top Forex Brokers Review for Choosing a Broker?

At, we aim to provide relevant and authentic information regarding forex brokers reviews so that you can select the best forex broker in the world according to your requirements.

Top Forex Reviews where we dedicate our lives to finding the best forex brokers and offering free forex education for those of you who want to get into forex market. In this world, information & technology is the medium that runs everything.

There are many reasons to use the forex brokers reviews that we have provided here. We will look at the forex reviews briefly and hopefully by the end of this, you will understand what good can come from having reviews when you want to get into the business of forex trading. Here are the top six reasons to trust us.

Forex Reviews: Expert Team

We have expert team members, including experienced traders, who always check out the brokers and update the forex reviews with recent information. Therefore, you don't need to look for many websites to get the updated information. Our research team has reviewed more than 100 plus forex brokers and many more to come. So, our cumulative experience means that we know what a trader wants from forex companies.

Helps to Make Decision

Recommendation from our expert team will help you to make your decision easier. Looking at hundreds of forex brokers reviews will make you confused, and it is possible that you might end up signing up with a broker that might not be helpful for you. So, our forex reviews on the top 100 forex brokers list will help you to filter the forex trading brokers as per your needs. Nevertheless, it will save your precious time and let you focus more on trading.

Look at the forex market and you will find many forex brokers to choose from. That might seem like a good thing at first. Who doesn’t like variety when looking for forex , right? Well, that is until you find out you have no idea how to pick the best forex brokers from the many choices.

Sure, you can investigate each of them but that takes a lot of work and takes away valuable time that could be spent in the forex trading business already.

For that reason, we came up with this top forex brokers review platform where we investigate all the forex brokers out there and tell you which ones are the best in the market. You see, in the forex market, knowledge is power and we 100% believe in forex education and choosing a right forex broker is the best way to succeed.

As a trader, you will not have a hard time picking a broker that works for you when you have our expert forex broker reviews to help you.

Numerous Criteria

When we review forex broker, we actually use them and invest in them. After having months of experience based on more than 200 criteria, we decide whether it is one of the potential FX brokers or it will turn out as a forex trading scams. We also tend to make the forex broker comparison among the forex reviews and finally provide a red or green signal for a broker. The top criteria we use are regulations, account types, offered platforms, fees, bonuses, deposit and withdrawal methods, customer service, and more.

We have a different dedicated team to verify these criteria before reaching a final decision. Nevertheless, this effort from our team definitely helps the new and expert traders as well as saves time and makes the planning easier for them.

Easy Search of Forex Reviews

Now that the internet has a handful of forex brokers worldwide, and most of them are good. So, it is evident that you don't know which online forex broker is best until you use them. Further, you may also look for the forex reviews of a specific broker. But you may not know which FX broker review is trustworthy.

Further, you may also find problems searching for some brokers as per your requirements. Top Forex Brokers Review has a different category to find the broker matching your requirement. As you are getting all the data readymade on our website, you should not face any problem finding the forex brokers based on your necessities.

Looking for forex reviews on the internet will yield thousands of results. If you were to type forex brokers reviews into a search engine , you will get so many results, it will be hard to determine which ones are legit. By providing forex education, recommended forex brokers, best forex brokers and scam forex brokers lists, we eliminate the hardship of searching.

We have done the searching and based on data from the forex trading policies and track record of the best of them, we have compiled forex reviews of the ones that you will trust.

Accurate Descriptions

When you are looking for a very specific broker, the only way to know for sure by reading and researching our forex reviews. The market does not lie. As you will find out in your forex trading, forex reviews are good when you want to know what kind of forex brokers you will be getting into business with. Our aim to provide unbiased forex broker reviews.

There are more reasons why you should read our forex brokers reviews and recommended forex brokers list before you start trading. In our forex education courses, we do not forget to cover the importance of reducing risk. As someone looking to get into forex trading, you would benefit from reading the forex reviews , recommended forex brokers, forex broker comparison and scam forex brokers list.

Get Scam Alert

Our expert researchers not only find the best forex brokers but also look for scam brokers too. As a result, our users remain safe while choosing the broker. Our strict methodology ensures that all the forex trading brokers pass our criteria. If any broker fails to meet our criteria, we omit them and sometimes list them as scam brokers if we see something fishy. We always aim to find great brokers for the traders and help them grow their careers.

Top Forex Brokers Review - Who We Are ?

Top Forex Brokers Review - Who We Are We are a group of individuals comprising professional traders who have extensive experience in online forex trading. We have been providing honest forex broker reviews for more than 13 years, and we have helped thousands of traders to step into the forex market.

In simple terms, we are a group of individuals comprising of writers, editors, researchers and forex experts who are dedicated to creating a one-stop-shop for all the forex education that you need, to be effective in forex trading.

Within the website, you will find that we have divided everything into neat little segments that cover all you need to know.

Why do We Offer Forex Reviews?

After looking at our dedication level and the 100+ forex reviews, a question may arise that why are we doing this? The answer is simple, we were beginners once, and we know how difficult it is to find the best forex brokers, especially if you are a new trader. Further experienced traders also face problems finding the right forex brokerage. We have heard many horrifying things from different traders about selecting brokers. That being said, we have opened up this platform to provide legit forex brokers information for all.

We thought of using our years of trading experience that gave us the continuous result and helped the traders by providing the online forex brokers recommendations. Our motto is to share a foolproof working methodology with the traders regardless of the experience and eventually help them select a trusted broker.

And so, was born!

Best Forex Broker

This page contains the list of the 10 best forex brokers, which is subject to change from time to time as per their performance. The forex market is always moving at a great pace, which makes the broker's shifting too. So, we always check the status of the top ten list and make the required changes. Sometimes, the position of the brokers change, and sometimes new brokers get on the list too. Thus, you can always observe the list to see the updates.

Forex Brokers by Category

While choosing the forex broker, you will find hundreds of best forex brokers who are different from each other in terms of different categories. So, it is necessary to differentiate the forex brokers by category according to your requirements. Before that, you need to understand the broker categories. The brokers can be categorized by liquidity, trading condition, offered products, platforms, promotions, bonuses, deposit options, business model, minimum deposit, USA account approval, awards, regulations and more.

Singing up with your required categories will let you trade as per your needs. Choosing the broker by category is one of the biggest decisions as it can affect your transaction cost as well as the quality of service you can expect. Furthermore, your possibility will also depend on the broker category and types.

Forex Reviews

Now that you know the top ten online forex brokers, you will want to see their details with the review forex broker. Therefore, we have enlisted a detailed review of each broker separately under the forex broker reviews tab on the website. Currently, we are providing broker review on FP Markets, BlackBull Markets, Eightcap, Octa, FBS, DNA Markets, FxPro, IC Markets, XM, Axi and 100+ forex brokers review. These are the top brokers, which might get changed anytime, depending on the broker's performance. So, a proper understanding of these brokers will definitely assist you in picking from the top 10 forex brokers.

We go through all the well-known brokers in comprehensive forex brokers reviews. We have analyzed them based on research. Using their platforms by our team, we have collected information to aid you to choose your prefect forex broker.

The forex brokers reviews cover each one based on statistical data and market approval among other important things that we believe you need to look at before you pick a forex broker.

Forex Education

Not everyone learns everything from their mother's womb. Therefore, learning is necessary. Almost all the brokers offer education services for their traders for free. But sometimes traders want to learn forex without signing up for a forex trading account. However, there are not plenty of platforms which offer free forex education resources. With that in mind, we have included a step-by-step forex education guide for anyone for free! You don't need to open any forex account, not even the demo account, to learn forex through We have provided ten different educational levels for all kinds of traders.

Under this, we have a very comprehensive course covered in ten levels. Each of these levels is dedicated to an aspect of the forex market that is important when you want to do some forex trading. At the end of it, we have a graduation level where you get certified.

We include all the perks of a good education including all the information that can help someone trade and make all the right decisions, by using forex reviews and other tools.

Forex Reviews: Trading Resources

Our trading resources will let you understand the forex tools, analysis, robots, and indicators. Nevertheless, these tools are highly essential to increase forex earnings.

Forex Regulation

The size of the market provides the opportunity to create unique challenges. Although the forex is the most liquid and largest market in the universe, it doesn’t have central regulation. It is because it is hard to regulate a market centrally that runs round the clock all over the world. Hence, each country has its own regulatory body complying the rules with other forex regulation from other countries.

Several independent and governmental organizations regulate the forex. However, all the regulatory organizations maintain some common rules. For example, all the brokers should be licensed by the respective regulatory body of the country they intend to operate. Furthermore, brokers have to undergo regular audits, regular communication with the regulators, provide uninterrupted service and more.

There are numerous regulatory bodies in the world that aim to offer the client’s fund safety as well as work closely with the forex brokers.


Crypto has become a recent trend in the world. A cryptocurrency is a digital currency that doesn’t have a physical appearance but can be used to buy anything such as goods and services online. But it uses a secure online ledger to ensure security while making a transaction online. However, cryptos are not regulated like the forex but still gained trust from millions of users.

Since cryptocurrencies don’t have any physical appearance, it runs through the computer networks. But these unregulated currencies can be bought and sold through exchange and stored in wallets.

Unlike regular currencies, cryptos have a digital record of ownership which is usually stored on a blockchain. If a user sends a crypto unit to another user, they send it directly to the receiver’s digital wallet. However, the transaction is not completed right away but added to the blockchain through the mining process.

Forex Broker Comparison

Comparison among the brokers can get you the overall idea about different brokers, and you can compare them instantly. Hence, comparing with different brokers will certainly boost decision-making skills. Besides, a comparison between the best brokers and top brokers can identify the significant broker. Nevertheless, forex broker comparison is the best way to differentiate the features and offerings of different brokers.

FX Brokers by Country

Next, we have forex brokers from different countries. Forex regulations vary from country to country. Thus, it is wise to choose the brokers from your home country. As a result, you should not feel any trouble about the brokers' rules and regulations.

So, we have listed all the brokers according to their origin and operated countries. This helps the potential trader to filter the brokers and narrow down the list. Therefore, filtering according to the country gives you fewer options while choosing the broker. And, your selection procedure becomes even easier. We have a list based on all the top countries in the world, and you can just go to the list of your desired country.

Forex Accounts Type

Since the traders have different experience levels, the forex account also has different types, which can be used based on the user's experience. Not all the accounts are accessible by all. Therefore, traders need to understand each account type before they start trading. We have explained all the forex accounts type, which you may look for to find the perfect account for you.

Forex Reviews: Forex Trading Platforms

Platforms are considered to be the heart of forex trading activities as platforms are the means to initiate trading, analyzing currencies, trade execution, and more. However, there are different types of platforms, which are different from each other. So, which platform will be the best pick for you? To find out this, traders will need to know the platform types and differences among the platforms. We have listed all the platforms and how useful they are. So, you will know the ins and out of each platform from our forex trading platforms details.

Nevertheless, platforms are important element of a broker. So, choosing a broker with a good platform is necessary, and you can easily get an understanding of the correlation from our site.

Forex Bonus

Understanding the forex bonus is necessary to calculate the profit. There are at least ten types of forex bonuses are offered in the market. Each of the bonuses has different characteristics and offerings. However, some traders might get interested in the forex bonus offerings, while some may jump for a broker after listening to the offerings. Therefore, there is no harm in understating the bonuses. We have enlisted all the possible bonuses you might come across. Further, each of the bonuses has detailed information. So, you may check out the bonuses.

Forex Signals

It is normal that people always want to increase the return on investment. Therefore, forex signals come in handy to maximize profitability. Signals work as a catalyst to boost the return. For that reason, you should check out the signals and have proper knowledge so that you can apply them to your website. We have included the details of each signal which are good enough to continue trading.

Scam Brokers List 

Since the forex market size is 6.6 trillion, a lot of scammers want to become rich overnight. Therefore, many scam brokers want to lure the traders. And as usual, the newbies are their main target. So, if you are a newbie and don't have any idea about the scam brokers list, you are most likely their target. On the other hand, if you know the name of the scam brokers, no one can lure you and can save you investment instead of spending on scammers.

So, you can have a look at our list of scam brokers before you jump into the forex market, and you can avoid those brokers. Although we always research the brokers and aim to bring out the reliable forex broker, we may miss reviewing some brokers. So, if you know any scam broker, you can also report to us. We will review them keenly and add them to our website.


Under blog part, we provide educational resource, fundamental and technical analysis, recent forex market news and cover all the things that are important to any trader in the market. This blog keeps you updated with what is happening in the forex market and what we believe to be important and crucial to your success.


No website providing knowledge is complete without a forum that gives people the chance to interact with other like-minded people within a medium that they are all interested and here with top forex brokers review you have this amazing option enable for you.

In addition to these major categories, we also have sections of the website dedicated to:

How We Find the Best Forex Brokers? Our Criteria for Choosing Brokers

How We Find the Best Forex Brokers Our Criteria for Choosing BrokersSelecting the right broker is highly essential. Since we recommend the best forex broker in the world, you have the right to know how we choose the brokers. We maintain some criteria while choosing the broker for the traders. So, let's see the criteria or prerequisites to find out the forex companies online.

Our Methodology

We frequently improve our process to make it even better. We check ins and out of a broker; you can say "bring out the anatomy" of a broker. Besides, our expert traders always keep their eyes on new products, regulatory news, and industry developments.

Further, we also routinely monitor the reviewed broker and keep the traders up to date about the changes. Our team also listens and interviews the traders and makes changes accordingly.

By following these methods, we grow as a team with our traders. Thus, we have been successfully doing this for over 13 years.

We have categorized the brokers according to their types through our website so that traders can easily find them from the category and compare them.

Forex Reviews: Regulations

Checking out the regulatory status is the most important task. This is our first step to save the traders from scammers. Checking the regulations is an easy task. After taking the license number, we head to the respective broker's regulatory body and find out the regulatory status.

Understand the Trader's Needs

Firstly, we try to understand the trader's needs and goals. So, we take a moment to find out what the traders want to have in their forex account. However, the requirements might be varied from traders to traders. So, we differentiate the broker based on possible requirements.

Narrow Down the Field

Now that we know what a trader wants from a broker, we narrow down the field by understanding the investment goal of the trader. However, brokers tend to offer different options, so we choose the best offerings and options and narrow down the field.

Note Down the Fees

While there are many factors that may matter to a trader, the fees are the most significant ones. Knowing the fees will help anyone to figure out how much money they will need to pay to the broker. Since we provide all the info to our traders, we always tend to select the best brokers with the lowest fees.

Testing the Platforms

Usually, brokers provide all the descriptions upfront so that traders know what they are going to experience. But it is not possible to know the quality of the platforms unless anyone uses them. So, we don't leave it to the traders and make their decision confusing. Hence, we always test the platform of a specific broker, and if everything is okay, we add them to our recommendation list.

Education Feature

Although we have proper education options accessible for all, we also look for the broker's education offerings as some brokers offer advanced education online. Most importantly, the education feature helps the newbies to learn forex from scratch. So, having an education platform is also one of our criteria.

Depositing and Withdrawal of the Funds

This is another important criterion while we choose a broker. So, we check the ease of deposit and withdrawal feature. We choose the broker that has an easy deposit and withdrawal option. Some of the options we look for are bank transfer, credit card, digital payment system and cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin.

Customer Service

Finally, we test the last criteria. With the above-mentioned criteria, we already filtered the best brokers. Now we check out the customer service. Although you may not always need customer service, it is very useful in emergency cases. So, having great customer service keeps the broker ahead.

Finding ‘the best’ of anything is a challenge. However, here at Top Forex Brokers Reviews, we have honed it to a fine art. Our basis for writing forex reviews, is derived from several factors.

To make you understand how it all happens, let us look at the process;

Client Analysis

The clients who are under a certain forex broker will be the best way to know if a broker is good. With the advent of publicly accessible forex reviews, we looked at the average of each broker to write reliable forex brokers reviews. Forex reviews from clients who have experienced someone's services are one of the things we take into consideration when we are choosing who gets to be on the best list.

Yes, search engines are always a great way to start. They may offer many choices but, you must start somewhere and Google is a good place. This is a good place to read forex reviews and evaluate the reputation that a broker has.

After we narrow down on a list of brokers who have the best forex reviews and credentials, we open real or demo accounts on all their platforms. Using these real or demo accounts, you can work with a broker and for us, we get accurate information for our forex brokers reviews and top brokers list.

What Is Forex Trading?

Forex trading actually means the buy and sell of different currencies. The idea is simple; just like the regular stocks, you will buy and sell them to have some profit. Customers usually take a position on different currencies and sell them when the price goes up.

However, it is not evident that you will always make a profit. But some dedication, tips, and tricks may reduce the loss significantly.

Also known as FX trading or Foreign Exchange, forex trading is the conversion of currencies from one to another. It is the most active market in the world and the most traded with a daily trading volume of about $5 trillion.

Within forex trading, we have a network of sellers and buyers who change currency between one another at a price. Companies, individuals and banks convert currency from one into another. If you travel, you are bound to do this.

A sizeable amount of money changing from one currency to another is people who are trying to get usable currency when in foreign countries but most of the time, it is about making profits.

The amount that gets converted daily can affect the stability of some currencies. This kind of volatility on the currency is the reason why traders in currency exist with the sole purpose of making profits. The volatility can lead to profits but also risks at the same time.

Forex trading involved people who know how these currencies work and watching for them to change when compared to other currencies and the selling or buying, depending on what will net them the highest profit.

That is the simplest way to put it. For more details, you can look at the forex education section where we have ten levels worth of topics to cover on what the whole thing entails.

What is a Forex Market?

A forex market is a place where foreign currencies are traded. However, this marketplace is not physical; forex markets run virtually, which never sleeps. It enables the traders to purchase and sell the currencies.

The most significant aspect of the international forex is that it doesn't have a centralized marketplace. Therefore, the trading happens via the counter electronically. So, this idea means that the forex market remains open 24/5.

What Are the Different Types of Forex Brokers?

We always want to offer a safe broker with easy-to-understand features. Hence, it is mandatory for everyone to have knowledge of forex broker types. There are three main kinds of forex brokers; let's discus about them.

In the forex market, we have different kinds of brokers that you can choose from. You will need a forex broker to handle the forex transactions that you will be making. This is an important decision and part of the decision requires looking through forex brokers reviews to find out which ones are good for you.

We have three main types you will find when looking through forex reviews and we will look at each of them briefly.

  • No-Dealing Desk
  • Market Makers
  • ECN Brokers

Each of them has a unique way of handling the transactions that you will be making and executing orders. What makes them different from one another if the premise for forex trading is the same?

Well, let’s briefly look at that.

Non-Dealing Desk

In short, this forex brokers also popularly known as an NDD broker. The main idea is that this broker offers direct access to the different interbank markets and does not have any dealing desk operator. Trading hedge funds, mutual funds, etc., are done via NDD. This kind of broker usually picks the best available offer comparing different providers, and adds spreads with that, and comes up with the final offer.

From the name, you can tell that they do not pass their client’s orders through a dealing desk. That means they do not take your side of the trade but they link two parties together. They act as a bridge that will get you over impassable terrain.

This way, they will connect you to the people that you will be dealing with to make profits. They could be banks, hedge funds, mutual funds, other brokers, etc.

The No Dealing Desk types charge a small commission or adjust the spread a little bit by putting a markup on it.

Market Makers

Unlike the ECN, market makers never provide ultimate access to the available interbank network. They are also popular as dealing desk brokers. Usually, they offer a rate to the traders which is basically a proposal that you can take it or deny it. Simply you will be trading via broker directly.

If the trade is big, the market maker can start rapid trade rapidly if the market maker predicts that the current rate overturn. Those market maker broker can also include it in their trading book, depending on the outlook of the market and the transaction size.

With a market maker, you will get offered two-sided markets from a specialist broker who is a part of the in-house dealing desk. If the price is agreed upon, the broker will take the other side of any of the transactions from the client.

They will buy their bid side or selling on the offer side of the price that was quoted at the beginning of the deal.

In simple terms, the goal here is to cover the spread and to get substantial volume on both sides of the Forex market and in that way to avoid being forced to lay off the risk accumulated with a professional counterparty.

If the trade is large, the market maker could choose to offset the trade instantaneously, so if the market maker thinks that the market might move against it. They could also include it in their trading book, depending on the outlook of the market and the transaction size.

ECN Brokers

ECN brokers are also known as NDD brokers; the ECN connects the traders directly via the electronic communications network and enables you to interact with other participants. Therefore, you will initiate the trading with the hedge funds, banks, and different retail traders. The important feature of ECN brokers is that it doesn't add the spread, but traders need to bear the commissions.

They do not have a dealing desk generally. The brokers give you an electronic trading platform where pro-market-makers, traders and others in the market enter bids and offer using their electronic platforms.

The thing is that the trader who is posting the price will be given anonymity. This is great for traders who are on the bid or offer and do not want to disclose their identity.

If the terminology sounds a bit complicated, then you would be very happy to learn that the forex education covers such things if you are interested.

Are Forex Brokers Safe?

There is no doubt that all the brokers recommended by are 100% safe. Our expert team doesn't have any bad records about choosing a broker. Every broker we have recommended here passed out strict criteria. Therefore, all the FX brokers are safe to use. Further, we never recommend any unregulated brokers.

Do you remember the Lehman Brothers? Well…what do you do in a situation like that? It raises a lot of questions including ‘is my broker safe?’ That was in the stock market. Let’s look at the forex market.

A simple search for forex broker scams will bring up an astonishing amount of just how many of these scammers are out there, you can have a look on our scam brokers list page for full list of scam forex brokers.

However, with increasing regulation, things are changing. Even with that, you still need forex reviews to make the right decision.

Here are the most important fact to know before to get into this business with a forex broker.

Know Your Facts

One of the key reasons why we are so obsessed with forex knowledge is that we know how many people are skulking out there, ready to take advantage of you. That is why forex brokers reviews are at the top of what we do here

When you know fact from fiction, the red flags pop up very quickly. This will let you know that, it is time to make a quick exit and make sure that you do not lose money.

That is the reason why we decided to play it safe and make sure that we get the facts for our forex brokers reviews.

Avoid the Rookies

New forex brokers in the market are scoping out what the market is like. They may know stuff but they are not the best option for you. Rookies are not the people that you want to deal with. Always know which ones have been in the market for the long enough stay on these competitive markets with all regulation. You need to trust a broker who has both regulation and customer services.

That is the reason why our forex brokers reviews take into consideration. Seasons veterans are always better to have than someone who is just now entering the market.


If you have a broker that does not communicate with you properly or you start feeling like the broker is not keeping in touch, that is a red flag that you will need to be very wary of. This means that the broker might not be looking out for you.

The broker must be able to communicate with you properly and tell you how everything is going. Customer relations are a big part of this relationship. You can avoid all that when you look at the forex brokers reviews that we have and pick one of the ones that are proven and well-known.


Always do your research. Do not just take the advertisement or ringing endorsement given by the brokers. There are lots you can find out by looking at the available forex brokers reviews left by the clients and read though the review that we have provided for the broker that to have a strong background which might be best for you. 

Make sure that there are no problems with fund withdrawals before you get into business with any broker. If there are problems, you may contact the person who complained about the fund withdrawal and ask them what the specifics were.

It will save you a lot of trouble if you take time to look at the forex brokers reviews to see what people think about this broker.

The key to this is to use common sense, caution and plenty of knowledge about the forex market.

How To Sign Up with a Forex Broker

How To Sign Up with a Forex BrokerThe process of signing up with a broker is very similar to opening a bank. You will need to provide personal details to get the account set up and verified. In addition, you will also have to follow some steps to open an account with forex trading companies. Let's see the steps.

  • Firstly, you will need to visit the respective broker's website. Then you will see the signup or registration button.
  • In the second step, you will need to hit the signup button, which will pop up a new page when you are required to put your personal information.
  • In the personal information, you will have to supply your name, address, phone number, email, currency type, date of birth, citizenship info, Employment status, Social Security Number or Tax ID, and a strong password to secure your account.
  • Next, you will also be required to provide some additional information such as net worth, annual income, trading objectives, and trading experience.

However, providing this information doesn't finalize your account. The broker will verify all the information you have provided, and you will have to wait until you get the approval.

If your account gets denied, you will need to find out the lacking and reapply again. If the account gets approved, the broker may ask you some additional document and information.

The process of signing up with a broker is very similar to what you do at the bank. You will need to share personal information to get the account set up. In addition, you will also have to provide the following information:

  • Your name and address
  • Your email and phone number
  • The account currency type
  • A password for the account
  • Your date of birth
  • Your country of citizenship
  • Your Tax ID or Social Security Number
  • Your employment status

There are some other questions of the financial nature that you will need to fill in. They include:

  • Your net worth
  • Your annual income
  • The trading objectives
  • Your experience trading

Compliance with the Industry

Foreign exchange regulationSince the forex market is relatively new in the financial industry, and forex regulations strictly monitor all the activities. Hence, as a trader, you will need to comply with the industry so that some protections can be offered to you as an account holder.

It is not wise to sign up with those brokers who are not asking about these questions and documentation. If you feel a broker is not honest enough to provide their information, check them out with NFA or regulatory body. Also, you can check our forex scam broker list.

Since the forex market became available to everyone not too long ago, it was a wild west of sorts and that is why regulation was needed. For that reason, the information is needed so that some protections can be offered to you as an account holder.

If you find a broker that is not asking these questions, do not sign up with them. When you feel like a broker is not exactly being honest, check them out via the National Futures Association and our scam forex brokers list.

Forex Trading and Risk

Usually, forex brokers never ensure your earning. Thus, the brokers ask you about the risk disclosure. As a trader you should consider the associated risk seriously because beginners see some loses initially.

After that the given info will be verified and you may need to send some proof further.

The submitted information will be procced and verified and you will need to send your identity proof such as government ID or passport. They might ask for bank statement or utility bill for address verification. It will not be wise to invest ridiculously.

Forex might not exciting business all the time. Sometime it feels boring and slow, always do your diligence. If you feel you are going fast, you should give a pause and reevaluate before move further.

The information will then be verified and processed and you will send in verification like government ID and such. You can then fund the account and start trading. Do not put up money that you cannot afford to lose.

Be careful always. Forex market is boring and slow. If it feels too rushed or gives you anxiety, you probably need to pull out and re-evaluate.

The Benefits Of Demo Trading in Forex

Before you get to play for real with real money in the forex market, you will have to practice with demo account first. The demo account will allow you to use fake money in a very real account to see how you stack up.

The thing about demo trading accounts is that it replicate exactly what is happening in the live forex markets. You will be using real data but fake money. 

Benefits include: It is free so that you can train yourself, put the theory into practice, get familiarized with the trading platforms, can test your strategies and can test the tools used in trading.

With all these benefits, you can practice and control losing your real money.

Wrap Up

Top Forex brokers review is one of the best Forex review sites out there. Whether you are a newbie or an expert trader is your reliable source to get forex reviews. You may bookmark this page to collect regular updates on forex broker reviews. Moreover, our recommended brokers are 100% trustworthy as we have tested all of them based on numerous international standard criteria. Most importantly, we also trade with those brokers!

So, what makes you stop from taking benefits from the forex market?

General FAQ

What is forex trading?

Forex trading is the activity of buying or selling currencies. Currency exchange is carried out by central banks, banks, corporations, individual traders and investors from financial institutions. It can be done for profit, making international trade possible and tourism.

How do you trade forex?

Trading in forex needs you to know how it works first. After that, all you need to do is come up with strategies based on experience and how well you know the market. You simply choose a currency pair and then monitor it for changes that will be profitable for you in case you choose to sell or buy.

How does forex trading work?

The market is based on speculation on the fluctuation of currencies between the two countries. Depending on how prepared you are and how smart the decisions you make are, you could make money trading currencies or you could lose everything if you make mistakes.

How do you start forex trading?

First, you learn everything that you can learn about forex trading and then, you get to experiment in demo accounts with platforms that allows you to understand how it works. After that, you can get a broker and start trading on the platform.

How do beginners trade in forex?

As a beginner, trading in forex is not something that you just want to jump into. You will need to undergo forex factory before you can be ready to do any trading. For beginners, the process starts with education, fx news, demo accounts practice, development of strategies and discipline.

What is leverage in forex?

In forex, leverage is the ratio of your funds as a trader to the size of the credit from your broker. Leverage if capital borrowed to increase the returns you will get if the trade goes your way. The leverage in forex is usually much higher than the capital invested. Sometimes as high as fifty times.

What is the forex market?

This is the market where the participants get to buy, sell, speculate on and exchange currencies. It comprises of banks, corporations, central banks, investment companies, hedge funds, and forex brokers. It is the largest market with over $5 trillion transacted daily. That is more than the futures and equity markets combined.

How do you read forex charts?

First, you need to understand that there are many types. However, they all use the same premise. You will see indications of the open price and the closing price among other facts that can help you make predictions. It is all about getting the forex factory that will allow you to understand what each of the charts means.

How can I invest in the forex market?

There are several ways that you can invest in the forex market. They include; trading currency pairs in the forex market, foreign currency futures, foreign currency options, and exchange-traded funds. You can also get into certificates of deposits and foreign bond funds.

What is a pip in the forex market?

Pip stands for the point in percentage and it is a measure of very small changes in a currency pair in the forex market. It is measured in terms of the quote or the underlying currency. It is a standard unit and represents the smallest amount by which a currency quote can shift or change. Usually, it is $0.0001 for currency pairs related to the U.S. dollar.

How do you trade forex successfully?

There are a few fundamental things you will need to understand to become a good forex trader. First, you will need to get a forex education, always keep updated with fx news then you will learn how to trade using demo accounts. As you do all that, you will develop strategies that will help you trade and then you can get into the real market using real money and strategies you developed.

How do you learn forex trading?

The best way is by the use of course. We have a great free course with eleven levels that will take you from the basic terminology to development of strategies, knowing your personality and how you can come up with strategies that will net you the kind of money that is useful. Knowledge is the foundation of becoming a trader.

How to make money on forex?

In the forex market, the financial logic is just the same as you would find in places like the stock market. The goal in forex is to exchange one currency for another with the expectation that the price will shift and add value to your preferred currency in the pair you are trading. Always make sure that you finish the training before you get started.

What is hedging in forex?

Hedging is a method veteran trader in forex use to minimize losses and lock in a profit. Hedging is buying and selling simultaneously within a short time. That way, you are not exposed for long. It will shield you away from movements in price that could affect you negatively.

What is spread in forex?

The spread refers to the price difference between where a trader may buy or sell an asset. In forex, it is the difference between ASK and BID. It shows you broker service cost and replaces transaction charges. It is usually measured in pips.

What time does the forex market open?

The forex market is always open 24 hours a day in varying parts of the world. It is open from 5 p.m. EST on Sunday to 4 p.m. EST on Friday. At any given time, there is always an open market. There is overlap too between the market in one region closing and another opening somewhere else.

What is a swap in forex?

In forex, swap refers to an interest fee that is paid to you or charged to you at the end of the trading day. When you trade-in margin, you get interest in your long positions as you pay interest on short positions. The swap is kind of like an added incentive or bonus to hold trade long term and in places where you have a negative swap, a deterrent.

Is forex trading legal?

In many countries, it is legal. For some reason, it is illegal in some parts of the world. Before you start your education, you will need to find out if it is legal in your country. There are regulators in the world who protect investors and make sure that nothing illegal happens. During trading, you must also ensure that you do not engage in ‘Insider Trading’ as it could land you in jail.

What is the margin in forex?

When trading, you will be required to put up a small amount of money as capital that makes sure the account is open and maintain your new position. This capital is known as the margin. It is also thought of as collateral or deposit in good faith. Margin is a fraction of your funds that the forex broker puts aside from the account balance to keep your trade open.

What is scalping in forex?

In the forex market, scalping is when you are trading currencies using analysis presented in real-time. The whole point in scalping is that you make a profit when you buy or sell currencies and holding the position for a very limited time and then closing for small profits.

How do you use Fibonacci Retracement in forex?

This is a method of trading that is best used when the market is trending. The premise is to buy (go long) on a retracement when the market trends up and to sell (go short) on a retracement at a Fibonacci resistance level when the market trends down.

How much do forex traders make?

Averagely, the profits you make depend on how much you risk in a trade. If you risk $1000, you can make profits that average $20,000 a year. However, many variables could lead to losses or profits that are not substantial. The numbers provided here assume that you are a good trader with solid strategies

Is forex trading hard?

The simple answer is yes. Trading is very hard if you do not know what you are doing. The best way to overcome this is to learn everything that you will need to know before you start any of it. If you know what to look at and how to come up with strategies, the struggle becomes less high-stakes and much easier.

How do banks trade forex?

Banks trade the largest volume of forex. The banks trade currencies with each other using electronic means. They do this by facilitating transactions on behalf of their clients and do their speculative trading from their desks. They have their segment in the forex market that is called the foreign inter-bank market.

How do you trade forex profitably?

The best way to make profits is to have the right kind of knowledge, experience, strategies and good leverage. Forex trading is supposed to be boring and slow. If you are making trades that fill you with unbearable anxiety, then you are doing it wrong. Trading profitably takes a combination of all the things you know and the skills you must apply what you know.

How do forex brokers make money?

Brokers execute buy/sell orders for you and for that service, they charge a small commission per trade or for every spread. A broker can charge both commission and a spread for a trade. If you find a broker who claims to give commission-free trades, do not trust that person.

How do you transfer money from forex account to bank account?

You can use withdrawal forms that need to be filled online or printed out and filled by hand. You can also use ACH transfers that are done electronically between the bank account and the broker. Most people use ACH but not all brokers provide ACH capabilities.

How do you open a forex account?

You will have to find regulated a broker first. Then, you will be taken through the process of opening the account. It is not a strange or new process. It is very similar to what you do when opening a bank account. They will need all that information. Always make sure that you choose a broker well.

How do you conduct day trades in forex?

The best thing to start with is to trade when the London and/or US markets are open. Use the one-minute chart and trade only in the direction the trend is headed. The details for how you wait for pullback among other things are contained in the details of your forex education, which we provide you with.

How do you trade forex options?

Options work by giving you, the trader, the right but not the obligation, to exchange currencies at a rate that is pre-agreed on a specified date. Most people use forex trade options to supplement the income that they get from regular forex.

How do you calculate forex profit?

When calculating the profit or loss of a position, you will need the position size and the number of pips the price has shifted. The profit or loss is equated to the position size multiplied by the movement of the pips.

What is spread betting forex?

When a company is offering currency spread betting, they will quote two prices; the ASK and the BID. Forex spread betting is a form of betting that is dependent on taking a bet that is determined by the movement of prices on currency pairs.

How big is the forex market?

The global market is valued at an astonishing $1.93 quadrillion ($1,934,500,000,000). This is two and a half times larger than the GDP of the entire planet. Every single day, $5.3 trillion is traded. It is the world’s largest market.

How much money do I need to trade in Forex?

With some brokers, you can even start with $1. The minimum amount varies from $100 to $10,000 and not less than $100,000 for interbank trading.

Who owns forex and where can I find it?

It is not owned by anyone. The forex market is an interbank market where transactions are between two participants (the seller and the buyer). This market exists if banks do. It is decentralized and not affiliated with any government or organization.

How do I start?

You will need to create an account with a forex broker. Then you can use their programs to sell and buy currencies. It takes very little time to get set up.

What is the best strategy?

There isn’t one. Therefore, you are encouraged to develop your strategies. You will find many strategies in our forex education section, which are developed by the traders.

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